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Stopmakingliberalslookbad is a peodphile/pedophile apologist who supports sleeping with teenaged minors stopmakingliberalslookbad(.)tumblr(.)com/post/137118651925/bowie-was-cleared-of-rape-charges-in-a-trial-backstopmakingliberalslookbad(.)tumblr(.)com/post/159768165290/im-actually-glad-david-bowie-is-gone-good

Well, well, well. How the mighty have fallen.

I’m about to do the biggest exposé of @stopmakingliberalslookbad. I’m going to utterly tear her apart and no one will ever look at her the same way again.

So, bitch. Are you ready to be completely annihilated?

Ha, just kidding. The anon here obviously can’t read. But, just for fun, let’s look at the links given to me.

Link one:

Ah. Context. Sometimes, underage fans present themselves to look older so that their older idols presume that they’ve reached the age of consent so that they can have sex with them. It wasn’t just in the 70s. You’ll find underage fans today that go on and on about wishing that they could have sex with whoever their celebrity crush is. It’s nothing new.

Plus, there’s a huge difference between “A celebrity had sex with someone that turned out to be underaged” and “A celebrity deliberately preyed on underage fans to manipulate them into having sex, raping them.”

As uncomfortable as it is to admit – and I’m talking about girls here because it’s typically underage girls with adult men – there are some girls that look over 18 when they’re 14 or even 15. I know that I did. At parties where there were drugs and alcohol, it isn’t automatically presumed that the attendees are underaged. The only exception is when children are deliberately brought in to be raped.

And, again, uncomfortably, some girls desperate to touch, kiss or have sex with their idols will lie about their ages. 

I mean, in the link, she clearly states that she doesn’t support underage sex. She just says that there’s a huge difference between paedophilic rape and the situation with groupies. And she’s right.

Link two:

Do I really need to repeat the same answer?

In any case, away from my addition of (very obvious) context, explain to me how either of those links makes her a “paedophile” and a “paedophile apologist.”

Oh, what’s that? They don’t?

What, did you think you could send me a message and I’d turn into an attack dog without actually reading the links?

In any case, @stopmakingliberalslookbad is a great person with a great blog that I highly recommend. 

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I wish tumblr would let us file our likes instead of one long never-ending random list of random likes. Example: these are the likes I’ll show my boyfriend, these are the likes I’ll watch later, these likes are cupcake recipes, these are cute puppy videos, ect… Why isn’t this a thing?

Blatant Resistance Propaganda

Not every witch agrees 100% or even 1% with your sociopolitical views and I feel the need to repeat this every time I log onto this godforsaken website