Hey, guys! So, there’s this girl in an ACNL group, Beckah Smith, that came up with a great idea. I’ll let her words explain it.

“I know this probably won’t get as popular with you guys as I want it to, but it’s worth a shot. 

You are probably wandering what C.A.B. means. Well, it stands for ‘Crossers Against Bullying’. 
You have to have a reason for playing ACNL, right? Maybe it’s just fun, it’s something to do in your free time, or maybe you want to get away from the world.. My story, the reason I’m doing this, is I just recently started getting bullied for being dyslexic. Things I hear everyday is "Oh, Beckah can’t read.” “Dyslexic Becks”… Stuff that hurts me.
I want you guys to put this on your beach. Pink cosmos, in this shape. The shells were just to make it look pretty. People probably won’t know what it stands for, but you do & so will the others in this group.
You guys have been so nice to me, I could just live on Facebook & ACNL with you guys forever if I could…
I know, this is a really STUPID idea, but it would mean a lot to me if a few of you did this… I will even provide some pink cosmos to some people if you’d like to participate.
If you got this far in reading my ridiculous post, I would like to thank you for being here for me It means a lot.
Oh, and if you do it, could you post a picture in the comments. That would be so cool “

Can we make her idea spread? 

Now every time you text me  
I paint my fingernails
this great shade of pink called
“eternal optimist.”
I use so many coats of it
I can’t move my hands for an hour.

Silence is unlike me, I know.
As is losing hope. As is letting go
after years of holding your wrist
like a rope tossed overboard
my palms are still rubbed raw.
I am seeing, now, the strength
in unclenching.

Now I know I’ll never be your Barcelona
even though you once called me la reina
even though you once crossed
campus on a sprained ankle
so we could kiss.
Even though I used to think
you had to love me at least a little
or you wouldn’t keep coming back.

I know, now, that you are not the love of my life.
You’re just a boy who made me cry on Halloween.
Or, you are just a gin and tonic.
Or, you are just a basketball game.
Or, you are just a dim lit corner in a dilapidated
fraternity house. A house I think they tore down
months ago, in fact.

There are so many ways to interpret silence.
I will tell you, in case you were wondering.

Now, I’m almost never angry anymore. 
I am planting sunflowers and tomatoes.
I am painting my fingernails. I am making
a queen sized bed with bamboo sheets and settling in
alone for the two hundredth night straight.

I may never be anybody’s Barcelona—
I am not so much a city as I am an island.
I am not so much vacation as I am my own home.

—  essie #144, c.a.b.

I’ll have this at the C.A.B. show. Untitled Collage Zine, 25 copies, each one is different. $1, or FREE with purchase, or FREE if you stand at the table and pick up each of my comics and thumb through them quietly and then place each one back with care and then smile at me politely before walking away, and we’ll never see each other again. OR, FREE if you pick up one of my comics, open it up to a random page and make an unconscious sort of grimace-y expression (that could be disgust or it could be pity?) and then put the book down before walking away, and we’ll never see each other again.

Let this year be the year that we are on fire. Take more chances, live for the risk. Don’t give a shit about what other people think; truly. Own your mind, speak your mind, use your mind. Write down every question you ask yourself each day and take 20 minutes each night to answer them. Let your thoughts wander, let your thoughts be true. Do not limit. Complete every adventure you speak of. Skip homework for a day. Forget society for a day. Learn to never let a day turn into a week, month, year. Do not waste the present moment with wondering about the future and the past. Have guts. Eliminate all statuses. There is no such thing as cool people, there is no such thing as nerds. Meet new people. Converse with your acquaintances. Take it a step further. Make a best friend. Say goodbye to those who bring you down, if even the slightest bit. Remember to praise those that bring you up, if even the slightest bit. Eat for yourself, but not for your emotions. Never psych yourself out. There is no time for indecisiveness. Life moves too quickly. Learn to follow your heart. Let your intuition be the guide. Pick up a fun fact from everywhere and everything. Grow wiser. Memorize a rap or two. It’s good to feel ghetto for a while. Sleep in the comfy shirt for a week straight. Discover a new side to yourself. Embrace it. Let loose. But remain in control. Consistency is good. Denying yourself is not. Find something to be passionate about. Make priorities. Fall in love, fall out of love. Things will change for the better. Time is nothing but a number. Spend it with the one that can make you choke on your own laughter. Support your dreams. Start a sketchbook. Drink hot tea. Feel the music. Be the change. Start a fire.


The New Years Resolution