Errant Strings

    He wondered briefly how uncomfortable their current position had to to be for Alan, humans placed a terribly high value on their comfort after all but the man hadn’t complained once, even as they’d settled down on the cold floor of the server room.
Cables sprouting from the ports that ran down the length of Anaia’s back they spider-webbed out, connecting him to the server stacks around them with one hanging over his shoulder to connect to the ipad in Alan’s hands.
The androids arms where wrapped around Alan’s shoulders, the man leaning back against him, apparently perfectly content as they worked together to rewrite lines of code and strengthen the C.E.R.B.E.R.U.S. security system and firewalls.

    “That one.” Anaia gestured to a line of code Alan was about to scroll right past. “That does not belong there.” The AI watched as Alan’s brow furrowed into a frown, even though he was only able to see the side of his face the way they where sat he could still read the man’s expressions easily enough.
    “Hm? You’re right, now where did that come from? Any ideas? Can you trace who ever put it there?” Even as he spoke Alan was doing the same thing, attempting to trace where the stray code had come from. The android could tell from the way the mans shoulders tensed and he tapped increasingly rapidly at the device in his hands that the idea of someone slipping a stray bit of code into his own bothered Alan greatly.
    “I will try. Please stand by.” His unnaturally bright blue eyes slipping closed, chin resting on Alan’s shoulder Anaia set about attempting to track the code’s origin. There was something about it that felt so very familiar but he couldn’t quite place it, even as he delved deeper into the network.
No matter how hard he tried the AI couldn’t locate the source, or any kind of backdoor they had used to get in, the network was secure… then it occurred to him, he knew the code because he’d spent a great deal of time prodding around in a mind full of it. “Kaleb.”
    “Kaleb?” Shifting against Anaia to turn to face him Alan gave him that questioning look of his, looking over the top of his glasses, a brow quirked. “You mean the little bastard that tried to hack into the Hale Enterprise network?”
    “It seems he has found some way to slip undetected into our network. This disturbs me. He should not be able to do that.” Falling silent again Anaia delved once more into the network. In some ways the android felt far more free sifting through the code and various files, slipping past firewalls and hacking into places he shouldn’t be than he ever felt confined to his own physical shell. He had no idea how he would cope if he was ever cut off from the network… but it’s how he always imagined humans felt; trapped, confined to their stinking, sweating bodies with only their own voice to keep them company in their own head and the demands of a biological system to service at all times, be it by eating or defecating, both where just as unappealing as the other to the AI. They’d never know how it felt to reach out through the network and connect to a system ten thousand miles away or to immerse oneself in all that data and simply let it wash over you.
In that moment the android felt sorry for the man sat in his lap above all others, Alan was gifted with the code, he saw it just as clearly as Anaia did, he manipulated it like he was tugging at bits of string, artfully rearranging them until he’d woven a dense and complex tapestry but he would never know what it was like to be in the code.
    Jerking himself out of his thoughts the AI pushed them aside, focusing instead on what he was doing, trying again to find the backdoor or however Kaleb had slipped into the C.E.R.B.E.R.U.S. network. Finally finding an errant string of code the android would have stopped dead in his tracks, holding his breath if he was human or indeed drew breath at all.
Him. It was Anaia himself. Kaleb had used the connection the two of them used to goad and taunt one another to gain access to the network.
    Was this what shame felt like? Embarrassment perhaps? Anaia wasn’t sure but he didn’t like it. Nor did he like the fact that Kaleb, a mere human at the end of the day had managed to use the AI’s own systems to bypass the security he and Alan had spent so much time and effort building up.


I’m probably not going to finish this since I’ve got a bunch of uni work to finish off this week and next and with everything that’s happened in the rp it’s kind of not really relevant anymore… needless to say though, this is set before Tony killed Alan and before Kaleb messed around with Anaia’s memories.

Alan belongs to hyphopwrites
Kaleb belongs to kapitaan

dieuxfaux asked:

D better be getting some of that kissin’ action |:”

Well if he demands it, then D can perpetrate it. It’s a kiss, Locke is involved. It follows all kiss meme rules.

There were two requests for a D and Locke kiss, so I am kind of kicking around the idea of doing this one, which is Timeskip Locke and D, and the second one just regular, awkward Locke and D.


What is anatomy /sob/

Just a little update on current activities

I was going to write a story to explain everything that’s been going on with Anaia lately since a few people have asked but I can’t brain today. With that in mind I figured I’d just do it in list form:

  • Anaia has indeed left CERBERUS.
  • There are a few reasons for his leaving Cerb. I’ve been working on his background a lot lately and having him tinkering around with genetic research didn’t quite feel right anymore, he needs to get back to his roots a little. I also wanted him to become more of a villain again, I’ve enjoyed having him at Cerb but even in an organization with such lax morals he couldn’t really stretch his legs in the area of full on villainhood. And damn… Tea Town needs some active villains, CMS is so dead lately.
  • The killbot has pretty much been swiping a few pennies from hundreds of thousands of bank accounts on a daily basis since he got to tea town because people wont notice such a tiny amount but over time they of course add up to a significant fortune. Combined with the money he took from Hale Enterprise after some creative readjustment of the accounts he used that money to buy himself a shiny new building to set up in.
  • As much as I did enjoy his interactions in Cerb it’s gonna be fun as hell having a him vs them thing going on. Trolling Tony from afar will still be fun :D
  • I’m not going to give away much regarding his plans at this stage but he has many ;3 And with that in mind I’m thinking of starting a team/loose organisation. He’s already got Claude on board so if any villains (or morally questionable heroes) want to join or have any ideas let me know and we can talk, I haven’t really got all that much set in stone for it yet, including a name and a definitive mission statement so I’m definitely open to ideas.
I enjoy lists

This is mostly for my own reference for some writings I want to do but please let me know if I’ve missed anyone:

C.E.R.B.E.R.U.S members:

  1. Anthony Hale - ED*
  2. Sherman Queensman - Agent & Secretary to AH
  3. Locke Lowe - Agent & Senior medical staff**
  4. Abraxas - Agent & Bio research
  5. Alterf “Alan” Arcturus - Agent & the IT guy
  6. Anaia - Agent, the other IT guy, research & Pet killbot***
  7. Benjamin Gillespie - Agent & favorite labrat
  8. David “D” Farley - Agent
  9. Roderic “Roy” Santos Duval - Agent
  10. Sulfir - Recruit (Or has he been promoted again now? idk)

* Papa Hale.
**Turboslut (as written on the door of a toilet stall)
***enjoys killing small children on Hale’s orders and I still find it hilarious no one’s picked up on what kind of a bastard Hale really is when he openly orders the murder of a kid on the twitters. Just sayin’

I’m unsure what’s going on with Void & Kid and Gloriana was kicked out so er… yeah? that’s it I think?

((Just a little brain fart after what happened to D last night x_x ))

His fingers trembled as he looked down at his phone, the device resting against the clean, crisp linen of the sheets. He tried to ignore the IV needle that was stuck in the back of his hand, he never had been a fan of needles but right now it was the least of David Farley’s worries.
Thumb hovering over the keypad his pale brow creased. How exactly did you tell your girlfriend that one of your exes had shoved you under a fire escape only for the ladder to skewer both your legs at the knee? That the doctors, in the absence of their one healer had amputated both at the knee to stop you bleeding to death and save as much of the limbs as possible?
As he sat there, propped up by cushions behind him, trying to ignore the dull beep of the heart monitor, the only thing he could think was that he was going to miss Glinda’s birthday… he was supposed to be taking her out for a meal but that wasn’t going to happen now was it?
There where a lot of things that would never happen now…

With a sigh he set his phone aside, staring instead at the sheets in front of him and the way the shape of his legs under them finished far earlier than it should have. It was weird, it didn’t hurt… not even a little, all he was feeling was a little twinge of nausea from what ever medication the doctors where giving him through the IV. He supposed the lack of pain was because of Locke. While Locke couldn’t exactly grow his legs back he’d healed up what was left…
Where had Locke gone anyway? The last thing D remembered was him sitting on the bed beside him and falling asleep with the familiar weight next to him but when he’d woken up Locke was gone. He probably had to work David reasoned, it wasn’t like Locke could spend the whole day just sat with him as much as he would have really liked him too right then.
There was something so comforting about having Locke close by, not that D could really admit it to him, not after he’d fucked everything up before by dropping the L-bomb but it was true.
Turning over onto his side, curling up as best he could the teenager buried his face in the pillows. He wasn’t going to cry… or at least that’s what he kept telling himself while he laid like that, eyes squeezed closed against the cool fabric of the pillow.

S: Go, Single Father! I Choose You!
T: Dammit you know Lockes are weak to Responsible Single Parenting
S: I know, I went looking for one of these all damn day, man.
T: dude were you trolling the seashore getting into random encounters until you caught one
S: pretty much. I gave him all my Rare Candies but he gave them all to his kid instead.
T: I bet you had to masterball his ass.
S: Locke masterballs about Single Fathers all the time.
—  Great. Now everyone knows.