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looking for more fun blogs to follow do these posts work???

please do something (reblog? like? respond?) if you post stuff like:

dragon age 

mass effect

(but only the funny stuff no shipping wars/intense mage v templar politics pleaasee?)

star trek

those cow poem memes


i dunno just funny stories

cool history stuff 

Blatant Resistance Propaganda

Hey hey, hi, hello there! So I am incredibly close to 1k followers (which is absolutely astounding because like, dang, you guys) so I figured i’d do one of these old things! I’m not at 1k yet, but I just finished university forever (!!!!!) and these look SUPER fun, so weeee! Let’s do a cool thing together! 


  • mbf the Pietro/Bucky trash queen herself!
  • reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks, not entries!)
  • This post must reach at least 40 notes or I will slink away into the shadows and pretend this never ever happened EVER.
  • Multifandom blogs are A+ okay, but I’m not gonna lie, i’m looking at mainly Marvel!
  • Will run until 5 days after I hit 1k followers! (or 30th June if I don’t reach that amount before then) Wednesday 17th June (Midnight BST)


  • Sam Wilson award: best url (3 winners)
  • Matt Murdock award: best icon (1 winner)
  • Steve Rogers award: best theme (1 winner)
  • James B Barnes award: best/funniest tags (1 winner)
  • Wanda Maximoff award: best gifs/graphics (1 winner)
  • James Rhodes award: best multifandom (1 winner)
  • Peter Quill award: best marvel (2 winners)
  • Pietro Maximoff award: my personal favourite (2 winners and 1 honourable mention)


  • +f
  • a spot on my updates tab for two months
  • three promos upon request until the end of august
  • a gif/graphic request of your choosing!
  • my love and eternal friendship
  • the satisfaction of allowing me to feel validated