c'mon man i thought we talked about this

something to ponder:

Dean decides it’s time to get Cas a girl.

Castiel, being the “all-powerful-yet-extremely-socially-awkward” being he is, has no fucking clue how to interact with chicks. At least, that’s what Dean tells himself. Why else wouldn’t he have gotten laid by now (besides by creepy bitch reapers)?

He expresses these thoughts to the angel, who says nothing in return. He just continues staring at a wall like it’s the most goddamn interesting thing on the planet.

“C'mon man. You gotta be interested in someone,” the man sighs.

That seems to get a reaction out of Castiel. He turns his head to look at Dean, expression unreadable.

Dean takes that as a win.

“Ah, there we go! I knew you had it in ya,” he grins. “So do something about it.”

Castiel’s head lowers and- wait, is he blushing?

“I… don’t know how.”

“Well that’s easy. You’re talking to the pickup line king,” Dean replies ecstatically, raising his arms above his head for effect. “I’ll teach you.”

Castiel looks at Dean again, eyes wide. Dean ushers him to stand up from the bunker library chair and stand in front of him.

“Okay okay, just… pretend that I’m the person you’re interested in. Say something.”

“I love you,” Cas says, staring Dean seriously in the eyes.

He scoffs. “Woah there cowboy, I think you might want to wait awhile before you use that one.”

“But I’ve known you for 8 years already. Is that not long enough?” Castiel asks, frowning slightly and tilting his head to the side.