Fat Revenge My Fat ASS

Last night I saw something called fat revenge… weight loss revenge… or big.. what ever the fuck it was but it pissed me the hell off… on the show you gotta get thinner to get back at someone… or to get with someone… and these the same muthafuckas that mad you feel shitty in the first place. c'mon son… I googled it .. its “my big fat revenge”… one girl hooked up with a guy he told her to keep it a secret  and made fun of her behind her back… why are you even stuntin this fool???? look. lose weight for you… for your health… and for fuckin CUTE CLOTHES you know the important stuff but them other fuckers should be off your radar… YOU can make YOU feel bad about YOU all day don’t concern your self with people who make  you fell less than  and guys who are angry and confused because they like what you got going on.