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reenacting k-drama with Haechan and Winwin 😂😂

fic: No Strings

title: no strings.

genre: smut/humour

word count: 3000

description: Phil really misses sex and it turns out that Dan really misses sex, too. So…they just decide to have sex together. No strings. FWB minus the usual dramatic storyline that follows. Hilarity and #bants ensues.

“Just sex?” Phil repeats, “No strings?”

“Yes,” Dan nods, “that’s generally what no strings means,”

“Literally just sex?”

“Fucking hell. Look, Phil, I can spell it out for you or you can put your dick in my ass - it’s totally your choice. Have sex and be satisfied or wank alone to a Muse song again. What’s it gonna be?”

a/n: this is obviously smut but it’s actually funny too i promise, and it’s not like super graphic smut where you’ll cringe or whatever it’s…well, you’ll see. just read it and trust me.

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Those wearing headphones beware. xDDD Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Jay Park freakin the fanango out with his hair raising album announcement that even one of the Purplow ladies got startled by his shout hahaha….

a sneak preview snippet from one of the tracks…and of course his album cover with that Fido dido hair xD

Jay in the dressing room with the Prepix and Purlow crew while waiting to film his MV

that ayyyy..….. 

aannnddddddd there you have Jay Park belly dancin’ like a pro…which I hope he incorporates in his MV haha….hanging out with DFD and Jessi G2 and pals…

work hard all day so of course they’re gonna have fun at night…that’s how AOMG do….

I just laugh my ass off when I see someone hating the new movie\who made it for mischaracterization (Mostly Kaiba, but I’ve seem others) because it was fucking made by Kazuki Takahashi. They’re saying that THE CREATOR OF THE SERIES mischaracterized his OWN CHARACTERS holy God.


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Scott: So.. how do you feel about Derek?

Stiles: *fake laughs* Oh please… this grumpy wolf man… I hate him of course! Gosh he’s so fucking annoying with his lurking around like a creep. His stupid sexy voice his disgustingly perfect body his shitty eyes I always get lost in …. yea I hate him so so much!

Scott: *looks at thousands of photos with Derek on them in Stiles’s room, many doodles of Derek on Stiles’s table and Derek wolfy plush on Stiles’s bed*

Scott: Sure you do