dear girls,

this is all of you. the feminine girls who wear dresses, the punk girls who wear leather, the tomboys with their baggy jeans, the girls who dress like it’s another decade because they like that style, and the girls who are just “normal”. the girls life is easy on, the girls that had to fight, the girls that are still fighting. the girls that read books, the girls that tackle others on the football field, the girls that are incredibly smart and the girls who show nothing but kindness. the girls that love boys, the girls that love girls, the girls that love both and more. the girls that people say aren’t girls.

i love you so much. all of you. you are beautiful- even if you don’t think you are. please don’t tear yourself down. others already do that too much. you might not be the smartest, the prettiest, the most liked, but nobody can be all of that. what a boring world that would be.

you might not love yourself, love your body, but I do.

dear girls, i hope you all have a lovely day and that you smile at least once. it looks great on you.

v (a fellow girl)

another piece of chocolate won’t kill you

         H E Y                            g u  y s       a n y   o n  e     kn o  w                               w  h y    t h  e   f u c  k     m  y          k e      y   b o   a r d        i  s                d o  i n  g    t h i  s     ?      t h   a nk  s                                               

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I Need You

In which Mike writes a letter to El that never gets sent.

Hey El,
It’s Mike. You remember me, right? Of course you do. Forget I said that. Anyway. I know you probably won’t see this. Goddammit, I don’t even know if you’re alive anymore. Hopper keeps putting Eggos in the box in the woods (he doesn’t know I watch him every time since Boxing Day ‘83. I’m not planning on telling him either) so I guess there’s still hope. Things have changed since you last were here. Will’s sick. I know he is. But he won’t tell his mom. You haven’t met him, not properly, but I know you’d be able to help him. You’re pretty good at that. Saving people. Lucas won’t talk to me. We still hang out, but things between us are… broken. I think he feels guilty that he didn’t trust you until the very end. Dustin keeps us all in one piece. He’s the only one of us who can talk about you without almost bursting into tears. You did good to him. After the quarry, we’ve gotten closer. He misses you, but he likes to remind us that we have some funny memories. Troy’s stopped bothering us. I think he’s afraid you’ll come and kick his ass like you did that time if he so much as looks in our direction ever again. I really want to tell him that you disappeared, that you can’t hurt him, that I want everything to go back to how it was before, but the boys won’t let me. They don’t exactly want to be bullied again. And me. Well… I miss you. Like crazy. I keep looking for you. I look for you everyday. Sometimes I think I hear your voice, but it only happens when I’m alone or if Will is there. Never with the others. You’ve gotta come back, El. For the Snow Ball. Just like I promised. We missed that one in December, and the one last year too, but it’s okay. There’s one more before middle school finishes. We have one more chance. Please. I need you to come back to me. I need you to come home. My life is terrible, okay? My mom thinks I’m depressed. Dad thinks it’s just hormones. Mom’s probably right. But I need you, El. I need you to come back. I need to kiss you again. Remember when I touched my lips to yours? That’s called kissing. You only kiss people who you like more than a friend. People that you… love. And I love you El. I love you so much. I need you to come home. We don’t have to go to the dance, if you don’t want to. But I need you to come home. So I’m gonna wait. I’m gonna keep up your tent. I’m gonna keep a stash of Eggos. Because I know you’ll come home. I know you will. I just need it to be soon. Please.

Where are you? Let me help you El. Let me bring you home.

D A R K L U M I N E S C E N C E by Citizenofmad It looked magnificent in there, but I fail to understand how this huge mammal would go around the same small space in an aquarium…does it even hunt the other exotic fishes around? why not?

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She would, and you know damn well Pyrrha would enjoy every minute of it. She'd love your moans, making you gasp for good breath of air and making you grip your sheets tight enough to rip them. I'm sure shed also love to make your hips spasm while enveloped in her tightness and heat~


S  H  E


 N E V E     R

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dirty danganronpa confession: i still dont understand why danganronpa, of all things, has so much god-dangan-damn discourse because its literally a series based upon Wacky Teens murdering each other like what did y'all expect

hint: h _ _ e s t _ c k

i kid mostly but…. there definitely seems to be a flock of people who wander from one fandom to the next spreading negativity and starting fights. a lot of them started at a certain other fandom which just happened to go on a major hiatus right as dr was picking up. many of them have moved onto a certain other show involving space gems