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JAMFIC: single dad!dirk/jake

@cityinthesea shared an idea recently:

I want… an AU… where dirk raises dave, and beta bro just doesn’t exist
single dad dirk, where dirk dropped out of college in his third year of an art + philosopher double major to raise then 3yr old dave, makes money doing freelance coding and odd jobs, and meets jake when dave is around 9 just when he’s starting to get sassy and has picked up swearing like a sailor from his older bro (to dirks everlasting shame) and dirk has effectively spent the last 6yrs in the most incredible dry spell and internally screaming at the fear of fucking up this child he is responsible for
jake takes to dave well, and dave is an openly affection seeking little shit because he grew up in a good (if a bit unqualified) home

Aaaaaand I hadn’t done a ficjam in months, so I had some fun with the idea. Within you’ll find small Dave, Aunt Janey, a weary but warm Dirk, and a flirty hopeful Jake. And no beta’ing whatsoever.

Jane had told you a million times that she’d given you a key to her house for a reason, that anytime you were in her area, you were welcome to come visit. At the time, it’d worried you; you’d always gotten the impression Jane fancied you, but were never sure. The last thing you wanted to do was take advantage of that. But giving someone a key to one’s abode and private sanctuary was not a decision made lightly, and Jane Crocker didn’t make any decision lightly.

You’d given her a pester (or bother, on her end) to let her know you’d be coming around. Now, it’s a crisp morning in the outskirts of Seattle, the air fresh from the evening rain. From the front door of her house, you can hear the faint noise of livelihood going on inside, that distinctly vague feeling permeating. It’s been a long time since you’ve been in a home like Jane’s, you think.

You knock, and there’s no answer. The key bites into your fingers as you fortify your nerves and slide it into the door, unlocking it (oh dear, you’d sort of hoped that wouldn’t work?) and letting yourself in.

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So I don’t watch Legend of Korra

I’m kinda torn over that- I have friends who do and the info they give me pulls me in both directions. On the one hand, Korra and Asami and their crew sound like such awesome kick butt characters who I’d love and adore (not to mention I’m completely on board with the Korra/Asami relationship from what I do know of it).

On the other hand- the Gaang.

What have they done to my precious babies?

From what I understand, they’ve all grown old (some have died at this point) and had their kids ect. But I’m sorry- you’re telling me that the Gaang didn’t have at minimum bi-yearly get togethers that they referred to as family reunions? And that Katara and Aang’s kids as well as Toph’s daughters didn’t grow up calling Zuko “Uncle Hotman” (largely encouraged by Aang and Toph while Katara giggled over it and Zuko just resigned himself to the fact that he won’t escape it and it’s a little cute coming from his nieces and nephews)? And that Katara wasn’t there for Toph’s daughters at every opportunity and told them all about the one time Auntie Tara managed to get their mother to have a spa day in all its hilarity (largely exaggerated for storytelling purposes, of course)?

You’re telling me the Gaang was not so glued together after their shared experiences that they weren’t together decades later? Weren’t living it up in their own personal (possibly on Ember Island) group retirement home for Avatar companions and general people of awesome?

No. I reject your realty and substitute my own.

a little more okay

Summary: Post-series: Korra had had her fair share of relationships, and she knew Mako had too, but nothing had felt quite right, and for a while she’d thought maybe she was broken from everything she had endured. But another part of her wondered…

A/N: This was for Makorra week 2k15 prompt “Healing” but then decided to take on a mind of its own and evolve from a small drabble into this mess. Also on ao3 and ff.net

Rating: T

Word Count: 3521

Korra loved sparring with Mako. Particularly when he landed on the mat, just like he had right now, for the fifth time that day.

“This is getting tiring,” he grumbled, making a show of rubbing his back while Korra laughed. She knew he didn’t really mind, from the way his amber eyes sparkled with a playfulness that she knew very few people saw.

“I’m hardly breaking a sweat,” she said, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, throwing a few experimental jabs into the air. “Ready to go again?”

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Korrasami Month (Sorry) Fanfic

Finally getting some stuff done for Korrasami month. Super late to the partaaay. Enjoy. Also this is early…sort of?

Summary: After an action packed day rescuing Price Wu, Asami and Korra go out for another, somehow intenser, meal in the city.

“I’ve gotta get down to the station now that Wu is safe and file in a report before the press blow this all out of proportion,” Mako groaned as he walked down the white marble steps of the Sato mansion, Avatar and CEO of Future Industries in tow.

“Can you imagine? My first day back in the city and we end up fighting Kuvira loyalists on top of moving train. Oh man, it sounds like a great mover plot! I mean, they don’t need to exaggerate much with that story. It was pretty crazy,” Korra spoke enthusiastically as she stretched her glove covered arms. They were definitely more slender than 3 years ago, though that was hardly surprising.

Hearing Korra’s soft and chirpy voice at all, actually in person, was still a little overwhelming for Asami who in their time apart had really struggled to recall how the Avatar sounded. Being together again Asami realized that actually, her remembering of Korra’s voice was bang on accurate. How could she have ever forgotten a voice as heart warming and inspirational as Korra’s?

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Two Weeks Between

Rating: G
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Summary: Korra wakes up after her battle with Zaheer to find Asami next to her.
Warnings: brief delve into a panic attack (because really, remembering what happened would definitely NOT be all sunshine and rainbows)

Two Weeks Between

There was a hand in hers; warm and soft and slender. She groaned slightly as the pain settled in … well, everywhere. Her eyes cracked open slightly and she shifted, taking in her surroundings. From what she could tell, she was in her room on Air Temple Island, and she relaxed slightly.


Korra’s eyes moved towards the sound of the voice and she found Asami in a cot next to her bed, the engineer’s arm stretched across the distance between them and their fingers were entwined. Korra blinked as Asami sat up and clambered out of the cot to get to her.

'Hey,’ she croaked, applying a gentle pressure to Asami’s fingers.

A smile graced Asami’s face and she reached out with her free hand to brush Korra’s hair off of her forehead and out of her eyes.

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