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Top 5 CluClu Moments

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The ultimate list.

It’s hard to contain this to five because I’m pretty sure I have way more, but this’ll do

Warning: Hella long post

1. The almost! kiss before Lelouch went to Damocles (and their rushed goodbye afterwards - “Don’t you want to put a smile on my face?”)

Notice how he is moving towards her?

They were having a heartfelt conversation and C.C. said, “I’ve never met a man like you,” and she started walking towards him, and he came forward to embrace her and said in a low voice, “C.C….” and tHEN KALLEN CAME BARGING IN LIKE AN ASSHOLE

Like you’d think she’d understand, considering how often she and Lelouch were cockblocked during the show, but NAH Kallen just intrudes on their special moment (I know it was unintentional)

But seriously FUCK because that was the ONLY time in which Lelouch was willingly and knowingly going into a kiss - all other times, girls kissed HIM, and the time he tried to kiss Kallen was awful and she did the right thing by slapping him because he wasn’t in his right mind… Like it would’ve been a genuine, reciprocated kiss - a sealing the deal type “I love you” kiss but it was rudely interrupted.

Also, the conversation following - where Lelouch is concerned for her fighting the Guren - may I remind you that she is immortal and his worrying is purely because he doesn’t want her to suffer any pain any more bc he’s a sweetheart - is so touching.

2. The quintessential: “If you are a witch, then I will become a warlock.”

Can’t coherently tell you how emotional this scene made me. gdi you two

3. The entire Mao episode, but mostly the ending, with Lelouch’s contract to C.C. to fulfill her true wish.

This episode was so heart wrenching okay they said some awful things to each other because they were upset. They pretended to hate each other - and did, to some extent - and only wanted to use each other for their goals, but in the end he revealed how much he truly cared about her.

And there’s their rooftop conversation, with him promising to make her wish come true…

4. Slave girl CC and Lelouch’s gifts of pizza

Poor baby CC… I actually burst into tears after they escaped C’s world and CC looked up at Lelouch, terrified, and began saying she could count to twenty and fetch water and carry dead bodies…

I actually started crying no joke because it was just that traumatizing to CC revert back into the slave girl she once was. And Lelouch’s face was just utterly shattered and it broke my heart.

He realizes that while they might bicker all the time, he really needs her and he misses her - and he’s very kind to amnesiac CC and serves her pizza all the time because he wants her to be happy and because he hopes it’ll jog her memory so he can have his witch back again.

Also the whole plate thing was so sad but Lelouch was an emotional wreck and seeing him shake with tears and offering her a band aid was surreal…

5. When C.C. consoles Lelouch in R2 because he’s feeling depressed after everything that’s happened…

When he talks about the Zero Requiem and what is to come, he includes her in his future:

“I guess we’ll just have to see it to the end… won’t we, C.C.?”

Bonus: "I don’t know why snow is white, but I do think snow is beautiful. I don’t hate it.“

((ft. Jealous Kallen))

Hope you liked this list!! Thanks for the ask!!

Of course I’m an idiot who loves going all out (no gifs belong to me FYI) but this was so fun. I’ll do the other ask I got (Top 5 Geass Commands) some other time :)