c'mon blues

Highway 1
Foxboro Hot Tubs
Highway 1

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Highway 1

I’m on a midnight death trip.
I’m on a mission from God.
A stolen car and a death wish.
To hell on Highway 1

Four on the floor, a hundred miles per hour.
I’m gonna fly til the tires can’t fly no more.
I’ve got my blues, gonna make a racket.
Nothing to lose but this straight jacket on too tight.
I’m alive!!!


Dearest Caroline,

I will fight find my way back to you.

part ii & iii

DeanCas coda to 11x02: ‘Form and Void’.


Like grass. Or trees. Bright enough to be ethereally vibrant, but heavy. Weighted. With a strangled groan, Castiel feels something dark burrow deeper into his very essence; clenching his Grace in a vice grip until he’s gasping. His hands tremble and someone drops to their knees.

It’s lovely; that green. So much lovelier up close.

Castiel feels like his insides are being ripped apart.

He squeezes his eyes shut, bringing his knees to his chest in a futile effort to abate the pain. There are warm hands on his vessel—his body, this body that he feels wholly present in and attached to—and he wants to burrow into their warmth just as much he wants to snap them off at the wrist. It hurts. It hurts.

Still, Cas would know those calloused palms anywhere.

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