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Secretly Sick

Summary: You hate being sick, but you also hate being fussed and waited on by others more. Bucky has his work cut out for him, trying to care for you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Sick!Reader

Word Count: 2361

Warning: the reader being sick, brief mentions of death (comparing it to fainting) general fluff and maybe a piece or two of angst

A/N: This was requested by a lovely anon (again, thank you) and it was a really cool idea. I had a lot of fun writing this one :) 

Drop me a request, anything SebStan or Marvel based :)

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You knew, as soon as you woke up, your next few days would be Hell. As you lifted your head from the pillow, your brain swam with pain, the feeling making you slightly dizzy as you groaned. Oh, how you regretted getting caught in that storm now.

Your nose remained partially blocked when you rose from the bed, making you groan before collapsing into the cold, wood-panel flooring. You could sense your body temperature rising and a headache forming.

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Hidden in the Pages Draco x Reader

Hidden in the Pages

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Harry Potter

When Draco fails a class, his professor can only see one solution… And Draco isn’t going to like it.


Hidden in the Pages
A/N: Apparently re-writing my roleplay OCs is very inspirational. I’ve come up with four different multi chapter stories based on that alone.
I made the reader a Hufflepuff because 1. Almost every Draco story has the reader as a Gryffindor, 2. I love the headcanon that Slytherins and Hufflepuffs are secret allies, and 3. Hufflepuffs are underrated and need more attention.

Are You Sure That’s a Good Idea?

You clutched your books to your chest as you shuffled outside, heading to your first and best class; Care of Magical Creatures. It was early and cold and the wind whipped at your exposed face. Your (h/l) (h/c) ruffled in the breeze as your shoes crunched the fallen leaves beneath your feet. Many students were whining about the chilly air but you were excited for class.
You tugged at the end of your black-and-yellow striped scarf, ensuring that it wouldn’t blow away in the wind as you joined the rest of the fifth year Hufflepuffs in a clearing in the woods. Hagrid had promised everyone a new, exciting creature, and you were hoping to be his personal assistant. You were one of his top students, so he often asked you to help him demonstrate the proper care of his creatures.
You stood near the front of the crowd, waiting for Hagrid’s arrival. You shivered as a cold breeze blew past, tugging your robes tighter around yourself. A voice to your right caught your attention as your roommate, Ashley, began chatting about the upcoming Quidditch game. You weren’t horribly interested in the games; you only went when your house was playing, and none of your friends were on the team, so there was no one in particular to root for. Ashley was dating Oliver Wood, so Quidditch was every other word out of her mouth.
“Mornin’!” a deep, chipper voice called from a few feet away. Everyone looked up to see Hagrid stomping through the woods into the clearing, a secret bundle hidden under his large coat. Several students tried to lean in closer to sneak a peek at today’s lesson, but Hagrid kept his jacket closed until he was ready to reveal the creature.
“Alright, I want to introduce you kids to Niffler,” the half-giant announced. One hand gripped the edge of his coat, opening the thick leather to reveal his other hand cradling a fluffy black bundle. He pulled his arm out and the creature sat up. It was furry and black, with a duck-like beak and four webbed feet.
“What’s a Niffler?” someone in the back inquired loudly.
Hagrid held the creature in the air so that everyone could see it clearly. Many students cooed at its cuteness, while a couple sneered in disgust. You were enchanted, taking a step closer.
“Miss (l/n),” Hagrid smiled. “What’s special about Niffler?”
“Nifflers collect shiny objects,” you replied instantly. “They can’t help it. They’re attracted to anything that shimmers, and they have to steal it.”
Hagrid nodded. “Aye, that’s right. And they tuck it away like food. Here, let me demonstrate; does anyone have anything shiny?”
Ashley offered her gold link bracelet. She held it up with one finger, letting it dangle from her hand. Niffler’s eyes narrowed on it and he lunged, landing on her arm. He snatched the bracelet from her, tucking it into his stomach. It disappeared like he ate it.
Hagrid called Niffler back and held it by its back feet. He lifted it upside down into the air and shook it gently. Gasps rang through the crowd as pounds and pounds of shiny objects fell from the furball like sand from a shoe.
Many students found their lost belongings in the pile of Niffler’s collection, and he pouted at his stash being taken away. He crawled back into Hagrid’s pocket as everyone reached into the pile for their own possessions. Ashley retrieved her bracelet as class ended and Hagrid dismissed everyone.
“Mr. Malfoy,” Hagrid called. Murmurs flooded the crowd as they watched Draco stop in his tracks to turn and look back at the half-giant. Disinterest was evident in his eyes as a frown settled on his lips. Hagrid waved for the other students to take their leave, wanting to speak to the Slytherin heir alone.
You fell into step beside Ashley as you headed back through the woods to the castle. You wondered why Draco had been called to stay behind – as obnoxious as he was, he rarely got in trouble. Snape always let his antics slide, and Lucius managed to bail him out the rest of the time.
Class was forgotten as everyone made their way to the Great Hall for lunch.

“Yer failing my class, Malfoy,” Hagrid informed the blond when the other students had left.
Draco shrugged. “Is that a problem?”
“Not if you don’t mind repeating fifth year.”
Blue eyes widened dangerously. “What are you on about?”
“If you don’t pass yer classes, yer repeating fifth year,” Hagrid replied.
Again, the blond shrugged. “So I’ll catch up.”
Hagrid shook his head. “It’s too far into the year, Malfoy. You can’t catch up on yer own.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“It means ya need a tutor.”
“A tutor?”
“Ya need someone to help ya catch up. Ya need a tutor.”
Draco scoffed. “And who do you have in mind?”
Hagrid smirked. “I’ll let ya know. Now get ta lunch before it’s gone.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
When classes had finished for the day, you’d been informed that Hagrid wanted to speak with you. Assuming it had to do with your assistance in his lessons, you were eager to meet him at his hut and discuss whatever he had in mind.
He made you tea and offered you freshly baked biscuits, and you grew wary wondering what was going on in his mind.
“I think ya should tutor Malfoy.”
You had nearly spit out your tea all over the table.
“He’s failing,” the half giant explained. “And yer my best student. Yer the only one that can help him catch up.”
“What makes you think he’ll listen to me?” you inquired. “He thinks that everyone outside of Slytherin house is beneath him.”
“I’ve seen him staring at ya,” Hagrid grinned. “I think ya can win him over.”
You chewed your lip. You didn’t think you’d be very successful.
“Do it for me.” Hagrid’s lip popped out in a childish pout. The only reason he had this much pull over you was because he had been like an uncle to you, and he was your favorite professor.
“Fine,” you groaned. “But you get to tell Malfoy.”

Snowflakes- Joker X Reader X Harley

Snowflakes- Joker X Reader X Harley

Summery- Being awoken in the middle of the night and seeing the first snowfall of the season.

Warnings- None, Cuteness and Fluff <3

The night was so quiet, the only sounds in the room were the sounds of breathing from your lovers and you. The sheets warm and soft against your skin, the blankets covering you providing more warmth. You cuddled more to the Joker’s chest as Harley gently pulled your hips more to her. You gave a quiet giggle in your sleepy state and turned over, wrapping your arms around Harley, her arms engulfing you and she nuzzled her head to the curve of your neck. You didn’t know how long it had been till you heard your name being whispered, feeling gentle pecks against your face and a cold breeze coming through the room. You blink your eyes open a little to see the perky blonde sitting beside you smiling.

“Wakey wakey, Pumpkin” she coos, her lips pecking your cheeks. You giggle at her happiness.

“I’m sleepy though” you say sleepily and wrap your arms around her waist and lay your head on her lap. You here her chuckle quietly and feel her fingers brush through your H/C locks. Another cool breeze comes through the room and you cuddle more to your companion. “It’s cold”

“Pumpkin, please, it’s pretty outside” she begs. You let out a small whine and reach behind you for J for help but not finding him. “He’s outside already” Harley tells you making you pout. You rub your eyes a little and blink up at her. She pecks your lips and you smile, a blush coming to your cheeks. Your eyes go to the balcony of the penthouse and your eyes light up seeing the little white specks falling from the sky all around the city. Joker leaning against the railing looking out at the city being blanketed in white. You begin to get up from bed, slipping on a pair of pink fuzzy slippers and taking Harley’s hand, both of you going out to the balcony. The air freezing but also waking you up more. You look around the area and go to J, resting your head on his shoulder and giving a small kiss to his cheek. His arm wraps around your waist, pulling you close against him making you giggle. Harley wrapping her arms around your other side. You closed your eyes, breathing in the air, once again falling asleep. You felt a kiss on your cheek and you could tell it was from Harley. You smiled a little, arms  tighten a little more around Joker. His eyes fell on your small form beside him, He looked to Harley, nodding slightly. He lifted you up into his arms, You wrapped your legs around him, holding onto him like a small child would. Harley turned her back to the city and followed inside, closing the doors to let the warmth surround you three. She looked to J laying you in your spot and he climbed in next to you, covering you with the blankets. She smiled and walked over, climbing in next to him. You and Harley both wrapping your arms around him. You nuzzle your head to the curve of his neck and once again letting sleep overtake you.

If ever I have a daughter,
I will raise her to be wicked and fearless
Like a storm swallowing a ship.
I will raise her to be soothing and gentle
Like the soft breeze on a hot day.
I will raise her to scream the truth
Like the birds greet the morning
And I will raise her to never ever love half way.
Love fully or not at all.
So she could never tell someone what you told me:
“I don’t love you as much anymore.”
—  c.d.

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Fashion police smash! I can only imagine that fucking Breezango would be probably be some bizarrely weird combination of frustrating, awesome and hilarious. And you could be the most beautiful woman in the world yet still always be the third prettiest person in the room, which might be slightly depressing at times. Also I feel you would have to make a strict rule about no mirrors ever in the bedroom or they would get so distracted by their own reflections that very little action would be happening. And they’d probably want to take pictures of each other while they were fucking you, and you’d just roll your eyes, and be like, “Whatever, just don’t show my face,” and Fandango would tell you “Sorry,” in that whispery voice, and then hold up his phone and say, “C’mon, Breeze, give me some sex face!” and Tyler would like, Blue Steel it with your leg up over his shoulder, and you’d sigh, but eventually they’d get down to it, and when they did, it would be amazing. They’re very detail-oriented, in the best possible way. Sometimes Tyler likes to cross-dress and when he does it’s a little bit weird how much Fandango’s into it. You often suspect you’re just like a conduit, and they’re way more interested in each other than they are in you, but you’re very happy to be in the middle until they work it out for themselves.

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She entered the store under her cloak, trotting behind the counter and nuzzling against him. "When are you off?" she said quietly, sighing, "I need you." She'd had a rough day, and some comfort would be nice. Maybe even some warm cocoa and a hot meal. She was just exhausted. "I flew all the way here from the Empire... Stupid, right? I don't have enough practice, I shouldn't be flying." (Because you liked for a cuddly shippy Muse c:)

Star Breeze smiled at the sight of the mare, giving her a nuzzle in return and glancing at the clock thoughtfully. He very well could close up now. It’d been a slow day after all.. 

“Now works.”

He reaches out with his magic and flips the sign at the door around, giving a small huff as he did before turning and nosing the mare a bit to get her to go to the stairs at the back of his shop. They led up to his living area, and he figured Muse would enjoy a good rest after such a long flight. “You didn’t have to fly all the way here, you know. You could have teleported.” He hums as he keeps nudging her along, dimming the lights of the lower floor as he goes.


George Harrison, late 1970′s or early 1980′s, presumably. Photos © Roger Karnbad/ZUMA Wire/Alamy 

Karnbad is an L.A. based photographer, so that at least narrows it down to the Los Angeles area… but as for any backstory to these images, I haven’t found any information yet. In keeping with the L.A. theme, though:

“The news of [George] Harrison’s death came as quite a shock to those here [in Hawthorne] who refer to the so-called quiet Beatle by his first name.

‘I heard reports he was ill and I’d ask Lou [Olivia’s mother, Mary Louise Arias] about it,’ [Charles] Mercurio [nextdoor neighbor of the Arias family] said. ‘She’d say “I just talked to him and he was fine.” So I assumed the reports were phony.’

While the Harrisons’ son Dhani, now 23, was growing up, the family’s visits to the neighborhood were less rare. George and his son made the rounds for Halloween in the late ‘80s and celebrated the Arias’ 50th anniversary in the '90s. That was the only time Mercurio met George.” - Daily Breeze, c. December 2001

* * *

“[Olivia Harrison] grew up in Hawthorne, hometown of the Beach Boys, which turned out to be a major point of interest for George when she gave him a tour of her old neighborhood.” - “Here now, she lives for George” by Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times, 9 March 2005

* * *

“It was a warm fall evening in 1997, and on the patio of the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, mariachi trumpets were blasting. The occasion was a family reunion, and it was in all ways a typical Mexican fiesta - except for the presence of a handful of guests who stood out among the Old World elders and Mexican American kids. Huddled together at a table were George Harrison and some of his friends, including Indian sitar legend Ravi Shankar, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra and session drummer extraordinaire Jim Keltner.

But the rock 'n’ roll royalty was not the center of attention that evening. Harrison’s in-laws, Maria Louise and Esiquiel Arias, as matriarch and patriarch, had the spotlight. Harrison was there because of their daughter, Olivia Arias, whom he’d married in 1978, thereby gaining a huge Mexican American extended family in Los Angeles.

[…] Harrison met his future wife at A&M Records in Hollywood, where she worked, while he was in the U.S. promoting an upcoming tour with Shankar. On the surface, they made a strange pair, but their relationship made sense. The working-class Arias family are a sort-of American version of those famously working-class people of Liverpool. Harrison, the son of a bus driver, grew up in an English version of East L.A.

On the night I met George and Olivia at the Wilshire Ebell, the live music was performed by one of the world’s great mariachi bands, Los Camperos de Nati Cano.

Later, Harrison talked to me with great enthusiasm about Jorge Negrete, one of the great crooners from the golden era of mariachi music. He said that he wanted to use an image from an old Negrete album on the cover of one of his own future projects.

[…] By all accounts, Harrison was no mere cultural tourist - his spiritual border-crossing was a lifelong commitment. And he backed it up with actions, like the Concert for Bangladesh, widely credited as the birth of rock philanthropy.

Harrison crossed borders with gusto. And so it was altogether fitting that Harrison, on a mission promoting the music of Shankar, arrived at A&M Studios in Hollywood and met the striking Olivia Arias. From Liverpool to Hawthorne, via India. In his art and life, Harrison blended his disparate worlds seamlessly, and by doing so helped make the world a smaller, more loving place. Descanse en paz, Jorge.” - “Beatle Without Borders” by Ruben Martinez, Los Angeles Times, 9 December 2001

On the subject of mariachi bands: the Spanish version of “Dark Sweet Lady,” commissioned by George in 1998.