c'mon korra

So I don’t watch Legend of Korra

I’m kinda torn over that- I have friends who do and the info they give me pulls me in both directions. On the one hand, Korra and Asami and their crew sound like such awesome kick butt characters who I’d love and adore (not to mention I’m completely on board with the Korra/Asami relationship from what I do know of it).

On the other hand- the Gaang.

What have they done to my precious babies?

From what I understand, they’ve all grown old (some have died at this point) and had their kids ect. But I’m sorry- you’re telling me that the Gaang didn’t have at minimum bi-yearly get togethers that they referred to as family reunions? And that Katara and Aang’s kids as well as Toph’s daughters didn’t grow up calling Zuko “Uncle Hotman” (largely encouraged by Aang and Toph while Katara giggled over it and Zuko just resigned himself to the fact that he won’t escape it and it’s a little cute coming from his nieces and nephews)? And that Katara wasn’t there for Toph’s daughters at every opportunity and told them all about the one time Auntie Tara managed to get their mother to have a spa day in all its hilarity (largely exaggerated for storytelling purposes, of course)?

You’re telling me the Gaang was not so glued together after their shared experiences that they weren’t together decades later? Weren’t living it up in their own personal (possibly on Ember Island) group retirement home for Avatar companions and general people of awesome?

No. I reject your realty and substitute my own.