I redid the math, rethought some things.

Kira’s first murder occurred between one of the girls in his school. However, she was not in his class. When he was 18, she was 16. He had decided, out of all of the girls in his school, to kill her, and her entire family, and her pet.

This adds a new layer of creepy and disgusting to Kira. :^/

hiya!! ♡

i’ve submitted before a while back and met some adorably sweet people, so i thought i’d give it another try c:

i’m feline - 18 years old and living in germany (hamburg)
i love playing videogames, especially overwatch, kingdom hearts, pokemon or splatoon, to name a few, and i really enjoy watching cartoons like steven universe or animes like one punch man!
maybe we can play online games together or talk about game grumps cause i love them a lot (;-;

i really enjoy drawing in my free time (even though it can be really frustrating at times can’t spell paint without pain am i right) and i -love- my pet chameleon (i’ll probably drown you in cute pics of him once we become friends i’m so sorry–)

i’m mainly submitting since i’m looking for a girlfriend, but i don’t mind people contacting me looking for friendship at all!! 
i also wouldn’t mind a lrd, but i’d like to meet my partner one day 

my tumblr url is dvaas and my discord is tch#2718

cheers ☾


A famous experiment which changed organic chemistry: purple benzene. 

Crown ethers are an unusual series of molecules that have the ability to complex small cations, notably alkali metals such as lithium, sodium and potassium. These cyclic molecules, upon complexing a cation, can allow a salt to go into organic solvent that otherwise wouldn’t. This makes reactions that are otherwise impossible accessible.

Charles John Pedersen (October 3, 1904 – October 26, 1989) was a pioneer of this field of chemistry. He was an American organic chemist best known for describing methods of synthesizing crown ethers.  He shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987 with Donald J. Cram and Jean-Marie Lehn.

A good example is how 18-crown-6 (shown above) can help potassium permanganate (a beautiful purple oxidizing agent based on manganese (VII)) go into organic solvent. Normally, you can only get permanganate into very polar solvents (as seen on the first pics where the benzene dissolves 0% of the permanganate), but when adding 18-crown-6, it allows the permanganate ion to go into solution as well forming a beautiful purple solution as seen above.

An inspiring article, what is worth to read about crown ethers, by Charles J. Pedersenhttp://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ja01002a035