c. diddy

Chaz and his basketball shorts

I have watched this “Booty in the Air” video more times than I’d care to admit. Yes because it’s hilarious. But mostly due to Chaz Miller.


Thank you, Chaz for sporting those basketball shorts. U shud always wear basketball shorts. Regardless of the weather. Wear them always.


Dormtainment - I Hate Being Short

I love Dormtainment and this video is the story of my life, thank goodness I’m a girl tho lol

Dormtainment 30 Day Challenge

Day 8: What do you love about Chaz?

Where do I start??

Ok. Chaz is extremely interactive. Any time I have reached out to him, he responds. Every time. That shows how gracious and humble he is. To a DT enthusiast, that means the world. I love his characters. Jerry J is EVERYTHING!! That dance is infectious, just lemme get a kill streak on MW4. Just lemme. I’m Jerry J’ing all over that ass.
Even when he isn’t in character, I keep my eyes on him. He’s always doing something.
Plus, he’s handsome as hell. His cheekbones are amazing. His body is perfection. His thrusts (which make appearance often) are magical. I’m certain the stroke is real.
*sigh* I have the most inappropriate thoughts abt him versus any other member.

I just love this guy