Bravest Warriors #24

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The time has finally come or really the Bravest Warriors are out of time. With their chances slowly dwindling, these friends have to put their heads together to figure out a way to save their best bud Chris before it’s too late.

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Cover C by Bridget Underwood

Percy Jackson: Grover Underwood [INFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by gondorcalls4aid 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Grover Underwood is a very sensitive soul. Typically he hates confrontation but the sight of injustice immediately awakens a hidden courage that is easily missed in day to day life. He puts aside his usual timid nature when his friends are in danger and pursues the ridiculously dangerous quest for Pan because he believes that it is a satyr’s responsibility.  The wild places of the world are extremely important to Grover. They represent the independence and liberation that he values so highly. Often he is overcome with emotion at the hopelessness of the modern environment, however, he typically only shares his deepest fears and ambitions with his closest friends, like Percy or Annabeth.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Grover has a tendency to worry. He gets anxious easily and has no trouble thinking of ten different terrifying outcomes between breaths. His quest for Pan shows a great optimism since no satyr has ever returned alive from the search. (Ne overcoming Si) and he dreams of a new world were Pan is restored. While not as smart as Annabeth, Grover has a strong intuition that he pairs with his Si knowledge of his environment to draw conclusions. (That is my uncle FerdinandDue to their proximity in the stack and the strength of his sensing function, Grover’s Ne and Si work very well together in perceiving when, “something isn’t right.”

Introverted Sensing (Si): Grover has a very strong Si and tends to loop. He often has trouble breaking patterns and overcoming a, “it happened once it will happen again,” attitude. His previous experience as a seeker makes him extremely anxious when trying to get Percy to safety and he is constantly afraid that it will all turn terribly wrong, “just like last time.” Grover’s quest for Pan is not only a personal goal, it is also a tradition that he inherits from his family, a quest that goes back generation upon generation. Grover dreams of a world were the wild places are protected (Ne) but he also wishes to return the wild places to the way they once were (Si) Grover is extremely in tune with his environment. He is able to navigate by smell alone and is extremely sensitive to the presence of monsters.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Grover often has trouble asserting himself. He tends to be easily frightened by authority, (Mr D, the council of cloven elders) and typically keeps his opinions to himself in order to avoid conflict. When his quest for Pan finally succeeds, Grover is tasked with marshaling satyr’s and nature spirits in order to protect the wild places. He shoulders the responsibility reluctantly at first, but learns to harness his Te to gently but firmly organize others in order to fulfill his Fi mission.     

Note: This is for the book version by the way.

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The Greek Gods - Studio C

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• Corbin Underwood was getting very good at being anyone but Corbin Underwood. His therapist didn’t approve of him using alternate identities to avoid dealing with the smoldering wreckage of his personal life, but Corbin did a lot of things his therapist didn’t approve of. The system worked well for him until the day his not-quite-ex-wife called with a revelation and a request: they had another son, and she wanted him to mentor the boy.

• It’d been over a decade since he’d been called to fulfill his duty as a public hero, but he’d never been one to deny his wife anything. Corbin Underwood had no choice but to figure out how to be Corbin Underwood again.

• One-Shot/Rated T

• On sale 4/15/14