c. tyler

Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @thnks-fr-th-fndms. Let’s do this!!

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come on, then tag 20 other people to do it. 

(I’d like to note that I have a lot of soundtracks in my library, so I skipped those songs and just went with the normal songs with words and whatnot.)

1. To the Dreamers - for KING & COUNTRY

2. Forest - Twenty One Pilots

3. LA Devotee - Panic! at the Disco

4. Tonight - Tyler Joseph

5. The Proof of Your Love - for KING & COUNTRY

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty - Panic! at the Disco

7. Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out Boy

8. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

9. Anathema - Twenty One Pilots

10. Lighthouse - Anthem Lights

I’m tagging @relentless-for-jesus @joshdunverified @i-m-a-goner-takeitslow @fairly-athletic-pilots @flowerydun @blackbeak @fire-breathing-bitch-queen @taratjah @dovefe4theredraven @donttrustablogthatsflawless @blogofflightlessbirds @spookyjackolantern @merlockfeels @spookyjimrippedmas @spookyjim-smolbean @jen-syx @screwthehappyending @tearinmykitchensink @coldhoodie and anyone else that wants to do it! Have fun!