c. 1934

Portrait of Diana (c.1934). Polly Thayer (American, 1904-2006). Oil on canvas. PAFA.

Occasionally there are artists who seem able to tell an intimate life story in a portrait, and as intimate life stories do not always bubble over with merriment and laughter there is usually a challenge to one’s own knowledge of life in such portraits. In those by Ethel R. [Polly] Thayer one feels that she revels the intimate character of the persons portrayed.

Edward Lear, 1812–1888, British
Title Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling
Alternate Title(s) Kinchinjunga from Darjeeling, India
Date 1879
Medium Oil on canvas
Yale Center for British Art, Gift of Donald C. Gallup, Yale BA 1934, PhD 1939