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WHat? IMMUNITY?! C'mon, now its like you know you have to keep her in there for the drama.

Immunity deals are pretty usual in Big Brother. As is screwing with people. I think I’ve already proven that with the right pokes in the right direction, nearly any character in the game is capable of creating Drama.

Jayme is a convenient catalyst, but she is by no means necessary to keep the house boiling over. After all, even if she did get on the block this week and booted hard to the curb, there’s still a lot arguments that had nothing to do with her in any way…

Never fear, Nonny. I’m pretty sure Jayme’s days are numbered in the BB house.


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like
                                                                                   ↳ Nihlus Kryik


psych challenge (5/5) characters: henry spencer  

there’s always gonna be a bad guy to chase. but your kid, your child? they’re only gonna grow up once. they’re gonna look at you like you are the greatest thing in the world only for so long. and things that are gonna happen in their life are gonna happen once, one time only. and those are the memories you wanna hold on to.

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Chat Noir 2C? :3c

I tried to make a comic but it didn’t turn out well ^^’

So a couple of kids came to him and showed him a book full of drawings of him that they made and he’s just melting of happiness in front of them C:

Yoo still doing the challenge! :D


DISHONORED ALPHABET  ⇨ A is from Assassin, A is Attano

“Previously an agent and bodyguard to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, Corvo is stripped of his title of Lord Protector and imprisoned by the usurper, Royal Spymaster Hiram Burrows, on the pretense of having murdered the Empress and abducted her daughter, Emily Kaldwin. After escaping from confinement on the eve of his execution, Corvo becomes either an assassin or vigilante for the Loyalist Conspiracy, eliminating Burrows’ confederates to clear his name, avenge the Empress’ death, and restore Emily to the throne.”

prompt list challenge - #10 “She’s mine.” - C.H.

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“Oi, Y/n!” I hear a familiar boy yell. Ignoring my best friend’s words, I turn, greeted with the school’s bad boys, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and the one that was fairly lagging in the back, Calum Thomas Hood. “You going to the dance today?” Michael asks.

“Back off, boys, she’s mine.” I hear Calum say from the back, pushing his way to the front. “So, are you?”

“With Trevor, You know it, Hood.” I smile at him and he shakes his head, leaning into the wall as he picked out a cigarette.

“Three years, Y/n.” He tells me, lighting the cig between his lips. “Three years I’ve been chasing after you and you’re still with that idiot who doesn’t deserve you.”

“Well, what would you like, a cookie?” I ask, cheekily, “and you know I don’t like it when you smoke, Calum.”

“Well,” He stops, blowing smoke into the air, “I don’t like Trevor either. Maybe we should trade. I’ll give up my smokes if you give up the idiot.” He grins, standing from leaning on the wall.

“Keep dreaming, Hood.” I roll my eyes, following my best friend out of the hall.

“Y/n, baby.” Trevor calls as he brings me in for a kiss and a hug.

Quickly, I see a glance of Calum before he turns away. He rolls his eyes irritably at us as he puff out more smoke.

“Hey, what class you have next?” I ask and he answers science with a groan. “History.” I tell him as something catches his eye and he excuses himself as I walk off.

‘Weirdo’ I think as I walk with Y/B/F to my next class.

The class passes fairly quickly and I walk swiftly to lunch. Just as I was about to turn the corner, I stop, hearing two voices. As I glimpse around the corner, Calum, who may I add has never left his group before was alone, holding Trevor against the wall.

“Listen, I know you’re fucking around with these other girls.” Calum growls, “and you don’t deserve her, so why keep her?”

Trevor smirks, eyeing the strong boy who obviously has the strongest hand against him.

“How do you think it makes me look when the girl you’ve wanted since freshman year is with me? I mean, towards the beginning,I kind of liked her. She was hot.” He spills and Calum’s eye grow darker with anger as he picks his collar and slams him against the wall. In Calum’s mind, he was thinking about how cruel this guy was to hold her from him. The first girl he’s ever shown anything towards.

In my mind? How could he? Three years and it was all nothing.

Calum knew about her boyfriend’s sneaking around and he hated him for it. But, he knew that I was happy, and he was going to end up telling me the day after the dance. He thought I deserved that. A night with someone I loved instead of a lowlife who he, to his unfortunate understanding, loved.

“Look, you’re gonna take her to the dance, and you’re going to treat her perfectly. After that you break up with her, you’re not seeing her again.” Calum growled.

“Oh, then what? She’s gonna get with a greaser like you?” Trevor laughed.

Fortunately for Cal, I wasn’t going to the dance. Well, not anymore.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I yelled at the two boys, scaring them to jump away from each other.

“Wha-“ Trevor looked towards Calum with a stare, “Y/n, no, baby, I can explain-“ ‘Get the hell away from me, asshole.” I sneer, turning towards Calum as he slums away.

“Thank you, for standing up for me like that.” I tell him.

“It was nothing, sweetheart..” He mumbles and looks down, concentrating on the pebble next to his foot.

“No, really Calum. Thank you. I really appreciated that.” I tell him and he only looks up for a second, smiling slightly.

“Anything for you, sweetheart.” He smirks and I hug my books, seeing as he was slowly returning to his flirtatious normal self.

Taking a bold move, I swiftly lean over kissing him on the cheek. I always knew I was head over heels for this boy, I just refused to see it since I was in a relationship with Trevor.

He blushes, hard, grinning.

“Don’t take it as I’m going soft now, Hood.” I blush, hugging my books and turning away.

He swiftly catches my waist, swinging me around and into his chest, where he presses his lips against mine.

“Mine.” He mutters against my lips, “You’re mine.”

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