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When Sam first taught Castiel how to use Spotify, Dean thought it was cute. Hilarious, even. The way Cas would squint his eyes as he stared at his phone and sifted through the millions of songs, trying to figure out which songs, artists, genres he enjoyed. Dean had doubled over in laughter when Cas accidentally clicked on a heavy metal song and threw the phone as the first screaming notes echoed through the room. 

Then Cas had discovered 80s music. Dean isn’t laughing now. 

It started the day Dean had sent him a text message with a link to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, with the message, “Important case info!” attached to it. When the video began playing and Cas furrowed his brows in confusion, Dean had burst into laughter from where he was hiding by the staircase. His laughter slowly died out as he watched Castiel’s expression go from bewildered to pleased as he actually listened to the song in its entirety. 

After that, Cas must have gone into Spotify, searched the artist, and listened to all the similar ones. He went from Bananarama to Belinda Carlisle to Cyndi Lauper, and it was clear when he discovered such hits as Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Time After Time that he’d found a new favorite artist. Of course. 

Dean tried everything to get him to dislike 80s music, but it was futile. Some of the music he could stand, like Tom Petty and even Pat Benatar, but his fascination with Cyndi Lauper seemed to prevail the most. 

One morning, Dean entered the kitchen for breakfast and witnessed Cas, unbeknownst to Dean’s presence, swaying slightly and mouthing the words to She Bop. He felt a smile tugging at the edges of his mouth and a warm feeling spread through his chest. Maybe the music wasn’t that bad after all. 


Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, sister Winchester reader, Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Rowena, Crowley, Lucifer
Reader’s Age: 5-6 years old
Word count: 1040

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: My frens helped with all the ideas so if it seems all over the place that’s because I tried to fit all their ideas into one imagine. (And I didn’t even get them all) But basically everyone is friends in this world! Happy Easter and enjoy!

Waking up with a yawn you stretched as your eyes fluttered open. You looked around your room and saw pastel colors like pink, purple, yellow, and green covering the walls and furniture. You hopped out of bed and trotted over to a small, pink basket with some fake Easter grass covering the bottom of it.

“Easter…” you whispered to yourself. You grabbed the basket and scanned your room, searching for Easter eggs.

Your eyes finally landed on a small blue egg sitting on your bed frame. You ran over, grabbed the egg and set it in your basket.

You opened your door and peeked outside. Streamers decorated the halls. With a smile and a skip in your step, you headed towards the kitchen, picking up a few eggs here and there along the way.

Once you arrived in the kitchen you looked to the table to see a bunch of food. From ham to carrot cake to even butter shaped like a small lamb. Looking around the room you spotted a few Easter eggs.

Picking up what you assume to be the last egg in the kitchen you were startled by a voice that spoke from the corner. “Enjoying the hunt?” You turned around and saw Gabriel finishing a cookie.

“Yeah! I has so many eggs!” You raised your basket to show Gabriel.

“The Easter Bunny was pretty busy,” Gabriel commented. You smiled, grabbed a mini doughnut and headed out of the kitchen.

You padded down the hall into the War Room. You turned the corner to see the one and only, Lucifer. Of course, you didn’t know he was Satan, you only knew him as Luci. He had his feet propped up on the map table and a pair of pink bunny ears on his head.

“Welcome!” he greeted. “Have you found all the eggs yet?”

“Not yet. I have lots of rooms to go,” you responded as you searched the room. Luci unwrapped a piece of candy and plopped it in his mouth.

You made your way into the library where you saw Sam and Dean towards the back by the giant telescope. Sam was sitting down and Dean was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. They both had small smiles as they watched you run around the room looking for eggs.

Once you were done looking for eggs you skipped over to your brothers and showed them your basket. “Lookie! I gots lots of eggs!”

“Wow, you’ve been busy,” Sam replied, giving you a soft tap on your shoulder.

“Where are your eggs?” you asked, looking back and forth between your brothers.

“We don’t have any eggs,” Sam responded.

“Oh…” you looked down at your eggs. “Here!” you handed an egg to Sam, then one to Dean. Sam and Dean both smiled.

“Thanks, Y/N/N,” Dean chuckled and ruffled your hair.  

“Happy Easter!” a new voice spoke. You all turned your attention to the man standing in the library, Balthazar. “This is for you,” Balthazar handed you a bottle of wine.

Your eyebrows furrowed together as you stared at the wine. As soon as it was in your hands, it was snatched away, you turned around and saw Sam holding the wine with a disapproving face.

“What are you doing? That’s hers,” Balthazar pointed to you.

“She’s five,” Sam argued.

“And when she’s whatever age that bottle of wine better still be here for her.” Balthazar made his point clear.

Balthazar turned around to see Luci standing behind him trying to put bunny ears on him. “What are you doing?” Balthazar backed away.

“You need to get in the Easter spirit,” Luci continued to try and put bunny ears on Balthazar.

“Stop that,” Balthazar pushed Luci’s hand away, earning a giggle from you.

You took two eggs out of your basket and walked over to the angels. You put one in Luci’s hand and the other in Balthazar’s. They both smiled at you and Luci opened his egg.

“Did you forget about me?” Gabriel entered the room. You laughed and grabbed an egg then ran over to Gabe. You handed Gabe the egg and ran back over to your brothers.

“My, oh, my, doesn’t this place look beautiful!” a Scottish voice made its presence known. You turned around and saw Rowena admiring the decorations and Crowley was standing next to her.

“Oh! Dear, what are you still doing in your pajamas? Come, let’s get you in something different.” Rowena held out her hand. You grabbed two eggs and handed one to Crowley who gladly accepted the egg with a small head nod and handed the other to Rowena. You and Rowena then headed to your room.

Rowena dressed you in a pretty, yellow sundress. She curled your hair before taking strands from the front and pinning them back.

You two made your way back into the kitchen where everyone was gathered around the table that was covered with food. You walked over and sat next to Sam; Rowena sat on your other side.

“I feel like we’re missing someone…” Dean commented before sitting down.

“I believe that would be me,” Castiel spoke from behind you. You turned around and jumped out of your seat.

“What are you holding, Cas?” Sam noticed Castiel holding something inside his trench coat.

“A present for Y/N,” Castiel took his hands out of his coat to reveal a small, adorable, fuzzy bunny. You gasped and ran over to him. “Now remember, bunnies are a lot of work, you have to take care of it.”

“Cas, I thought we talked about this. Don’t get her a gift that requires work!” Dean stood up.

“Can we keep it?” you took the bunny from Cas and stared at your brothers with big puppy dog eyes.

“C'mon, Dean. You won’t let her have a dog, you’re allergic to cats, let her at least keep the bunny.” Sam tried to convince his brother.

Dean thought for a moment, staring down at your pleading face; he was already a goner. “Fine,” Dean huffed and threw his arms up, clearly upset he lost this battle.

“YAY!” you cheered and snuggled the rabbit in your arms.

“To Easter,” Crowley raised a glass.

“To Easter!” Everyone said simultaneously, raising their glasses.  

I hope y’all like this one and I’m open for tips on improving!

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As s12 is marching towards the end, I will hope for the same thing I always do; Cas will wear clothes that fit him and that beige potato sack will perish. A little more daring is messy hair and jeans. I dream big, I know :D

This is permanently on my wishlist too. :D

Also on the wishlist: Dean’s face when they run into Cas dressed like this. 

Or maybe he just walks into the room dressed like that and Dean spills whatever he’s holding all over himself. 

The mixtape has totally broken me… I don’t know what’s unrealistic to wish for or not any more 

Songs and Vamps

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Word Count: 2,220

Author: Deka

Warning: Blood, violence, weapons, sexual innuendos, fluff, a litlle angst, that’s it.

Pairing: Lucifer x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: After a good morning song, the boys and Y/N went on a hunt to kill some monsters, what could go wrong?

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Requested, thank you

“So you got a specialty or something?” Dean asked, a brow raised with curiosity. “No not really, I can slay just about anything” you nodded with a grin. “Dean, c'mon stop with the questions we got work to do” Sam breathed as he shook his head at his brother. “I’m just trying figure out who we’re really working with here Sam” Dean explained, looking between his brother and you. “Don’t worry Dean, I’ll be more than able to hold my own on this hunt. I can slay whatever you throw at me, vampires, demons, skinwalkers… men” you said the last word slower, quirking at eyebrow at him while smirking. Dean paused for a moment before his smirk matched yours, though his more amused by what you’d said.

“C'mon, you know you love me.” - “I’d sell you to Satan for an oreo.”


Since a little eternity you wait for Dean in bed until you’re having enough and stand up. With cold feet you tap through the bunker, following his voice which comes out of the garage where you find him.
You’ve to hide a smile as he worships his Baby like a real gentleman. Loud you clear your throat and immediately he turns around to you.
Playfully pissed off you cross your arms in front of the chest and turn away from him. A second later you feel his warm arms around your body and his lips on your shoulder.
“C'mon, don’t be mad.” Dean makes a whiny noise which let you snort amused. “You know you love me.”
“I’d sell you to Satan for an Oreo.”
“Then I should be lucky that Crowley rules the hell.”
With a smile you turn around and glance over his shoulder. “You should. Do you think Baby likes some action?”
His eyes darkened at your words. “Absolutely.”

S12E12 Coda: Stuck in the Middle (With You)

Cas sighed heavily, loosening the tie around his neck and unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt. The bloodstained trench coat already laid in a heap at his feet. He fumbled with the buttons of the shirt, his hands still shaking a little. He gave up halfway and braced himself against the dresser, resting his palms against the cool wood.

That was too close. Of all the times he could’ve told Dean how he truly felt…and he waited until he thought he was going to die.

Dean hadn’t said anything. He didn’t have to. His face in the car, on the way back to the bunker, said it all.

Cas shook his head, ashamed of how cowardly he felt. Dean didn’t deserve an admission of love right before he lost yet another person who meant so much to him. Cas didn’t even have the have the courage to look at Dean when he told him.

Cas scoffed at himself, then pinched the bridge of his nose, resting his elbow on the dresser.

He sensed Dean watching him before Dean could even open his mouth to say anything.

Cas sighed, refusing to look in his direction.

“I’m sorry.”

Dean huffed quietly, and there was some shuffling as he pushed himself off the frame of the door against which, no doubt, he’d been leaning. More shuffling as he made his way a few feet into the door, then silence as he stopped just inside the room.

“Yeah.” Came the gruff reply. “Yeah, you should be.”

Cas opened his eyes and turned, finding Dean standing in the middle of the room, watching him with his arms crossed over his chest. He furrowed his brow, giving Dean a pleading look. An apology.

Dean looked angry, but there was a softness behind the anger. Pain, the ever-present pain, but also something else…compassion, maybe. Perhaps understanding. Cas didn’t know.

After a moment, Dean spoke again, quiet this time, his voice less hard.

“You couldn’t even look at me, man.”

Cas let his head drop again. “I was ashamed.”

“Of what?”

“Everything I didn’t say.” Cas looked back up, but immediately away from Dean, focusing on the chipped paint of the walls. “Everything that I should’ve said before that moment. Everything that you always deserved to hear from me.”

“I deserved to have you look at me when you said it. That’s what I deserved.”

Cas looked at him now, blue irises dark in the low lighting of the room. “What difference would that have made, Dean? I thought I was dying.”

Dean scoffed. “C'mon, Cas! We’ve been dancing to this same song for eight years now. You never had to say it before, and I knew. But to actually hear it from you for the first time only because you think you’re dying…” He trailed off, his eyes searching Cas’s. “That’s just bullshit.”

Cas frowned at him, cocking his head.

“Not to mention unfair.” Dean continued, letting his hands fall to his sides. “To say it, not expecting me to get the chance to reciprocate.”

“Dean, I know you better than anyone. I know your thoughts because I’ve seen them. I know your soul because I’ve held it in my own two hands. I know you well enough to know that all the love you have for anyone, you show by doing.”

Dean barely nodded, his tongue falling to rest behind his teeth. His hands still at his sides, he rubbed his thumb absentmindedly over his pointer finger, fidgeting. His eyes were unwavering, intense but soft, holding Cas’s gaze.

“You’re right.”

In a few short paces he closed the space between them, lifting his hands and cupping Cas’s face. Cas braced himself, his eyes going wide.

Dean’s eyes shifted, searching Cas’s face. He gave a kurt nod, then leaned in and pressed his lips to Cas’s. It was short and sweet, their lips soft and barely touching, and Cas’s eyes closed..remaining that way for a moment after Dean pulled away. He opened them to find Dean’s eyes searching his face again, his eyebrows slightly raised. In a split second, his face went serious, his hold on Cas’s face tightening slightly.

“Cas, I-I..” His voice broke and he paused, tears making him glossy-eyed. He swallowed hard. “I thought I was losing you. I- fuck, Cas, I…I was screaming inside. And you- you weren’t even gonna give me the chance to…”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Dean let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding, straightening back up and met Cas’s gaze again, relaxing into the blue pools regarding him so delicately. He rubbed his thumbs along Cas’s jawline on either side.

“I do…l-” Dean’s breath hitched in his throat, and he swallowed, his expressive eyes speaking to Cas. “I do, Cas. I try to show you every day. In everything I do.”

“I know.”

Dean blinked at him, almost as if seeing him for the first time. He lowered his hands to Cas’s hips, innocently lifting the bottom of his shirt to inspect the skin there. It was smooth, as if nothing ever happened, as if the spear never pierced his skin, as if he never confessed his love for the green-eyed hunter in front of him. Dean ran his fingertips over the spot where the injury occurred, tracing the pattern where the horrible black streaks had graced his tanned skin.

It was just Cas. Regular Cas. Healthy Cas. Living Cas.

“Cas, don’t you ever do that to me again.”

Cas quirked a smile, the feel of Dean’s lips still lingering on his own.

“I love you, Dean.”

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/sydkn3e/works

DEAN : It means you’re a monster. –When the Levee Breaks 

DEAN :C'mon, man, I’m a monster, okay? This is NOT a problem that you spit-ball. We gotta deal with this before I hurt somebody.  –Live Free or TwiHard

Just noticed this. In When the Levee Breaks Dean reluctantly calls Sam a monster for doing monstrous things like drinking demon blood. In Live Free or Twihard Dean calls his vampire self a monster and asks Sam to find a way to deal with him. In both cases, Dean was factually correct and his words were, indeed true. 

If anything, Dean was harsher or himself than he ever was on Sam. Dean cried and begged Sam to reconsider before he even uttered the word monster to describe Sam. When he did, it was because of Sam’s insistence, because Dean was hurt and had no other choice. Saying it broke Dean. 

But look how different fan interpretations and narrative framing are here? The show and the fandom focused on Sam and Sam’s feelings and decided that Dean deserved the beatings for calling Sam monster. Dean was held in contempt by the show, he was beaten and strangled by Sam, he was lectured by Bobby. And since Sam offered no apology for strangling Dean, we could only infer that the narrative found Sam’s reaction appropriate. 

I’m sorry. Am I meant to continue “going along” with this whole Dean is “heterosexual” thing after the way he looked at that wrestler. Am I? Am I really?

Title: Werewolf in Michigan Part 1

Character: John Winchester

TV: Supernatural

Warnings: None

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

This is for my friend, @texasgal2222, hence why the OFC bears her name!

“John… it’s Teresa. Listen, I need your help. The town I live in; something weird is going on. My husband- never- torn- please? I’d rea- -ppreciate it,”

John listened to the voice mail at least six times and he couldn’t piece together the missing words other than she needed help.

Teresa Bronx was someone he had grown up with. If he were to be honest, Teresa was his first love, but things happened and Teresa moved, not really having a say in that situation.

Then Mary came along and they were married and had Dean and Sam. He honestly thought that he’d never see or hear from Teresa again.

Snapping his phone shut, he pushed his rear off of the Impala and went to the hotel room that he shared with his boys.

They needed to get on this and fast.

Closing the door, we walked by the two twin sized beds, knocking each of the boys’ foot with a tiny bit of force.

Both jumped awake, snorting as they realized that sleep time was over.

“Sorry boys, but we have our next case,”

“Uhgg, what time is it?” Dean asked, squinting at the clock.

“Time to get your tails up,” John replied, sitting at a table with his laptop.

Typing away as Sam and Dean stretched and yawned, John found the place where Teresa had called from.

“What do you have?” Sam asked, plopping down in a chair and rubbing his eyes.

“Got a call from an old friend,” he paused, reading, “looks like Werewolf attacks in… Michigan,”

“That’s about a seven hour trip, Dad,” Dean said.

Looking up at both of his sons, John smiled, “Looks like you best get to packing,”
“Dad, this town isn’t even on the map,” Dean said, from the passenger seat.

“Well, this is where the signal came from, so that is where we are going,”

So far it had been nothing but mountains and flat land. It had seemed like that they weren’t moving.

John immediately slammed on the breaks, scaring the boys.

“The hell!?”

“Jesus, Dad!”

“Sorry boys, but shut up and look,” John pointed to what was beyond the windshield.

The fog was so thick, so dense that they could barely make out the sign that set on the side of the road.

Dean squinted, leaning forward in his seat, “Welcome to the town of Quaker. Population…. I can’t see the numbers.,”

Slowly, John inched the Impala forward until it had disappeared into the fog.

Some of the thickness had thinned out, but it was still hard to see. Still, John continued to drive at a snails pace.

He sighed with relief when the fog gave way to a quaint little town. It was still overcast, but not nearly as bad.

People were scattered about the town, eating, walking their dogs, window shopping and so on.

Dean tapped John on the arm and pointed to their destination, “Last building on the right,”

~Bronx Antiques~

John pulled into a parking space and shut the car off. Pulling the keys from the ignition, he began to fumble with them as his nerves became frazzled.

“Dad?” Dean tapped his arm.


“You alright?” he asked.

John cleared his throat and shook his head, “I’m fine son. C'mon, let’s go,”

Dean and Sam shared a look before exiting the vehicle.

Entering the building, the doorbell chimed three times as they each crossed the threshold.

“Hi, can I help you?” A young girl in her mid teens stepped from a back room.

John’s eyes widened at the sight of the girl. She looked so much like Teresa did when she was a teen.

When Dean noticed that John wasn’t speaking up, he gave his father another weird stare and shook his head.

“Yeah. Hey Darlin’. We’re looking for Teresa Bronx. Is she here?”

The teen blushed, then nodded. Holding up a finger, she turned on her heel, “Hey Momma. There’s some men out here that wanna talk to you,”

“On my way, Issie,”

John felt his chest tighten at the sound of Teresa’s voice.

When she came around the corner, wiping her hands on a towel, it seemed like time had frozen.

Teresa looked exactly as he remembered, only her hair was shorter and she wore glasses.

She froze when she spotted him, her blue eyes getting tearful.

“John?” she gasped.

He could feel his own self getting choked up.

She walked faster over to him, hugging him for all she was worth.

“Hey Tere,” he whispered, giving her a squeeze.

“You came,” her voice skipped.

John rubbed her back, continuing to whisper, “Why would you think I wouldn’t?”

“Old memories,” she cried.

John pulled back and cupped her cheeks, “Listen Teresa, that was a long time ago. We were just teens,”

Teresa nodded and gave a watery laugh. She pulled off her glasses and wiped underneath her eyes to rid her face of tears.

“Sorry, it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions lately.” she said.

Dean coughed behind John, making him glance over his shoulder.

The boys looked uncomfortable, but curious as well.

“Teresa, these are my boys, Sam and Dean. Boys, this is Teresa. We grew up together.”

Sam and Dean leaned forward, shaking Teresa’s hand.

“Nice to meet you,” she smiled.

She put her arm around the teen, who seemed to look like she felt out of place, “This is my daughter, Issie,”

She kissed the girls head, “Like John said, we grew up together,”

“Ohh, he’s the one in the photo album at home,”

“Yes he is,”

Issie held her hand out, “Nice to meet you Mr. Winchester,”

“You can call me John, Issie. Nice to meet you too,” he said, shaking her hand gently.

Issie shook Dean and Sam’s hand, getting bashful.

“Please come in. Can I get you all anything?”

At that moment, Dean’s stomach growled. He clutched it, laughing, “Sorry, we’ve not had lunch yet,”

“Oh! Well, let me lock up and we’ll go to the diner across the street,”
While Teresa and Issie were in the restroom, Sam and Dean demanded some answers from their father.

“C'mon Dad, you gotta let us in on this,”

John shrugged his shoulders, “You know everything, Dean.”

Before the conversation became heated, the women returned.

Everyone ordered their food; the silence slightly uncomfortable.

“So why don’t we just cut the chase? Why are we here?” Dean asked, slightly annoyed.

The door chimed, indicating another customer.

“Mom, it’s Baisley. Can I go talk to her?” Issie asked.

Teresa nodded and smiled, “Sure, Iss. I’ll come get you when the food gets here,”

As soon as Issie left the table, Teresa’s smile faded from her face, her eyes becoming hard. “I planned on telling you, just not in front of my daughter. You said you were hungry and what I need help with isn’t suitable for the table,”

“Dean,” John said, looking up from his hands at his oldest.

Dean sighed, “I’m sorry… just hangry, I guess,”

The waitress put the food on the table, getting out of the thick atmosphere quickly.

Teresa sighed, “Let’s just eat and when we go back to the shop, I’ll tell you what this is all about,”

Issie was called back over to the table to eat, making quick work of her meal.

In between bites, she begged to stay the night with her friend, which Teresa granted.

Back at the antique shop once everyone ate and Issie safely with her friend and their parents; it was time to get down to business.

“The curiosity is killing me, Tere. What do you need help with?” John asked, taking off his jacket and placing it on the back of a chair.

Folding her arms, she looked at each Winchester and sighed one dreaded word…




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“C'mon, Dean.” I shoved my laptop back to his side of the table urging him to look at it. “Three people have suddenly gone missing in the last two weeks all from the same part of town.”

Dean gave me an annoyed look, “Y/n, will you stop. We aren’t going. You’re just getting over the flu, you still need rest. Some other hunter will get it.” He stood to get another cup of coffee.

“I’m fine, Dean. I can handle this.”

Dean looked to Sam for help who was sitting at the end of the table with his nose in a book.

Feeling Dean’s eyes on him he looked up and shrugged, “We’ve hunted for less. Besides, a little fresh air could do her good.”

I smiled at Sam thankful that it was two against one.

Dean looked back at me and I gave him my best puppy dog eyes. “You’re a persistent pain in my ass, you know that?”

“Is that a yes?” Excitement grew inside me.

Dean ran his hand down his face “Yes. We’ll leave in the morning…”

“Yes!” I pumped my fist in the air.

“But if you so much as look pale, I’m putting Garth on it.” He pointed his finger at me.

I nodded and darted off to my room to pack for tomorrow.

We got up early and left. The day was filled with sitting in the car listening to rock music and Sam complaining to turn it down. We finally got to the motel around 9 pm. Sam instantly dived into his laptop and Dean collapsed on one of the beds. I stole the keys to the impala and said I was going to get food and hurried out the door before Dean could protest.

My phone rang after a little bit and I answered to a very tired sounding Dean.

“Don’t forget the pie.”

“Don’t worry, Dean. I won’t forget the pie.” I rolled my eyes.

“That’s what Sam always says.” I could just imagine the look he’d be shooting Sam as he said that.

“Yeah, well, I’m not Sam. Besides I want pie too. So there’s no way I’ll forget it.”

“That’s my girl.” He said before he hung up.

I shook my head and tossed my phone back on the impala’s seat and focused on the road ahead.  It was a dark country back road. No street lights, not many houses, most of which are abandoned, and no other cars.

The lack of light is probably the only reason I noticed the soft blue hue that suddenly emanated from the window of one of the long empty farm houses. My curiosity took over, I just had to check it out. I knew I should just keep driving, get the food, and go back to the motel, but the urge to know what made that light was just too strong.

I pulled over across the street from the house, turned off the engine and went to the trunk to retrieve my pistol just in case. And then I started my walk down the long driveway. I entered the house cautiously, ready to shoot any threat that came my way.

The entry way seemed safe enough so I continued down the hall into the kitchen. The house was quiet, the only sound was of me breathing, which is why the floor creaking under my foot startled me a little. I cursed myself for making noise and then continued to the small hallway where I had two opinions, go down stairs to the basement or turn left where it looked like the bedrooms were.

I decided left was a better option, I’d go down once the upstairs was clear. I was about to turn when I heard the same creak of the floorboards. I swung around aiming my gun at a boy in his teens covered in tribal tattoos. My eyes grew wide when the said tattoos and his eyes started to glow blue.

Definitely a monster. I just didn’t know what monster he was. But you know, shoot first ask questions later.

Unfortunately this monster wasn’t really phased by silver. He lunged towards me, attempting to grab my arm. I dodged, but hands from behind me grabbed hold of my arms and pulled them behind my back.

There’s two. I am so screwed… If these monsters don’t kill me, my brothers certainly will…

The boy reached out and placed his hand on my forehead.

I woke up slumped at a desk I hadn’t sat at in years. It was cluttered with papers and books all relating to lore. I shot up in the chair and looked around. It was my old room at Bobby’s house. But that house had burned down.

“No way… This can’t be real.” I mumbled to myself.

“Y/n?!” Bobby’s voice traveled into the room.

I spun around and rushed to the door but tripped over my boots which were carelessly tossed on the floor just like they always used to be. I smacked face first into the door frame as Bobby appeared in the doorway.

“It’s real.. It’s real.” l mumbled, holding my hands against my forehead.

“What’s real?” Bobby asked me.

I stared at Bobby in disbelief. “But you’re supposed to be dead…”

“Did you fall asleep reading again?”

I looked back at the cluttered desk. Did I?

Bobby only shook his head, not waiting for my answer. “C'mon, it’s time to eat.”

I followed Bobby down the stairs and into the kitchen. He handed me a bowl of the stew that he had made and we sat down. We ate quietly for a moment. I had no clue what was happening. I looked at Bobby. I had always gone to him when I couldn’t figure something out, maybe I should try that now.


“Yeah?” He answered without looking up at me.

“Uh, is there a monster than can change reality?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is there some type of creature that can make the world as we know it change?”

“I’ve never heard of anything like that. Why are you asking?”

“Oh, you know, random thoughts.” I said disappointed he had no information for me. Maybe Sam or Dean would be more helpful. “So, where are Sam and Dean?”

“Who?” He gave me a weird look.

“Sam and Dean. You know really tall, always getting into trouble.” He stared at me blankly so I continued. “Winchester.” I said, growing confused myself.

“Relatives you haven’t told me about?” He guessed, genuinely not knowing who I was talking about.

I thought for a minute. If this world was different from mine in the way that Bobby and the house are still here then maybe it changed in more ways than just that. Maybe my father had never met Bobby. Maybe he had never gone into hunting at all and the boys had normal lives.

Something occurred to me. “Is there a creature that can make wishes come true?”

“What? Like a genie?” Bobby chuckled.

“Well, yeah I guess. Are they real?”

“No, they’re not real.” Bobby acted like I should’ve known that fact. “Is something going on that I don’t know about?”

“No, nothing. I was just wondering.” I focused on my food hoping he wouldn’t see through my lie.

Bobby only shrugged and went back to his dinner. I didn’t say anything for the rest of night.

After eating I went back to my room hoping that when I woke up the next morning Bobby would still be there.

The next morning after I made sure everything was the same as last night, I packed a bag. I had to know what had become of the boys, what their lives are like in this world, if they were safe…

I ran down the stairs, eager to start the drive to Lawrence but Bobby’s voice made me stop in my tracks.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

I turned from the door and saw him standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look on his face, just like all the times he’d caught me sneaking out when I was younger.

“There’s a case in Lawrence, Kansas. Just a simple salt and burn. I’ll be back in a few days.” It wasn’t a complete lie. I was going to Lawrence and I would most likely be back in a few days.

“So you were just going to leave and have me wondering where you were?” He raised his eyebrows at me.

A smile spread across my face. “Aw, Bobby, would you be worried about me?” I joked.

“No, you idjit. I just want to know what to tell someone if they come by.”

I laughed. “Like who?”

“Like Cas.”

“So he does know about me..” I mumbled.


“Nothing. I’ll see you in a few days.” And with that I shot out the door and jumped into my truck before Bobby could stop me.

About an hour into the drive I started to doubt if my brothers were even in Lawrence. I should have looked into it before rushing out but I wasn’t thinking. If they weren’t in Lawrence I could always go to Lebanon to see the bunker.

“Hello, Y/n.” Cas appeared next to me.

I swerved a little. “Dammit, Cas! How many times have I told you not to pop in while I’m driving?”

“Fifteen.” He said simply.


“You’ve told me-”

“Nevermind.” I cut him off. “What are you doing here?”

“Bobby was worried. You know he doesn’t like you going on cases alone.”

“Does he always send you to check up on me?”

Cas looked at me confused. “Yes.”

“So does this mean you’ll be coming with me?” I asked.

“That is what Bobby asked of me.”

I sighed. Great. How am I going to pull this one off…

“You don’t seem very happy about that. Usually you enjoy my company on hunts, do you not?”

“Of course I enjoy your company, Cas. It’s just this case… It’s well, more personal.” Cas gave me a confused look so I continued. “It’s not a salt and burn like I told Bobby. In fact I don’t think there’s anything supernatural going on in Lawrence.”

“Then why are you going?”

“There’s some people I have to see. My brothers.”

“I didn’t know you had siblings.”

“I didn’t either for a while. My dad, he had two boys before me. If his wife hadn’t died I probably wouldn’t be here. I just have to know who they are. I can’t really explain it, I just have to know.”

“And Bobby doesn’t know.”

“No. And I don’t want him to. At least not yet.”

“Then I will not tell him. But I am coming with you.”

I smiled a little. “Thanks, Cas.”

We got to Lawrence around midnight and the first thing I did was check into the nearest motel. Despite Cas saying that I should get some sleep, I started looking for anything I could find on the Winchester boys. I found out that Sammy had graduated top of his class, which wasn’t at all surprising. He’d gone on to law school, but this time I bet John was proud and didn’t tell him to never come back. And now he was a lawyer in Lawrence. I discovered that Dean dropped out of highschool and had gone to work with John as a mechanic, no surprise there either. So coming here wasn’t a total waste after all.

I leaned back in my chair with a satisfied smile on my face. Cas was giving me a weird look but I paid him no mind as I went over to one of the beds to get a few hours of shut eye before tomorrow morning.

The next morning I jumped out of bed excited to get a move on. I couldn’t wait to see the boys. I wanted to see just how happy they were. I hadn’t seen them truly happy since before Bobby died. I quickly got ready and called to Cas to hurry up as I ran out the door.

The mechanic shop was closer so that was my first stop. I parked across the street where we hopefully wouldn’t be as noticeable. I spotted the impala right off the bat. She hadn’t changed a bit on the outside but I bet the trunk was completely different.

“What are we doing here?” Cas asked.

“This is where my oldest brother, Dean, works.” I explained.

My eyes were glued to the front of the shop. I was so focused on seeing Dean that it never occurred to me that my dad might be here and I was surprised when I saw him walk up to the shop. He looked just as surprised when he saw me.

I started the truck. “Time to go, Cas.”

“What? Why?”

I drove away from the shop a quickly as I could. “That was my father and I really don’t feel like talking to him at the moment.”

“You seem angry with him.” Cas observed.

“That’s because I am.”

Cas didn’t push the issue but I could tell he wanted to.

I drove straight back to the motel no longer in the mood to sit outside of Sam’s work for a glimpse of him.

I sat down at the table in the motel room and ran my hands down my face.

“Are you ok, Y/n?” Cas sounded concerned.

“What was I thinking?” I said more to myself then to Cas. “It’s not like they know who I am. What would I have even said to them anyway? ‘Hey, I’m Y/n, your long lost sister. I kinda just stalked you on the internet so I could find out what your life is like.’ Yeah, that would’ve gone over well.”

Cas just stared at me.

“What do you say we go to Lebanon tomorrow?” I asked eager to change the subject.

“Whatever you want.”

I spent the rest of the day looking for actual cases to chase after but had no such luck.

The next day Cas and me went to a dinner so I could get something to eat before we headed out to Lebanon. Cas of course didn’t order anything being an angel and all.

“Y/n.” I heard a deep and stern voice say behind me making me cringe.

I tried to control my anger and turned in my seat to look at him. “Hello, John.”

He sat down in the chair next to me. “What are you doing here? Where’s your mother?”

“Dead. But it’s not like you cared enough to know about that.” I scoffed.

He seemed taken aback by my answer. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

I threw some cash on the table and looked at Cas. “C'mon, Cas, let’s get out of here.” I stood and started to walk out but John caught up to me.

“Wait, Y/n.” He grabbed my arm as I walked out the door. “Tell me what happened.”

Cas stiffened but he didn’t move. He knew I wanted to handle this myself.

We got out of the way of the doors. “I don’t really know what happened.” I said without looking at him. “She was torn apart. I don’t know what did it.”

He looked sad, which surprised me but it wasn’t gonna make me let him off easy. “When?”

“I was ten.”

He looked shocked. “Who have you been living with?”

“A friend of mom’s.” I said simply.

“Back to my earlier question. What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see who my brothers were. Oh, thanks by the way for telling me I had them.” I started to walk away again.

“Y/n. Hear me out. I didn’t want them to know about what your mom was into.”

I turned back, surprised. “You know about that?”

“The boys. They deserve their innocence.”

“That I agree with.” I started to leave again.

“Why do you hate me?” John pulled me back.

“That’s what happens when you abandon a child. They grow up hating you.” I said without missing a beat.

I drove Cas back to the motel. “I’m gonna go on a walk, Cas. Alone.” He nodded knowing it was no use to argue with me, especially with the mood I was in and I left.

I had no destination in mind. I just wanted to get fresh air and clear my head. I hadn’t seen my father since my mom died and he dropped me off at Bobby’s. That was another world but I still couldn’t forgive him for my mom’s death or abandoning me.

Tears started to run down my face as the memories of losing my mom rushed through my head. The worry I felt when she didn’t come back to the motel after a week. The fear I felt when I opened the door to my father. He told me what happened but nothing more. And then I was at Bobby’s. Bobby was the one who tried to comfort me the best he could. He was the one to take care of me and raised me. The one to deal with me through my moody teen years and the one to help me through broken hearts and homework and the one who taught me to hunt. He was the one who acted like a father should.

Someone bumped into me. “Oh I’m sorry ma'am. I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

That voice. I know that voice. I looked up to the face of my big brother.

“Hey, are you ok?” Sam asked.

I shook my head and dried my eyes. “I’ll be fine.”

“Why don’t we go get a cup of coffee and we can talk about it ok?” Sam offered.

“No. It’s fine. You probably don’t want to hear the problems of a stranger anyways.”

“C'mon. It’s on me.” He insisted.

The look in his eyes told me I wasn’t going to get out of this one so I nodded and let him lead me to a nearby coffee shop.

“So, what was the cause of all those tears?” He asked as we sat down at a table after ordering.

“I ran into my father that I haven’t seen in years.”

“That bad, huh?”

“You could say that. He ditched me and my mom when I was really young. I was kind of an accident and I think he’s ashamed that he ever got with my mom after his wife died. I probably just remind him of the mistake he made.”

“Your dad sounds like a jerk if he thinks of you like that.”

“Yeah he kinda is. He didn’t even know that my mom died and that I was raised by her friend. I don’t know why I even care. Bobby was more of a father to me than my actual dad ever was. Bobby always tells me that family doesn’t end in blood but…”

“It still hurts though. Being rejected by your family.” He finished for me.


“Well,” He paused not knowing my name.


“Well, Y/n, I can tell you you’re not alone in having a father who rejects you. My father resents me for not going into the family business and becoming a lawyer instead.”

My heart fell when he said that. I was hoping their relationship was different now. “Most parents would be thrilled about their kid becoming a lawyer. What did your dad want you to do?” I said even though I knew the answer already.

“He wanted me to be a mechanic.”

“Really?” I said with fake disbelief.

“Yeah. He was just mad that I don’t follow orders like my brother.”

I laughed at that. “Sounds like we both have daddy issues.”

A comfortable silence loomed over us as we drank our coffee just enjoying each others company. 

“So did your brother became a mechanic?” I asked in an attempt to strike the conversation back up.

“Yep. He usually does what dad tells him. Always trying to please him.”

“Did he want to though? Become a mechanic I mean.”

Sam shrugged, “Dean’s always liked cars.” He took a drink of his coffee then held his hand out to me. “I’m sorry, I haven’t even told you my name. Sam Winchester, it’s nice to meet you.”

I laughed and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you too, Sam.”

When it came time to leave neither of us really wanted to go. I liked doing something normal with my brother, no talk of the supernatural or anything like that. The only problem being he thought I was some random girl he happened to bump into on the street.

“So, do you live around here, Y/n?” Sam asked.

I shook my head. “I’m just passing through.”

“Where you headed?”

“I don’t know yet. I just go wherever the wind takes me.”  

He smiled. “Well, I would love to talk to you again before you leave. You’re an interesting person and I feel like you’re someone I can be friends with.”

“Oh really?” I smiled back up at him. I pulled a pen out of my pocket and grabbed his hand, scribbling my number across acrossed his palm. “Well in that case, here’s my number. I’ll probably be here for a few more days and we can set something up.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Sam agreed.

“Your mood has improved.” Cas stated as I walked into our motel room.

“I had a very good walk.”  I told him with a smile.

“When should we leave for Lebanon?” He asked.

“Lebanon can wait a few more days.”