c'mon dean!


“You can sit in my lap Y/N.” Sam offered, shinny smile on his face. 

“I- um…“ you tried to find a reason to sit next to Dean, instead of Sam’s lap, but he already pulled you to him.

His hands wrapped around your waist and he rested his head on your shoulder. 

“Sam what the hell are you doing?” you whispered, not noticing the way Dean looked at you two and clenched his jaw.

“Nothing sweetheart.” he said way louder than you wanted him to. Quickly you glanced to Dean, but he had his eyes set on the TV. Of course, you were a fool if you seriously thought that it’d make him jealous in any way.

“Your hair smells so nice Y/N.” Sam said, again way too loud. “I wish could smell it all day, sweetie.”

“Oh go get a room you two…” Dean rolled his eyes in annoyance and left the room. 


I’m sorry. Am I meant to continue “going along” with this whole Dean is “heterosexual” thing after the way he looked at that wrestler. Am I? Am I really?

  • Susan: We should get out of here.
  • Peter: We should REALLY get out of here.
  • Lucy: But... Narnia's great!
  • Edmund: Well, I think we should get out right now, but... What about this dude? Is he ever gonna leave Narnia, the BIGGEST CLOSET EVER?
  • Dean:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: Son of a bitch.

Oh. my. god guys! I’m tired of all the hate that I see on my dashboard! Let me get this straight to you:

 . Jensen and Jared ARE family, don’t care if you ship them as a couple or not, you can’t deny they love and count on each other. They are not going to stop being friends over the YANA campaign.
. The YANA campaign is not something made up just to make Destiel fans happy.
. This is NOT a competition between YANA and AKF.
. Jared is not jealous or depressed or feeling threatened because Jensen is spending time with Misha in this campaign. Don’t care what you read or ship, but separate fiction from reality.
 . We are all part of the same fandom, and we are NOT supposed to be fighting and taking bands like this cause is not who we are and we are not in Civil War so stop it already with the “Team YANA” or “Team AKF” cause it’s stupid and we are recognized for being the most united fandom. Don’t screw that up. We are here for the same thing.

Of course, we all know the real reason Cas and Dean can’t be in a scene together. Dean is so in love with Cas that every time they’re together he has to expend at least 50% of his brainpower trying to hide his massive boner - for Cas’s body, for Cas’s tactical genius, for Cas’s all around general amazingness. JUST LET POOR DEAN’S COCK REST IN PEACE. That’s why we get so few Dean/Cas scenes - if he and Cas spent any more time together Dean’s blue balls would literally explode and kill them all.