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“Lils I need your help” whined Sirius as he dropped himself down in the chair across from Lily

“On what babe? I already lent you my notes for your essays” mumbled Lily who hadn’t looked up at Sirius yet, too focused on her own charms essay

“It’s not about school, it’s about Remus. I need advice on how to make Remus realize I’m head over heels in love with him” an exasperated sigh left Sirius’s mouth while Lily’s head snapped up quickly

“You’re in love with Remus?!” yelled Lily, her eyebrows raised high as Sirius stared at her with dislike

“Could you not yell it to the bloody school? Moony doesn’t even know yet so shut your mouth and why are you acting like you didn’t know” questioned Sirius

“Because I didn’t know, merlin it’s not like you’ve told me” mumbled Lily

“Didn’t tell you? I’ve told you many times I love Remus, shit lily you’ve spent hours with me where all I talked about was Moony” whisper yelled Sirius

“I thought you just had a stronger friendship liking with him! But yes I can help you” muttered lily

Sirius couldn’t help but laugh, his best friend of years didn’t even realize he was in love with Remus so how was Moony supposed to know?

“Well what have you done so far?” asked Lily

“I always brush up against him, any chance I have I touch him and I flirt with him constantly as you may have noticed, plus I always send him chocolate and other little gifts” answered Sirius

“I haven’t even noticed that! Bloody hell aren’t you four always like THAT?!” yelled Lily

“Evans! We are not always like that with each other” countered Sirius

“Really? I always see one of you kissing someone’s cheeks and you and James are always flirting with each other. How was I supposed to notice?” huffed Lily, she looked at Sirius who looked like he was betrayed


“fucking dramatic you are” laughed Lily “have you told him you love him?”

“have I told him I love him? Are you mental? You can’t just go around telling people you love them Lily!” grumbled Sirius, not noticing the crowd that began to form around them “you’re worst than James at this, at least he gave me advice that I could try”

Sirius thought back to when he made a broom carrying chocolate find Remus with a note that read “Enjoy Moons – From Padfoot”

“Sirius all you have to do is say “Hey Remus I love you in more than a friend way” said Lily

Sirius stared as her like she grew two heads

“I CAN NOT” yelled Sirius who dropped his head onto the table beneath him

“Can not what?” asked Remus

Sirius’s head snapped up so fast he was surprised he didn’t break it, he looked up to where Remus was standing beside him with a smirk across his face

“I was walking back up to the common room but then I noticed this large crowd which I’m surprised didn’t attract a professor, I then started hearing you yelling and could faintly hear Lily so I decided to investigate” explained Remus once he noticed the look across Sirius’s face “So why are you yelling anyways Pads?”

Lily giggled loudly at the interaction in front of her and the look of fear across Sirius’s face

“Sirius was just wanting - “

“Evans, I will hex you.” interrupted Sirius, glancing back up at Remus quickly Sirius could see the confusion in Remus’s eyes “I just wanted her to read over my potions essay”

“I could have done that for you? But Sirius come on that was not what that yelling was about” laughed Remus

“Sirius was just upset because he thinks my advice is horrible” answered Lily, ignoring the look of murder Sirius was sending her way

“What advice?” questioned Remus

“Lily n-”

“Sirius quiet please” interrupted Remus, looking down at Sirius who quickly shut up before turning his attention back to Lily

“He asked me how he could make you realize he’s in love with you” said Lily who quickly realized what she just said “whoops” she laughed at the choked off noise Sirius and Remus made at the same time

“And what advice did you give him?” asked Remus

“Told him just to tell you he loves you” shrugged lily who finally spared a glance towards sirius who was beat red with embarrassment

“Well no offense Lily but it was terrible advice to give to Sirius because it’s Sirius and we all know how dramatic he is” laughed Remus

Sirius couldn’t find it in himself to look up at Remus, luckily he didn’t need to. Remus’s fingers picked Sirius’s chin up to make them lock eyes, the way Remus looked at him made Sirius breathing quicken

“Don’t think I didn’t notice all of your flirting, I just though maybe it was you being you or some stupid joke so I wanted to wait and see if you would come tell me yourself but I should have known better” muttered Remus

“What exactly are you saying?” asked Sirius

“I’m saying I love you too” mumbled Remus who quieted Sirius’s upcoming words with his own lips

“So does this mean you two are dating? I want to make sure” questioned lily who couldn’t contain the smile on her lips watching the two boys look at each other with love in their eyes

“Moons?” asked Sirius

“It does” whispered Remus

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If Chris is going to have a beard for IW then Seb better have shorter hair and he better have more scenes with Anthony. Tbh seb and Mackie's chemistry is so much more better than when he's with C.Evans. He even has more chemistry with Chadwick.

Can all of team cap just wildly change their appearance for that movie just to fuck with tony like he sees them all again for the first time in two years and realises that they have fully moved on with their lives without him


The early morning breeze swept around Remus as he found himself back at the cemetery in Godric’s Hollow, he held a small flat stone along with an old picture. He had dark circles under his eyes from the stress of the upcoming war but he knew he needed to do this before things got worse.

Remus sat himself down in front of James and Lily’s grave, feeling lonelier and emptier now than ever. He slowly picked up the flat stone he had brought, written across the top

Here lies the memory of Padfoot

Beloved friend, brother, and godfather

Remus dragged his thumb across the letters, tear drops splattering on the small stone before he placed it in the middle of James and Lily’s own.

“Thought pads should be with you two” Remus muttered, picking up the picture on his lap he looked down at it and laughed quietly at the five of them across it

“You expect me take this picture but none of you are cooperating” Marlene grumbled as she tried ordering the boys and Lily around

Blame Potter, we would have had this picture hours ago if he hadn’t insisted on fixing his hair” Lily muttered “It doesn’t just look like this lily, it’s artistically messy” She mimicked her boyfriend’s voice while James grumbled on about Lily being a horribly rude girlfriend

It’s not only you two, it’s also Sirius and Remus who have been snogging in the corner for the past fucking fifteen minutes!” Marlene yelled causing the two mentioned to break apart from each other

He started it!” “He started it!” They both yelled out at the same time

Will you all just fucking get over here and do something or else I’m leaving” Marlene warned

Alright McKinnon, don’t get your knickers in a twist” Sirius teased, yelping when Marlene flicked him across the forehead

James stood in the front with his right arm slung over Peter’s shoulder and his left arm around Lily’s waist, Remus was beside Lily teasingly leaning his arm on top of her head before she pinched him

Where’s Black? I’m taking this photo in ten seconds whether he’s in it or not!” Marlene barked, her forefinger hovering over the shutter

Seconds before she pressed the button Sirius came running behind James, jumping on his back he leaned over to press a kiss to Remus’s cheek as the shutter went off. The impact of Sirius’s jump caused James to tumble over pulling Peter and Lily along with him as Sirius pulled Remus down with him.

They found themselves all laughing loudly sprawled across each other on the floor, elbows and knees digging into place they did not belong

Someone’s elbow is on my crotch”

Do you want the picture taken again or not?” Marlene groaned

They all crowded around her looking at the picture before quickly agreeing it was perfect 

That day passed over Remus like it was yesterday, their seventh year together. Remus looked back up from the picture to James, Lily and Sirius

“Marlene was not happy with us that day” Remus chuckled

“I wanted to leave this here to remind us all of the good days you know” Remus’s voice was trembling slightly, his hand shaking as he placed the photo below Sirius’s stone

“Because now everything is gone, you’re all gone” Remus mumbled, tears streaking his cheeks “The second war is here and I’m afraid I won’t make it” His vision was blurring from the amount of tears now leaving his eyes

“Tonks is pregnant, I’m going to be a dad” Remus couldn’t help but laugh

“Can you believe it? Me a dad, I can’t though because I’m a fucking monster” Remus sobbed out

“God I can already hear you guys all yelling at me now for saying that, but what if I hurt him? I know you’ll say I won’t but I could. I’m trying though” Remus promised, wiping his face with the back of his hands.

“One thing I needed to leave with you though pads” Remus muttered quietly, pulling a necklace chain from his pocket with a silver ring looped through it

Remus shrieked as Sirius tried carrying him bridal style towards the black lake  

You idiot, you’re going to drop me because you’re tiny” Remus laughed so hard tears filled his eyes

I am not tiny” Sirius huffed, placing Remus on the ground again

Not tiny?” Remus asked while looking down at the smaller boy in front of him “So tiny”

I brought you out here for a reason” Sirius groaned

Please tell me it’s not because you want to shag-” Sirius cut Remus off by dropping down to one knee “Oh”

I’m not proposing yet, more pre proposing” Sirius chuckled before looking back up at Remus who was looking down at him with fond written across his face

Moons, I love you so much. You’re the brightness to my darkness, I want to ask you if you’ll marry me in a few years. After we win this war” Sirius finished, holding up the necklace with the silver ring on it

Will you marry me one day?” Sirius asked

Yes, I will always want to marry you, my tiny future Sirius Lupin” Remus grinned as Sirius wrapped the necklace around his neck, the silver ring dangling across his collarbones. 

Remus placed the necklace and ring on top of Sirius’s stone

“I never got rid of it, now this is to show you I will never stop loving you. You were my star”


“I’ll see you guys again one day”

With one final look to his friends Remus left, not knowing he would see them sooner than thought.

The Day Daddy Found out Mommy was Superwoman

Huge shout out to @theycallmebecca for the photo that prompted this idea and for helping come up with a title for it. And to @heather-lynn for allowing me to use her book cover from her Jake Jensen and Quinn Stories. If you haven’t done so, go check them out!

“I’m so addicted to all the things you do when you’re going down on me…”

Sammie groaned as she rolled over to turn off her alarm that went off at 5:30am.

“Babe, come back to bed.” Chris reached out trying to grab Sammie as she was already out of bed heading for the bedroom door.

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Switching back to Maka, because as much fun as writing in Black*Star’s voice is, is, it cannot be fully appreciated unless it’s taken in doses. 

Mildly nsfw towards the end. I kept any frisky play mostly out of it, but y'know, always safe to warn people! 


It wasn’t until she turned seventeen that her brother finally hopped off his high horse and really accessed the situation. She suffered through half of a year of blind dates orchestrated by Black Star, of all people. She spent the same half of a year being rescued from said dates by a stony-faced Soul, followed up by ice cream “dates” (secretive, because according to their brother, they weren’t allowed to be alone together) where he’d steal her cherry and she’d eat all the whipped cream.

It was a frustrating six months. 

Black Star had awful taste in men. If she had to sit down and suffer through another sexist, offensive monologue about how attractive she’d be if she let her hair down and maybe bought a push up bra, she might’ve snapped. Her glares had sobered them down, but it was only Soul lumbering over and grunting out some decidedly not PG threats that shut them up.

She’d scolded him, of course. She didn’t need a man to protect her. She didn’t need anyone to scare her bullies away – she took martial arts. She was the MVP of the lacrosse team. 

Soul was protective, though, and had insisted that men were jackasses and clearly didn’t respect her enough to take “no” as an answer. 

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Any college HC with Jily?

  • James was in the known fraternity on campus, captain of the football team, all around jock
  • Lily was working for the school paper, one of her first big projects was to write about the football team’s life, who they were off the field
  • She expected James to be this huge dick but when she met him he was the biggest dork who fumbled over his words trying to talk to her
  • “A paper? On me? Like my life outside football? Will this be like an interview? I’m so horrible with interviews – oh fuck I probably smell gross right now, you see I’ve been practicing football. Oh of course you already know that, you were watching me. Wait fuck you were watching me. Shit I can say I’m way better than what you seen, I only tripped because Sirius was sending me stupid faces to distract me and just so we’re clear here I’m not dating Sirius even though everyone thinks we are, not gay at all, not that I have a problem with gay people though. I mean my best friend is the gayest person I know and fuck I’m just rambling here”
  • Lily could only laugh loudly when James finally shut up, after that she changed her mind about James being a possibly huge cocky football player
  • James found out Lily blushed a pretty nice red whenever he complimented her writing, it was the one thing she was beyond passionate about
  • The first time Lily came to James’s room in the frat house everyone burst out with “So you’re Lily”
  • And she found stacks of comic books in James’s room, the one thing besides football that he was obsessed with
  • After her paper about the football players life was done, neither James or Lily could find it in themselves to stop hanging around with each other
  • They didn’t kiss until a year after becoming friends
  • Lily made it quite obvious she wanted to kiss James months before they did but James was an oblivious idiot
  • So one night while she was listening to James ramble on about one of his comic books she just came out and said it “I’d like to kiss you”
  • “You – what? Like lip on lip? I’d like that too, I’ve liked you for awhile. You’re pretty and funny and really fucking pretty -” She cut him off before he spent an hour on telling her how pretty he thought she was
  • They soon became the power couple, the couple everyone was talking about
  • “They’re just so cute” “The way James looks at Lily when she isn’t looking at him” “They’re so in love with each other”

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Hesitant kiss and unbreakable kiss for Theomione and Regulily. You can choose which kiss for which ship, whatever is easier for you. Thank you very much :)

Unbreakable Kiss 

It was wrong, not in the blood purity ways that were drilled into Regulus’s head. It was wrong, because he was giving her hope when in reality he knew there was none for there would be no him left.

Regulus couldn’t help himself, not when Lily was looking at him with nothing but love. Not with the way she kept glancing down at his mouth, even after they’ve shared so many kisses before. This one he knew would be wrong.

He couldn’t make himself pull away when their lips melted together perfectly. Lily tasted like a mixture of berries, nothing but sweetness that Regulus permanently buried in his mind.

Lily smiled against Regulus’s mouth, breathless like every other thing it’s happened. Everything felt right to Lily but for Regulus this kiss was wrong. 

(I will be writing the one for Theomione soon and I’ll post it separately!)

The Concert!

- Sirius and Lily have had these concert tickets for months

- And Lily was not having this shit right this moment

- “Sirius Orion Black you get your ass out here right now we need to leave!”

- “Jesus Lils how have I survied with you all my life?”

- Sirius and Lily have been friends since kindergarten

- “Okay now tell me how I look” Sirius demanded walking out of the bathroom after being in there for about an hour

- Wearing a Nirvana t-shirt and the tightest black jeans with his hair up in a bun

- “Perfect love now let’s go”

- “I can’t believe this!” Lily yelled watching as two boys snuck through behind the guard just like that

- They waited forever for this, spent money for these tickets and two boys think they can just sneak in

- “Sirius seriously say something!”

- “The one with the curly hair was quite hot, not complaining” At that Lily just scoffed and slapped Sirius across the head

- “Did you see that guy with the bun in line?” Remus asked James once they were inside the building

- “The one with the redheaded girl?”

- “Yeah, quite attrative if I say so”

- James just rolled his eyes at his best friend

- Remus and James were both unlucky to get tickets, the concert already being sold out by the time they found out about it

- James suggested just sneaking in which Remus agreed to right away because he wanted to see them

- Sirius lost Lily right after Nirvana started playing, he was just roaming around hoping to spot some red hair

- A guy ran into him

- “Fuck I’m sorry!” The boy yelled over the music, looking down at Sirius noticing he is the guy with bun and nice ass

- “Hey you’re the one who snuck in” Sirius yelled back

- That surprised Remus because the hot guy noticed him? Well holy fuck

- “The names Remus, I’m here with my mate James who ran off with a red head who is your girl I think?”

- “Sirius and yeah probably she’s got a thing for bad boys but she won’t ever admit that”

- Sirius and Remus spent the rest of the concert, dancing and singing along to the music

- Occasionaly talking about themselves when they could

- “Well I should probably find Lily” Sirius mumbled looking up at the boy of his dreams

- “Don’t think we need to”

- Remus nodded to a corner where in fact their two best friends were snogging in the corner

- “Maybe we should go find our own corner aye?” Remus asked smirking down at the boy who immediately blushed at the comment

- “I mean I wouldnt mind”

- Sirius and Lily are more than happy those two boys decided to sneak in that night

For the wonderful @the-good-urls-were-gone for her birthday yesterday!
I hope you love this and don’t mind the side Jily and hopefully this is kinda what you wanted!

Moving In

Warning: Mention of mental illness

Author’s note: A huge shoutout to @heather-lynn for helping me with some ideas for this story, she’s seriously the best at that. And to @theycallmebecca for being a phenomenal beta! I don’t know what I would do without either of you two!

After setting the last tub in the classroom, Sammie let out a heavy sigh. Bringing the bins back to the school had been the easy part, now she just had countless  bins of everything she needed to decorate her classroom with. She had recently been promoted to department chair, which meant she had to move classrooms this summer. She hadn’t been excited about moving rooms, at first, mostly because her old room had been her first classroom as a teacher. .The the reason was that it meant she had to take down all of her decorations, the student projects she displayed and pack up her supplies and all the odds and ends she had collected over the years.

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Honestly there should have been a warning sign on the beach  ‘Warning: Beware of attractive lanky boys with tawny curls and pretty faces’. Sirius could admit there’s always attractive boys on the beach but none this pretty before. Every weekend James, Peter and Sirius all spent their days at the beach a town over from them.

Today though a new very much so attractive boy showed up with a pretty attractive red haired girl, the two were pushing each other into the water and laughing. Where the boys were sat they had a clear pictures of the possibly couple, Sirius admired the way the other boy’s neck stretched when he threw his head back with laughter  

“Do you think those two are dating?” Sirius asked, leaning over to look at James. James looked to where the two were chasing after each other along the shoreline

“Possibly, want me to find out?” James answered back a wide smirk on his face, before James could stop him he was already up and running towards the other two. Peter was beside Sirius laughing his ass off while Sirius watched in horror as James flexed in front of the girl. Red laughed but happened to show up James by flexing herself, Sirius cackled loudly when she muscles just as big as James

Sirius noticed the curly haired boy smirking at him slightly, cursing to himself and promising he’d kick James’s ass when he came back over to them.

Sirius was busy joking around and paying attention to what Peter was doing he hadn’t noticed the boy with fluffy curls walking his way until Peter laughed and walked off on his own

“Peter what the – oh hi” Sirius meant to curse Peter off only turning around to find a very much taller boy standing in front him with a bright smile on his face

“Sirius right? James said you were the one with shaggy dog hair. I’m Remus by the way” Remus chuckled, using finger quotes around ‘shaggy dog hair’

“Uh yeah I’m him but my hair is not shaggy and dog like” Sirius scoffed silently cursing James

“I never said I agreed with him, I mean my best friend even had bigger muscles than him” Remus smirked, and now Sirius could cross off Remus having a girlfriend

“I happened to see that and trust me I’ll never let him down for that” Sirius laughed looking over at Remus who smiled at him

“James also happened to mention you wanted to know if I was dating the girl I was with. Lily” Remus teased, sitting down on the blanket laid out beside Sirius

“Oh fuck him” Sirius groaned, hiding his face in his hands. Two large hands moved his own away from his face

“Don’t hide the pretty face” Remus whispered, the blush that came across Sirius’s cheeks was a thing that never happened. Sirius was always the flirt who made people turn into blushing messes but here Remus was turning the table around and making Sirius become a major blushing mess

“Let me take you on a date?” Remus asked

“Please” Sirius muttered, looking up into Remus’s eyes he smiled

“So polite” Remus laughed, grabbing the phone next to Sirius and punching his own number in

“I do have to go now but I’ll be seeing you soon” Remus smirked, pressing a light kiss to Sirius’s cheek before running off back towards his own friend while James came back to him

“Admit it, you love me” James laughed, knocking his shoulder into Sirius’s trying to break his gaze from where Remus and Lily were walking away

“Oh fuck off you ass” Sirius groaned shoving James away but a smile plastered onto his face