Music Spells

So I was thinking about all the different ways music could be used in spell writing.. and coming up with meaningful correspondences is fun but what if it was something more formulaic? Like something along the lines of sigil making.

A spell could be as simple as a motif. It doesn’t have to be a full piece with complicated details. It could be just a few notes you would hum to yourself because they have meaning to you and they resonate a certain energy with you.

One idea I have is corresponding pitches to the letters of the alphabet.
There are 12 pitches in an octave, so the letters would be divided into 12 groups. For example,
(0) A, M, Y
(1) B, N, Z
(2) C, O
(3) D, P
(4) E, Q
(5) F, R
(6) G, S
(7) H, T
(8) I, U
(9) J, V
(10/t) K, W
(11/e) L, X
or if you would like to stick to a specific scale (let’s use an arbitrary major scale for this example),
(Do) A, H, O, V
(Re) B, I, P, W
(Mi) C, J, Q, X
(Fa) D, K, R, Y
(Sol) E, L, S, Z
(La) F, M, T
(Ti) G, N, U
For these examples I grouped the letters by having the letters follow the notes alphabetically, and then repeat notes when they ran out. But there are many other ways you could group them, for example, you could divide the alphabet by 12 pitches, and have the first 3 letters be pitch 0, the next 3 pitch 1, etc.

So for the actual spell!
This would be similar to sigils in the sense that you can write a sentence, respresenting your intent, and then using the formula, turn those into pitches!

For example, the phrase “I am safe” would be “8 0 0 6 0 5 4” using the first method, or “Re Do La Sol Do La Sol” using the second.
One you have the pitches you can be creative, by adding rhythms (maybe build phrases based on word or sentence lengths?), harmonies, articulation (maybe accents on capital letters?), etc.

I hope this gives peoples some ideas!

(Also if it’s just for small motifs like this, I am willing to do spell requests! And I can have them played or sung in whatever instrument you like!)

How to correctly find your bra size

As I look through Tumblr, I see a lot of posts about girls going to Victoria’s Secret and getting sized, usually in the 32-40 A-DD range. It pains me, as VS is usually shit at sizing bras.

Lemme tell you why that is.

VS uses the old technique of sizing, back when bras could not stretch. They added 4-5 inches to your underbust (where the band of your bra sits). That was great back then, but bras have evolved to stretch, so we no longer have to add those inches.

Most girls wear a bra that doesn’t fit them! Shocking, right? It’s usually a too-small cup or a too-big band, or both! You may be curious about your bra size after reading this, so I’ll help you out.


1. Measure your underbust.

Get a soft tape measure, or tailor’s tape, and measure the area where your breasts end. Make sure it’s a comfortably snug measurement, not too tight or loose. If you have an odd number, round to the next even number up. If it’s even, there’s your band size! For an example, I am 33 inches in the band, so I would be a 34.

2. Measure your bust.

Lean over parallel to the floor. Make sure you aren’t wearing a bra! Measure your bust, usually around where your nipples are. It should be tight enough where it won’t slip off, but loose enough to where it won’t change the shape of your breasts. That is your bust size! For an example, I would be a 41.

3. Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement.

Simple as that. For me, it would be 41-33=8

4. Compare your number to the cup chart below

Each number corresponds to a matching cup size. Here is the chart:

0- AA
1- A
2- B
3- C
4- D
5- DD
6- E/DDD*
7- F/G*
8- FF
9- G
10- GG
11- H
12- HH
13- J
14- JJ
15- K
16- KK
17- L
And so on and so forth.
As you can see, I am a 34FF

*The second letters are US sizes. US brands rarely go above a G (F), so I recommend sticking with UK brands if you’re above a DD.

And you have your bra size! Congrats!


Cup sizes are not always the same! There is a huge difference between a 26DD and a 36DD.

Bras have “sister sizes” (other bra sizes with the same cup). For example, the sister sizes of a 30F would be 28G, 32E, 34DD, 36D… To find your sister size, just go up one on one of the measurements (bust or band) and go down on the other!

Just because there is a bra that is your size does not mean it will be a perfect fit. There are different shapes of breasts, different fullnesses. Your bra size is just a starting point.

Good luck and happy sizing!

DTP Foundations Week #13

Week 13 of the deductionist training program.

Answer for cipher #3.

Answer cipher #3:

Now this is hard, not because it’s a hard cipher to break, but because to break it you’ll need creativity and you have to be able to see patterns. So instead of frequency analysis we use patterns to break this. This is a concealment cipher, this is meant to look like an ordinary game of chess.

Logic dictates that, if it would be a useful cipher it should be easy to encipher and decipher. That means that the chessboard probably plays a part in this cipher. Let’s try the first part.

d5 d2

c3 h2xa3

Ba7 b8xc1

a1 e4

e1 xNe1

Bc6 h3

If you we are aware that the English alphabet has 26 letters you will have it easier.

A = 1

B = 2

C = 3

D = 4

E = 5

F = 6

G = 7

H = 8

I = 9

J = 10

K = 11

L =12

M = 13

N = 14

O = 15

P = 16

Q = 17

R = 18

S = 19

T = 20

U = 21

V = 22

W = 23

X = 24

Y = 25

Z = 26

Now we try multiplying the first chess coordinate, so d(4) x 5 = 20 so that would be T. We go on. d(4) x 2 = 8 so that would be H and we continue.


I h2xa3

Ba7 b8xc1


E xNe1

Bc6 X


e2xc1 E

b5xa3 E

Bc1 T

Ka2 xBa3


Rg1 O

U a3xh2

U Ba1

C a1xa4

E Bb1

T d3xc1

Ba2 a3xa2

C Bg1

Nb1 H

c1xa2 R

This looks like a mess right now but start analysing the other parts. h2xa3, h(8) x 2 = 16 a(1) x 3 = 3. 16 x 3 is 48 so that won’t work. 16 + 3 = 19 so that’s S. b8xc1, b(2) x 8 = 16 c(3) x 1 = 3. 16 + 3 = 19 so that’s S. Continue doing this.



Ba7 S


E xNe1

Bc6 X




Bc1 T

Ka2 xBa3


Rg1 O


U Ba1


E Bb1


Ba2 E

C Bg1

Nb1 H


Now this makes more sense but it’ll need a bit more work. Ba7, B(2) + a(1) x 7 = 9 which is I. xNe1, N(14) + e(5) x 1 = 19 which is S. Continue doing this.























So this then becomes:


Which is easier read as:

This is a test X. Come meet me if you succeed to decipher.

You decide to meet M again.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

“Nếu xem A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, … Z=26 thì LOVE = 54, FRIENDSHIP = 108.
Bạn có nhìn ra điều đặc biệt không?
Giá trị của tình bạn luôn gấp đôi tình yêu. 
Vì vậy nếu mất đi tình yêu thì chúng ta vẫn còn có rất nhiều người bạn tốt xung quanh. Hãy luôn trân trọng và quan tâm tới những người bạn của mình nhé.”

{Sưu Tầm}
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maxrev  asked:

Hmm, maybe this will help? lol For Raina: A-1, B-3, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-4, G-4, H-2, I-2, J-4, K-4

Maybe so! Big Raina infodump coming right up!

A1. what are your oc’s natural abilities, things they’ve been doing since young?

Being sneaky? She’s got a fairly natural ability for moving quickly and quietly, developed by years on the street and in the Reds and then honed and perfected with infiltrator training.

B3. how tall are they?

Raina is 5′7″

C3. what is their ideal comfort day?

I mean, can we get one where nothing goes wrong? She’d be happy with a business as usual kind of day as long as it involves copious amounts of coffee.

D4. what type of clothes and accessories do they wear?

When not in her gear, she usually prefers comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in (since you never know) and almost always layers a leather jacket over top. Thanomluk did a great job of showing off her casual style. As for accessories, does a concealed pistol count? lol

E5. do they portray their personality intentionally or let people figure it out on their own?

This is kind of hard to answer; maybe just the way it’s framed or just because of who Raina is. She’s herself around people and doesn’t try to hide her sharp edges or anything. She’s just extremely guarded about her softer sides. 

F4. can they have fun while conforming to rules?

Considering her job is shooting things and making things go boom and she considers that a good time, absolutely. :P

G4. what parts of them do they like and dislike?

She’s pretty proud of her discipline and also likes the competitive side of herself. However, those things directly tie into how hard she is on herself and even though she knows she’s earned what she’s got, she constantly feels the need to prove herself and is scared of failure/not being good enough. Outwardly, she can be pretty cocky/confident while inside she’s feeling incredibly insecure. Come the timeline of the Mass Effect events, she’s pretty exhausted by this especially because the stakes are so high. She knows she can’t afford to be lax or careless when so many lives are on the line so she’s 10x more critical of herself which puts everything on a negative feedback loop. 

H2. do they prefer summer or winter?

She’s not really thought about that since she was a kid. Warmer weather was easier when she was on the streets. She also has a lot of fond memories of Rio during ICT and it was usually warm there as well. So if asked, she’d probably go with summer. She’s not really experienced seasons or been back to Earth since enlisting other than ICT though. And it’s not like it really matters since she’s almost always on some space station that is climate controlled unless she’s on assignment in which case both can be equally miserable conditions to work in. 

I2. have they ever questioned their sexuality?

Nope. She’s attracted to both men and women and is just kinda “shrug, that’s the way it is” about it.

J4. are they happy often?

She’s had a pretty shit life. Of all my OCs, she’s probably the least happy (but it’s because I love her the most!) in part because she doesn’t let herself be happy a lot of the time. When she is though, it’s a beautiful thing. 

K4. who would miss them if they died?

I mean, it goes without saying that the entirety of the (surviving) Normandy crew. They’re the ones that know her best and manage to crack through her tough outer layer. 

Ask me the ABC’s of my OCs!

anonymous asked:

get sized at nordstrom, not vs. also, if you self measure, lean over and LOOSELY wrap the measuring tape around your bust, wear the nipple is. Measure the band standing up , underneath the breast tissue. 0-1"-A cup 2"-B cup 3"-C 4-5"- D 6-7"-F 8"- G 9"- H (Us sizing. I might be slightly off so you might want to google it for charts)

Thank you for taking time to send this great info!! xoxo

-Hermit Sam