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Feel like I'm living in a fanfiction when Jensen tweeted the "my boy" after Stephen wished Jared happy father’s day (and Jared only), also he joked (saltily) Stephen “has too many crossover going on”. The interactions between Jared and Jensen's friend and vice versa are interesting. (At least I don't recall Jared acting rude toward Jensen's friend)


Didn’t I say that Jensen has a hard time keeping his inner alpha from publicly marking all over Jared?  Jared’s public meltdown over bad customer service has nothing on Jensen possessiveness as seen by his crazy eyes whenever Jared kisses another guy on the cheek (I know you all seen the gif of Jensen’s crazy eyes dont deny it) or his flailing anger drama when Misha bent Jared over.  Oh look, another J2 fanfic crossed my dash, well at least it isn’t tagged A/B/O because those stars Alpha Jensen and the poor helpless Omega Jared and oh geez those fics makes Jared totally unrecognizable come on Jared is a Beta, not an Omega you stupid writers who only follow Jensen’s social media   * reading new fanfic * Chuck damn it Jared is a helpless victim in this one too and Jensen’s the big rescurer!  Or Jensen’s the big unmitigated asshole who still rescues Jared.  Or Jensen’s a psycho who kidnaps Jared and then later rescues him from psycho Misha, who actually is pretty great character in this story * keeps reading *.

Anon, if you only follow Jensen’s social media then you are living in a fanfiction, a badly written one.  Last I check Jensen’s social media was 90% about Jared. 

You’re right, I don’t immediately recall Jared acting rudey and jealousy when Jensen does his bromance with other dudes.  Actually Jared does nothing, ignores it, doesnt’ comment on it.   Many things are better left alone, but maybe that’s because I remember all the times I give in to ex girlfriends asking to meet for coffee to find the mythical resolution to our broken relationship and all either of us got is a lot of peeing.