I had More Alcohol Than Usual at the party for the end of summer job (mmmm, tiny raspberry margaritas), and spouse is out for the evening playing a tabletop RPG that I am not part of, so…memes to keep me company!

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A) Age: 29. Well, sort of.  Technically I am 28, but I have weird obsessive-compulsive feelings about the number 28, so Spouse pointed out that I am old enough that I can call myself whatever age and no one will care.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to say 32, so I have said 29 ever since I turned 28, and intend to do so until I turn 30.

B) Biggest Fear: Not existing.  Which is hilarious for someone who occasionally has suicidal depression.  Yeah.

C) Current Time: 18:21.

D) Drink You Last Had: Raspberry margarita!

E) Easiest Person To Talk To: Actually, Mara/@ungelic-is-us, who I don’t think is actually on Tumblr.  Spouse is very good to talk to, but when I am in a Really Bad Way or need someone to Get It and Spouse isn’t, I call Mara.

F) Favorite Song: currently?  First thing that comes to mind is Andy Grammer’s “Honey, I’m Good,” but I also heard “River” by Bishop Briggs for the first time last night and was transfixed.

G) Ghosts, are they real: Maybe?  Theoretically, yes, according to my belief system, but I’ve never encountered any and I tend to think they are generally uncommon and more likely to be benevolent than not.

I) In Love With: Spouse.  And raspberry margaritas.

K) Killed Someone: Um?  Seriously?  What?  Not directly, as far as I know.

L) Last Time You Cried: Yesterday, reading this Check Please fic.

M) Middle Name: I’m not a fan of giving that info out on the internet.  My pseud’s middle name is “Muse,” I think.

N) Number Of Siblings: 1

O) One Wish: That I can be consistent at school.  (Alternately, that they pick up my school and move it closer to my city so I don’t have to commute.)

P) Person You Last Called: Spouse, because the plumbers came today and then LEFT WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING without calling me or locking the door behind them.  W.T.F.

Q) Question You Are Always Asked: “Can I sit in front?”  (I transport kids to group therapy.)

R) Reason To Smile: Raspberry margaritas.  Cats.  Good music.  Friends.

S) Song Last Sang: *shrug* whatever was on the radio as I was driving home from the bar.

T) Time You Woke Up: 7:30.  Which is roughly about when I want to get up (not like to get up, but I’ve discovered I’m generally more happy and productive if I can keep a sleep schedule where I actually get up in the morning).

U) Underwear Color: Black with white polka dots.

V) Vacation Destination: Mexico.  Or Ontario wine country.  Or Universal Studios.

W) Worst Habit: The amount of times I cut class in grad school is a confusing mix of habit, physical disability, and mental illness.  It’s hard to tell what’s changeable and what isn’t.  (I have a shiny paper from the disability services office that says I can cut extra classes, but I still hate it.)

X) X-rays You’ve Had: Mostly sinus and chest x-rays?  I have severe asthma, so periodic sinus or lung shit is expected.

Y) Your Favorite Food: My mom’s biscuits and gravy.

Z) Zodiac Sign: I make it a deliberate point of forgetting what sign I am whenever I learn it.  People say this is “so typical of [sign type]” but I do not give a fuck, astrology can go die in a fire.

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