song title tag!

i got tagged by the wonderful @yohosh (thanks babe!!) for this song title tag so here we go! also sorry this is late i’ve been horrible with tags recently

rules: spell put your url and spell it out with kpop songs. then tag ten people.

oh boy this is gonna be long…

W - White T-Shirt // Jonghyun

A - All Eyes On Me // ToppDogg

C - Chuck // Seventeen

K - K.O // SF9

S - Skydive // B.A.P

F - Fighter // Monsta X

U - U // KNK

L - Lotto // EXO

L - Lose // FTISLAND

Y - Years // Chen & Alesso

L - Lifted // CL

O - Okey Dokey // Mino ft. Zico

A - All Mine // f(x)

D - Desperate // VIXX

E - EOEO // Uniq

D - Devil // SuJu

damn ok that was fun but so long

anyways i’ll be tagging; @cheolsgirl @highlightsvt @marksonornever @yutosgorl @soohao @festivezeungkwan @grapefruit-kwan @wonumyheart @wonwoosone @puppy-chanyeol @vertsuki @starsphinx @snowyounh and anyone else who wants to do it! of course you don’t have to! also rip if your url is long i’m sorry

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M Y   B A B Y   D O N T   M E S S   A R O U N D   B E C A U S E   S H E   L O V E S   M E   S O   A N D   T H I S   I   K N O W   F O R   S U R E 


An AU where young Keith, a Filipino-Korean, moves to the USA; on his first day at school, he refuses to talk, partly because he’s not exactly very sociable but mostly because he’s incredibly embarrassed about his English and lack of proficiency in it. O and shiro walks in

TRIPS OVER MY OWN FEET oh my god this was supposed to be black and white but then i wanted to paint but then gave up andCHRIST. my art style changes 600 times during this comic its dISGUSTIGN. THEN AGAIN it was rly rushed i just wanted to get this idea outta my head before school starts.

Nobody really knows how the alphabetical order came to be. Some speculate it was adapted from a series of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, but while linguists know certain sections of it (including a,b,c,d,e,f) have stayed the same since at least the 8th century BCE, why they originally ended up in that order is still a mystery. Source

                                                        i have g r e e t e d dear

                                         A      G     O     N     Y

                                                      i have clasped hands with

                                         D      E      A      T      H

                                                                   one is my

                                         D    E   S   T    I   N   Y

                                                               the other is my

                                         F     R     I     E    N    D


A: Gözlerin çok güzel

B: harikasın be

C: Bloğun bir harika dostum

Ç: Kokunu içime çekmek isterdim

D: Seni yiyebilirim

E: Sana birazdan mesaj atıcam 

F: Bloğun çok kötü 

G: Seni görmek istiyorum

Ğ: Bence öpüşelim

H: Çok iyi bir insansın

I: Egoist birisin 

İ: Sana aşığım

J: Seni seviyorum

K: Bloğun tam benlik

L: Seni hergece öpebilirim 

     SORULAR ?

M: Kitap okumayı severmisin ?

N: En çok gitmek istediğin şehir ?

O: Konuşabilirmiyiz ?

Ö: Sevdiğin biri var mı ?

P: Seks yaptın mı ?

R: Boyun kaç ?

S: Yaş kaç ?

Ş: Favori şarkın ?

T: En son ne zaman ağladın ?

U: Hangi takımlısın ?

Ü: Sarılabilirmiyiz ?

V: En çok yaptığın spor ?

W: Hoşlandığın biri varmı ?

X: Hiç biriyle yattın mı ?

Y: Gennelikle saat kaçta uyursun ?

Z: Kaç sennedir kullanıyorsun tumblr ?

marina and diamonds albums according to tumblr

The Family Jewels: never happened
Electra Heart: ♡  I    K N O W     S I X    O F    T H E S E     S O N G S     ♡    I     W I L L    Q U O T E   T H E    S A M E    T H R E E     L Y R I C S    O N     P I C T U R E S    O F     H O U S E S   ♡      I     W I L L     N O T    S T O P    U N T I L    I ’ V E     D O N E     A L L   T H E     H O U S E S    ♡   T H A T   I S   A   L O T   O F    F U C K I N G    H O U S E S    ♡

FROOT: never happened

Okay but lets be honest with ourselves, Thalia accidentally taught baby Annabeth how to swear. It wasn’t on purpose it just accidentally happened. And Thalia doesn’t even realize its her fault. It kinda goes down like this

Baby Annabeth: Holy fucking shit

Thalia: Luke, what the actual fuck. You taught this innocent bean child how to fucking swear. w h a t t h e f u c k L u k e



Basic Essentials

a $19.99 / b $17.99 / c $14.99 / d $6.99 / e $9.99 / f $9.99 / g $14.99 / h $11.99 / i $60 / j $20.57 / k $8.59 / l $28.59 / m $4.15 / n $13.99 / o $16.99 / p $14.99 / q $19.45 / r $10.99 / s $23.99 / t $11.49 / u $15.99 / v $13.50 / w $9.99 / x $19.33

a couple that got extremely rich by doing illegal stuff and now traveling over the entire world 1st class and sleeping in expensive hotels under false id’s, smoking weed and having sex in every corner of the room and police trying to catch them so they die their hair a lot and don’t call each other by their real names in public. and basically just a lot of bad ass stuff.