@dereknursey suggested trans woman Shitty a while ago and I’m still 110% in favor of this let me tell you. Literally. Right now.

  • Graduating from Samwell, trans woman Shitty knew about gender, but she didn’t know gender. To metaphor for a moment: I can tell you how a car works - engine, drivetrain, fuel system, electrical system, steering, suspension, all of it - but I don’t know cars. I can’t listen to a car and say, “hmm, the engine is knocking pretty badly - let’s check if there’s something wrong with the MAF”. Shitty knew what “trans” means - knew that gender is not gender roles, knew that gender is not anatomy, knew even that the equivocation of anatomy and physical sex is just as much of a social construct as gender and gender roles are - but at no point did anyone tell Shitty how you recognize your own gender.
  • Which in practice, as of Shitty graduating from Samwell, meant that Shitty’s gender identification was based on nothing more than assignment at birth and stereotypes about men and women. Never mind four years of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies to learn on a gut level that these have about as much to do with gender as whether your mother slept on her left side or her right while she was carrying you; even if you wouldn’t make the same mistake now, you’re not going to know that you made a mistake until you go back to check your work, and even then you need to have something to work with. “I don’t know how to tell my gender” often turns into “I’ll just stick with what I’ve got” in practice.
  • On the subject of stereotypes: Shitty fucking loves hockey. (And swearing, and partying, but hockey most definitely.) Shitty wasn’t a great hockey player, as others have pointed out - NHL was nowhere on her radar, nor she on NHL’s - but she loves the hell out of the game, she loves playing it, and the hardest thing about her first semester at Harvard Law was not playing any more.
  • (If Harvard didn’t already have rules about trans athletes, they would after Shitty realized and started transitioning. They probably wouldn’t even argue about it. What scientific knowledge we have about athletics tells us that there’s no advantage to trans athletes on hormone replacement therapy over cis athletes, and there are already tons of precedents for inclusion. It’s possible that the league could argue, it’s even possible that Harvard itself might argue, but it wouldn’t matter if they did - they would lose.)
  • (It’s not likely, though. She’d probably just have to wait a year before they let her play in games with the women’s team.)
  • (Joining the women’s ice hockey team wouldn’t make Shitty a better hockey player. Being consciously determined to play cleaner than anyone else in the league (because she’s never going to justify the stereotype of trans women as brutes, even by accident) … might.)
  • Point being, though: Shitty’s interests were stereotypically masculine. She wasn’t playing with dolls, she wasn’t wearing skirts, she wasn’t quiet and submissive … she was, as far as cliches go, a total bro. No-one ever looked at her and said, “have you ever wondered if”.
  • And on the subject of looks: Shitty knew her mustache was awesome. She didn’t realize her mustache was bleeding her with gender dysphoria every time she looked at it.
  • Or that she liked to be naked because sometimes pants and men’s shirts did the same thing.
  • Or that she loved her flow and her floral snapbacks because they didn’t, not just because they’re awesome. (The funeral for Shitty’s flow is definitely canon in this verse.)
  • How did Shitty figure it out, anyway? Well, five people came out to Shitty in a week at Samwell; people didn’t stop coming out to Shitty just because she graduated. When one of her classmates came to her after a study group to talk, Shitty understood what ze was saying partially - enough to help, enough to explain to zir the things that a WGSS major knows that almost nobody else is taught, enough to help zir navigate the resources available to zir at Harvard … but not enough to understand why so many things ze said to explain how ze knew ze wasn’t a woman resonated.
  • Shitty still didn’t understand on the day she stayed late at one of the Trans* Task Force meetings she’d been attending with her friend to talk to Egypt, this amazing goddess of a woman who helped organize the meetings. Shitty didn’t understand, but the question was growing too big to bear.
  • They ended up talking for four hours. There was a lot of hugging and crying.
  • The first person Shitty came out to after that conversation was Lardo. Second was Jack. Third was Jayden, the friend from her study group who’d come out to her and asked for help. Fourth was Nursey.
  • (Her conversation with Nursey ended up almost as long as her conversation with Egypt, and while Shitty had a feeling Nursey wasn’t talking about himself, she sent him a list of resources anyway.)
  • When she came out to her mother, her mother hugged her immediately and told her how proud she was of her brilliant, fierce, independent-minded daughter. They read a lot of books together over the next few years, including Nursey’s first book of poetry.
  • (Shitty didn’t recognize the dedication “to my friend and confidant, Willa J.” until the second edition, when Dex finally convinced Nursey it was okay to include her last name.)
  • Shitty came out to her father braced for a fight, but he just said, “Huh. So, are you thinking about changing your name? Is Shitty a girl’s name?”, and they ended up talking about how she should approach Harvard University Athletics about joining the women’s ice hockey team.
  • (Like I said: Harvard probably didn’t argue. If they did, they would lose.)
  • (And she wasn’t sure if she liked the hat her father sent with “♥ SHITTI ♥” embroidered on it, but Lardo busted a gut laughing when Shitty first put it on, so she didn’t get rid of it.)
  • Shitty got a job working for a 501(c)(4) LGBTQ political advocacy organization out of law school.
  • She was invited on the Daily Show once. The extended interview was two and a half hours. She still gets letters.

(Thanks to @aergie, @jenroses, and @icosahedonist from the chat for looking at the draft of this!)

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It really bothers me when people shit all over Misha and Random Acts because wtf, I bet they don't have a charity and I bet they haven't built a freaking orphanage in Haiti and ugh. Also, Misha Collins is one of the reasons I've managed to beat severe depression and he inspires me every day to be kind and do small things for others and how is that a bad thing? It's like when they diss him they invalidate all the people he's helping and inspiring :/

Yeah, I’ve seen some things (and received some messages at this very blog) that are straight-up libel. Misha is a public figure, which means that we have some more discretion about what we say about him publicly, but the Random Acts volunteers are not, and that means that spreading malicious and baseless rumors about them can result in someone being sued. 

Believe me, when I see a rumor, I check into it. Because certain tax records are public for 501©3s, I have access to a lot of details about Random Acts’ finances. I keep track of what the Misha hater club has been saying about Random Acts and try to verify any of the rumors myself. If I saw something that I actually thought was suspicious, I’d let you guys know about it, but so far, the records haven’t been interesting. The most pertinent fact that I can share with you is that Misha gets exactly $0 in compensation from Random Acts every year because he, like the other staff members and directors, is a volunteer. 

[Image: Screenshot of the Random Acts tax form. A the top, it says “Check this box if neither the organization nor any related organization compensated any current officers, direcor, or trustee.” The box is checked. In the personel listing, it reads, “Dmitri Krushnic, President/Treasurer. Average hours per week: 10.00. Position: Individual trustee or director.” Then a row of zeroes for “compensation.”] 

It would be completely legal and ethical for them to pay him for his time, but they don’t. I bring this up because I see people talking about donations to RA as if they were “going into Misha’s pocket.” He may get his expenses (like travel tickets) reimbursed, but that would be it, according to the tax records. If you want to see the tax records yourself, I’d recommend you try ProPublica’s non-profit website and GuideStar. Random Act’s EIN, 04-3276521, is what you should search for if you want to find their records, because they’re listed under different names, as you can see. 

I understand and welcome healthy criticism of Random Acts and Misha Collins (as well as myself, of course), but I absolutely despise baseless rumor-mongering. 

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So Ted Cruz IS eligible to run for president. what did you think of his announcement?

Yes, Ted Cruz is eligible to run for President.

I’m glad that you asked about his announcement, though. While a lot of people have brought up Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be President, nobody has brought up Ted Cruz’s big announcement at a mandatory student event at Liberty University.

This is from Liberty University’s website:

Well, that makes sense. Liberty University is not only an educational institution, but one that was founded and is run by the Southern Baptist Church, so they should probably be especially careful about protecting that tax exempt status, don’t you think?

It’s funny that Ted Cruz wants to eliminate the Internal Revenue System, because I had some familiarity with 501©3 organizations and wondered about a few things that I noticed regarding Senator Cruz’s announcement at Liberty University, so I went to the IRS website and found this helpful publication. It helps explain the rules and restrictions on tax exempt organizations when it comes to political advocacy. 

Rules such as this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

In case you missed that part in #6:
•a political candidate cannot speak about his candidacy for public office at a 501©3 tax exempt organization (like Liberty University)
•a political candidate cannot in his capacity as a candidate at a 501©3 tax exempt organization (like Liberty University)
•a political candidate can’t make any reference to his candidacy for office or his involvement in an upcoming election at a 501©3 tax exempt organization (like Liberty University)
•a political candidate’s appearance at a 501©3 tax exempt organization (like Liberty University) can’t include any sort of campaign activity – you know, like having students who are mandated to attend the appearance send a text to the a phone number set up by the campaign for data mining purposes
•a 501©3 tax exempt organization (like Liberty University) must maintain a non-partisan atmosphere when the political candidate is present

Hmmm…I’d want to get rid of the IRS, too, if I violated numerous restrictions regarding political activity in connection with tax exempt organizations on the very first day of my campaign.

Boy, this Ted Cruz 2016 thing is going to be fun!

Accepting donations for the Black Girl Project Sisterhood Summit in October

 if you want to donate anything to put in our giveaway bags for Black girls please be in touch! We’ll need about 75 items. We are open to coupons (so if you have an online store or brick and mortar one in NYC or elsewhere please send along they love coupons!), other items the young women have requested:


-chapstick/lip balms (sample sizes)

-lotions and body care (small sample sizes)

-coupons! (they really said that!)

-compact mirrors, hair accessories, jewelry, etc.

-stickers, pins

-t-shirts, canvas bags, water bottles, etc.

we are down for supporting and promoting POC and Black owned/run businesses. If you create things that are handmade (crochet, art, media, baked goods, etc.) or have services to offer (overnight stay in bed & breakfast, editing, hairstyling, counseling, make up application, photography, books, zines, etc.) we will be having a fundraiser towards the end of the year and will have a silent auction and are so happy if you could donate something of the like if interested!

we are a 501©3 so your donation is tax deductible. Please be in touch and follow us @bgptumbles and twitter @blackgirlproj


C&NW - M19A by d.w.davidson
Via Flickr:
Top: Freshly painted in RTA colors, C&NW E8s Nos. 514 and 520 are on the north side of M19A, in July 1980.

Bottom: C&NW E8BA No. 501 keeps an RTA E8 company at the east end of M19A in July 1980.


Oh, from John Wooten Awards Press Release... Guess why Mr. Worst Investment Ever was there?

The Taste of the Game 2014 events we have planned in connection with Super Bowl XLVIII will benefit the D’Brickashaw Ferguson Foundation, Asomugha Foundation and National Sports Authority, a division of ESP Education & Leadership Institute, all 501 ©(3) organizations.

Nnamdi Asomugha, former All-Pro NFL Player and Chairman, Asomugha Foundation will serve as this year’s honorary host.  “We are honored to have Nnamdi Asomugha join us as we spotlight these outstanding individuals who are making a difference throughout the communities we live in.” says Everett Glenn, President of ESP Education & Leadership Institute.

How interesting.

This is the official press release… that was given out guess when? JANUARY 7. SO, just so we’re clear… he KNEW, and consciously PLANNED to be on the OPPOSITE coast as Kerry from Thursday on,  going to SB events and parties, when his NOT wife’s birthday was on Friday. Planned and everything. LMFAO! No husband who has a SMIDGEON of care for his wife obviously would EVER do that. Let that marinate.

(Obviously only for those who have brains… the others will try and now make three triple somersaults in order to justify this, too. LMAO)

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I wanna do something about the situation in North Korea. What can I do?

Hey there, thanks so much for taking interest in humanity’s greatest challenge yet! Here are couple things you can do to help the North Korean people:

1. Spread awareness about the situation. Tell your friends, family, and anyone else you want to share the human rights crisis in North Korea and about Liberty in North Korea (abbreviated as LiNK), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the North Korean people reach freedom. Shoot some emails, post a Facebook status, tweet a tweet, reblog this post! Anything that raises attention to the problem helps! It will spark curiosity in others and will cause more people to take action!

Here’s LiNK’s amazing website: http://www.libertyinnorthkorea.org/

2. Financial help. You can donate to Liberty in North Korea, a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that will use all of the donations for their work, which includes physically rescuing refugees who have escaped North Korea and are hiding in China and helping them resettle in South Korea and/or the United States.

You can donate at http://www.libertyinnorthkorea.org/donate/

Hope it helped! (-:

Hi guys!

Just wanted to do a quick overview of our upcoming non-profit drive to celebrate Chris’ 24th birthday. We’re still a couple weeks out from starting so we won’t go into heavy detail yet, but here’s a basic idea of what will happen…

On April 28, a group page will appear on DonorsChoose.org, a 501©3 charity with an excellent track record.

The page will feature 3-5 public school classrooms in high poverty areas of California (where Chris is from and, obviously, works) who are in need of basic supplies for their creative writing and/or literacy projects. The items and prices are individually verified to ensure good quality at the lowest cost.

We selected that particular topic to honor a. Chris’ new status as a guest writer for Glee and b. the impending release of TLOS 3.

The fandom will have exactly 4 weeks (until May 26) to complete the requests of as many classes as possible (when one is done, another pops up in its place). You get to choose the class, the donation amount, and whether to donate anonymously or in honor of a friend/family member (or as yourself). The total amount raised and number of kids positively affected will be tweeted to Chris on May 27, with a birthday card and list of contributors to eventually follow.

The cool thing is, there’s accountability on the other side. The teachers are required to send regular thank you emails, as well as pictures of the students using the donated materials once DonorsChoose ships them. Additionally, every single donation of $50+ results in personalized, handmade student thank you cards showing up in your actual mailbox. Awesome, right?

We are very excited to celebrate Chris’ literary ambition by giving some less fortunate kids the chance to write and read as their hearts desire, and look forward to the generosity of time and pocketbook from the Glee fandom!


P.S. Politely requesting a signal boost! Follow us here and on Twitter @ccfansforkids…

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Queerability! It’s amazing seeing how much it has grown and what an impact it has had! 

Over the year, I’ve heard many of you tell me Queerability has helped you know that you’re not alone, and it has been an honor. It is humbling experience that I had no clue I would ever experience, and it still blows my mind that I, of all people, have accomplished that.

I started Queerability because I saw that there weren’t many places that acknowledged that LGBTQ disabled people existed, and the conversation about the intersecting experiences of disabled and LGBTQ people was usually off in the fringes of the conversations about disability and LGBTQ issues.

I also want to take this opportunity to announce that I plan on turning Queerability into a 501©3 non-profit LGBTQ and disability rights advocacy organization by the end of 2015! It takes quite a lot of time, energy, and money to start a 501©3 so I’m going to need your help! In the coming months, I will start a donation/fundraising page that will help pay for fees associated with starting a non-profit.

Looking forward to furthering acceptance and equality for LGBTQ people with disabilities!