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Headcanon: Keith sleeps with Shiro’s officer jacket while he’s away on the Kerberos mission. He wears it while he’s in his room and tries his best to preserve Shiro’s scent even though it’s starting to mix with his own. He takes it with him when he gets kicked out of the Garrison instead of returning it to the commanding officers after the pilot error is announced. It hangs in the back of the closet at the desert shack because looking at it makes Keith cry too much. Keith gives it back to Shiro after he rescues him from the crash but Shiro tells him to keep it incase anything else happens to him. 


i could tell you i was under an enchantment that warped my whole personality… an inversion spell strong enough to let me lift the hammer of thor. not mention beat the crap out of him with it. i could tell you that. it’s all true.   for @bardinsp​ . )

Phoenix Repair Services
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: @carpemermaidtales | Word Count: 20.5k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Phoenix Repair Services — We’ll bring it back to life as if it was new!
Draco hires a suspiciously private wizarding handyman to fix his kitchen when he returns home to find it destroyed. He expects a middle-aged wizard with greying hair and a pudgy gut to show up. Instead, he gets Harry Potter—with a utility belt and a charming smile—who is more attractive than he has any right to be.

Review: I mean… I find it WONDERFULLY ironic that I read this just as I’m going through a month long kitchen restoration that should’ve been finished 3 weeks ago lmao.

Anyway, this fic is literally just bucket loads of pure fun and sexiness!!

It’s so amusing how Draco is practically drooling all over harry, and the way he describes him are an absolute delight. “Merlin, it was like they were stuck in an awful plot to a mediocre porn film.” is a very accurate way describe the whole situation. However, the writing takes the tongue-in-cheek plot to a different level, showing us Draco’s vulnerability and Harry’s earnestness.

Harrys obliviousness and the way it spurs Draco’s growing obsession set the scene for a delightful dynamic in an - ultimately - very sweet story.

Content/Warnings: Pining, UST

Mood Music: Little Bit More - Jidenna

“what keeps you awake at night?”

  • the fact that steven is freaking 14 keeps repeating in my head
  • my ships keep getting berged
  • we still havent seen max’s parents
  • makki isnt canon yet
  • the bloodmoon hasnt shown up in season 3 yet eiTher
  • connie has short hair now
  • svtfoe harems
  • maxvid exists

u know what i like about being agender??? i call myself anything, like im a princess and a kiddo and a goddess and a dude and a baby boy. i am all of those things. all the while i have no gender!! i really am that bitch!! but if anyone else puts a gendered term on me i cry lol. oh