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“You haven’t had a day off in awhile.” Awhile? That was an understatement. You couldn’t remember the last day you had off. You’ve been working your ass off ever since you got into this gig. “Maybe you should try sitting out on this one, (Y/n).” Sam suggested and you couldn’t stop the look of shock that crossed your face.

“Sitting out? You don’t want me to come?” You automatically assumed. That was just absurd, in your opinion. Those boys need you. They’d already be six feet under if it weren’t for you.

“It’s not that we don’t want you there. I know that this can all get to be too much without a break. You’ve gotta take some time to yourself.” Sam looked to Dean for help. Dean gave him a look that said he didn’t really want you to skip out on this, but he knew it was for the best.

“Sam’s right.” Dean sighed. “Not matter how good you are, you need a break. We’ll be back in a few days, a week, tops.” He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into his side.

“I don’t like this.” You grumped.

“I know, kiddo.” He chuckled at you. As soon as Dean let go, Sam pulled you into him.

You knew the boys loved you. They just wanted what was best for you.

“We’ll call you when we get to Tennessee.” Sam told you before releasing you from his arms and then they were gone. You looked around the empty bunker, unsure of what to do with yourself.

“Well, shit..” You quietly mumbled to yourself.


It didn’t take long for you to make yourself busy. You were in the library, buried in various works of lore and literature, digging up information you could send the boys that could be useful to them. You were in the middle of a passage about ghouls when you heard something fall towards the back of the room. You perked up in your seat, listening for another sound.

“Hello, beautiful.” Gabriel was directly behind you and you screamed, throwing a book behind you, hitting him in the face.

“What the hell?!” The two of you both screamed in unison.

“What are you doing here?!” You shouted.

“Why are you throwing dictionaries?!” He yelled back, rubbing his face.

“You scared me!” You groaned, taking a second to collect yourself. “I’m on a break and I wasn’t expecting company. What do you need, Gabriel?” You let out a breath, relaxing yourself slightly. Maybe you did need to chill out a bit..

“You? On a break?” Gabriel snorted. “That’d be like Raphael going to Disney World for enjoyment.” The analogy was accurate.

“Well, the boys made me.” You almost pouted, picking up the thrown book before shaking your head. You weren’t going to vent about it. Especially not to Gabriel, of all people. The angel just got on your every last nerve and you didn’t even know why. Just something about him drove you absolutely mad. “Can you just go? I’ve got stuff to do.. Well, stuff to read.”

“Oh, c'mon, (Y/n), you’ve got a day off! Live a little! Let’s do something exciting!” Gabriel took you by the hand and spun you around, dipping you like the dancers you’d only ever seen in the movies.


“You know, I like it when you scream my name like that.”

“Shut up.”

The Detective’s Daughter and The Circus Boy | Miss Me? {3/?}

Title: The Detective’s Daughter and The Circus Boy

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader (Also Jim x Reader)

Notes: You can read the other parts here!

Anonymous asked: Reader is Jim’s adopted daughter and she’s with him at Haly’s Circus. She’s the one the comforts Jerome after they find Lila’s body and she brings him back to his trailer to try to calm him down, and he gets attached because no one has ever been this nice to him/he knows he can manipulate her into feeling sorry for him. They even get a little bit closer at the station right before Jerome’s first interrogation. 1/5

Later, when Jim finally reveals to Jerome that he knows he killed his mother, Jerome comes clean and then he brings “sweet, pretty little reader” into the conversation, asking how she’ll take the news, and to get a rise out of Jim he starts talking about what he’d like to do if he got his hands on her. Naturally Jim gets mad, hits him, and Jerome is hauled off to Arkham. Reader is shocked to hear the news, and Jim swears he’ll never let Jerome near her. 2/5

FFWD to the Arkham breakout. Six long months pass and reader still can’t shake Jerome from her head. When she hears the news of the breakout she doesn’t fear for her life, instead there is a strong feeling of anticipation. Despite Jim’s efforts of keeping her safe by posting police outside of her apartment building, Jerome manages to break in, coming up the fire escape and through the kitchen window. 3/5

Reader is not surprised or fearful, but impressed with his bold move of showing up in her home, however she doesn’t let Jerome see that. Jerome approaches her, asking her if shes missed him. Reader asks him what he wants but as he gets closer and closer it becomes abundantly clear that he wants her. Reader knows that it’s wrong, but cannot help but feel excited over the thought of the ginger maniac taking her for the first time. 4/5

Realizing he cannot do anything while police are right outside her front door, he decides to take her back to the penthouse. Reader does not object seeing as Jerome would most likely not take no for an answer, not that reader truly wanted to refuse anyway. When they arrive at the penthouse, reader is lead into Jerome’s room, where his advances become stronger and reader finds it harder and harder to resist, eventually giving into the temptation. 5/5

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a pregnant pause

prompt: (1) Naruto revealing to Sasuke that Sakura’s pregnant to stop him from leaving Konoha again; with Sasuke being a mess of emotions when he confronts Sakura
a/n: I totally did not see the second part of the prompt as I began to write this so the Sasuke’s inner turmoil comes in the beginning as he is getting ready to leave.

Sasuke tightened the straps on his bag as he finished packing the last of his things. He had come back to Konoha for a month to restock on supplies and consult with Kakashi about the results of his travels. Now, a little over a month has passed already and he was ready to leave again. There was still so much more to see and he was sure that three years was not enough for his journey of redemption. Perhaps another three years, and then he can finally come home and say that he is home for good.

As he glanced at the photo frame on his dresser, he realized how hard it is to leave the second time around. He picked it up as he glanced at the picture of Team 7 taken from years back when they were Genin. He sighed as he tucked the photo frame inside his inner cloak pocket. There would be other nights to reminisce on the past. He had spent many nights thinking back of the people in his life and the people gone from his life. Too many nights that had kept him up with staring at the ceiling of the inn he was in.

As he exited his apartment and walked out to the streets, he gazed down at the familiar path to the Konoha gates. He wondered if she would come see him tonight just like the nights before. She took it hard when he told her last night that he was leaving again. They both knew the inevitable but both seemed to have brushed aside the truth and swept it under the rug. It was just easier that way to not talk about it.

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