C.Antares: 「2014 Chenlendar + Slogan」


Calendar: Desk calendar width / 230*150mm / 30p inside and out / all color

Slogan: Suede / 100*20cm / zipper bag

Video teaser

[Special Gifts]

Korean Pre-Deposit & Overseas Bonus: Mini scheduler

Overall Bonus: Photo card 4 / postcard 2 / sticker


RM 90 - Deposit only -

Final Price (excluding local postage): RM120


Deposit by 27.11.2013

Estimated Delivery: Early to mid-January


CHEN’s second birthday since debut! Please congratulate him with C.ANTARES!

Three things that You can participate into:

One. A picture of Jongdae that I drew

Please draw Jongdae that is cute, cool, and handsome wherever her goes!
It does not matter what side of him it is~ Because Jongdae is perfect whenever♥

Product specifications
File form JPG, PNG / color mode CMYK recommended / resolution as well 300 recommended / size 15cm*12cm (width*height over 800px recommended)
On the picture please! mark your name(or nickname) that you use.

If you send the file through an attached file to c_antares@naver.com by September 6th,
it will be put in the 2013 Jongdae’s birthday message book and sent to Jongdae.

Two. A song that only you can hear

Please post up the song lyrics that you want Jongdae to hear in the message board.
If you write down the song title, singer’s name, and the reason why you want to let Jongdae listen to this song, it will be put in the 2013 Jongdae’s birthday message book and sent to Jongdae.

Three. Gathering up a bit of sincerity, supporting you

I’ll help you to collect the fund-rising.
For those send over 20 USD by September 8th, after the birthday support ends, There will be special gifts for you^^

If you have any questions regarding Jongdae’s birthday support, please ask in the C.ANTARES Q&A board or mention me @lilcrusnik07 or @adorexonly on twitter or send me your mail at blackstar1419@gmail.com

Thank you, Let’s support and show our love to our idol and have a nice day.