c'mon eileen


I really do hope that they don’t simply go back in time and things turn immediately peaceful. Everything was escalating so nicely up until now. It would just be disappointing if such a huge antagonist as Acknologia was defeated that easily.

On a different note, MAVIS! My baby you’re alive again! I can’t wait to see Zeref’s reaction. Things would be even more dramatic if they find out she still is cursed. Maybe that’s where the fairy heart magic originates from.

Things have been going relatively well in the latest chapters. Well, with the exception of Gajevy. That was just uncalled for. But on the bright side Mashima doesn’t do death, so to the respective shippers, there is a big chance that this pairing will be the first actual mature couple of main characters to settle down and have a relationship instead of having another “fiancée” on the side or pulling a revERSE SLEEPING BEAUTY. Ahem. Good luck fellows. Good luck to us all.