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how would you define the difference between modernism and postmodernism?

you have great timing, we were actually discussing this the other day in my contemporary literature lecture!


  1. an attempt to confront and represent conditions of flux, change, ephemerality, and fragmentation
  2. an appeal to universal myths (or an attempt to recapture ancient myths)
  3. the idea that language is central to our ability to represent reality
  4. truth exists but can be apprehended only partially and subjectively
  5. experience of time is relative/filtered through memory & consciousness; physics = einsteinian


  1. acceptance of fragmentation and ephemerality of contemporary life; emphasis on “play,” collage, pastiche
  2. rejection of all “meta-narratives” (including progress, truth, the Self)
  3. proliferation of different voices and value systems, like those of marginalised peoples
  4. instability of language itself, its self-referentiality
  5. physics = quantum mechanics
A medida de que el tiempo corría los encuentros se volvían esporádicos y la tensión se evidenciaba en cada roce físico o conexión visual. Era una pausa ¡Pero cuánto dolía! Los días se tornaban largos e insípidos a falta de las conversaciones que -como antes- ya no se presentaban. Tenía siempre la sensación de estar buscándolo en mi jornada, en los rincones, en las palabras de cada línea que en mi día leía y en en los perfumes de tanta gente en las calles perpetuas. Ahora el miedo me invade en abundancia, pues el tiempo es un manto invisible que se estira y estamos en medio.
—  Tatiana C.

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BTS Appreciation Posts Master List

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I'm pretty sure it's canon that Shiro has PTSD, more specifically C-PTSD, which shares many symptoms of PTSD but is characterized by memory loss, and is usually brought on my prolonged trauma, especially where there is no escape- ie: a veteran might have ptsd, but a POW is more likely to have c-ptsd. One of the common side effects is nightmares, and I'm p convinced that Shiro has them, which results in not enough sleep.

It sounds like you’ve got a lot of knowledge and background on the subject! I agree that all of those symptoms do sound like Shiro, and it’s common for the fans to headcanon Shiro’s nightmares! 

I imagine that there are old, venerable therapeutic videos in the Castle that Allura tries to get Shiro to watch. They were recorded by the most skilled Altean healers, and she’s convinced they will cure his memory loss and help his nightmares. Shiro finds the fart noises hilarious, but the dancing lights and dub-step just give him headaches.