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Ya know bisexual characters can be…bisexual….you don’t gotta write them in fanfic like they’ve been Straight™ all their life but this One Person is the exception….like I know it’s wild….but their partner doesn’t have to be the only person of the same sex they’ve ever Noticed™ ever

Reason’s Quentin Coldwater is autistic
  • lol what is eye contact 
  • socially awkward
  • info dumps
  • special interests (cough the fillory books cough)
  • stimming!
  • has like, literal, on screen shut downs
  • every scene that involves Q at a party ever
  • I know the whole “Q has depression as a result of spending his entire life feeling different and hopeless and not knowing why” thing was because he was secretly a magician but BOY if that isn’t a metaphor for growing up as an undiagnosed autistic IDK what is like seriously 
  • no seriously this show is literally what happens when an autistic persons SI becomes the key to saving the world
  • please add!

Just imagine Kylo as Morticia with his luscious dark locks and flowing black robes & Hux as Gomez in an always immaculate suit, hair slicked back, just being so disgustingly in love. Reveling in nothing but each other in their own macabre way, just the two of them against the rest of the world. Constant showering of kisses and waltzing PLEASE. I NEED.

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vanderwood's reaction to their crush always telling them that she likes their voice? and showing it off sometimes. also there was that one time vanderwood called her name a liiittle bit softer and her nose just started to B L E E D c'mon i can't be the only one who likes their voice (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

✿ you are not, my friend. you are not.

  • you what.
  • wh-
  • why.
  • Vanderwood thought they were a practical person. They thought they were beyond grand displays of emotion, and they thought they had their goddamn heart under control, thanks. But then you - ah, amazing, captivating, annoyingly difficult to get out of their head you - admit that you love listening to them talk, and they’re just done for the day. 
  • they don’t even blush, they just stare blankly into space and go, ‘oh. uh. okay,’ while their mind is just……. white noise for the next hour or so.
  • They don’t really… have the guts to use this to flirt with you, so it takes you complaining about not being able to sleep lately for them to actually make that offer. They say, oh, well, uh… they could… read you………… a bedtime story…?? er, wait, that’s probably weird, uh so-
  • So they do that a few times, gradually getting used to this whole idea. It takes you off guard when, one day, they’re feeling kind of playful and they start narrating everything that’s going on around the two of you all Morgan Freeman style. You burst out giggling and blush, and they’re like
  • alright
  • their motives are super suspect because d a m n ur cute but hey, you’re enjoying it, so…?
  • Sometimes when you’re together, they’ll check the messenger and read what’s being said out-loud to you. Sometimes - and this is unintentional - they’ll lean in close and whisper something to you, because they’re a gossipy piece of shit and they love some good old quietly-murmured-trash-talk.
  • you love it.
  • just mmmmmmm vanderwood throwing shade and that little chuckle of theirs after they say something particularly spot on. damn.
  • once they accidentally put their hand on your back as they’re leaning in to whisper some shit and just
  • time to order a coffin b/c you are dead.
  • They kill you properly when, during their smoke break, they tease you by getting real close - lips almost touching, you can see each of their eyelashes - and say your name slowly, enunciating each syllable perfectly. You have to lean against the wall because you’ve actually gotten faint.
  • They never really get it, but your reactions give them confidence, and they keep pushing boundaries like this with you and getting high off the thrill of it. They always feel keenly embarrassed afterwards but, in the moment…
  • it’s so worth it.


I’m writing a novel about this guy’s life (or would be if I didn’t spend all my free time drawing *cough*). It’s a crazy space soap opera with lots of unnecesary drama and dangerous adventures and insane alien societies and planets getting set on fire. (Alright, so far only one planet gets set on fire, but you get the idea.)


“Carol wrote:
I never liked Florence. I say this as a prelude. It seems Florence found the note you wrote to me and sold it to Harge– at a price. She is also responsible for Harge’s knowing where we (or at least I) were going, I’ve no doubt. I don’t know what I left around the house or what she might have overheard, I thought I was pretty silent, but if Harge took the trouble to bribe her, and I’m sure he did, there’s no telling.”
The Price of Salt

Me @ Florence: come fight me


Jericho (ITV), 1.05

Annie: I reckon you need some place to stay.

Johnny: You offering me bed and board again—Annie Quaintain?

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ok but what if steve woke up one day and took a shower and opened his drawer of underwear only to find it has ALL been thrown away and replaced by like, babydoll lingerie and laced panties of different colors (mainly pink and white because that's the color bucky likes to see his babydoll in) and steve's like going through every drawer in the house in search of just ONE decent pair of boxers like "c'mon buck I have a shield meeting I CAN'T WEAR THIS TO A SHIELD MEETING IT'S BASICALLY STRING"

he totally wears it to a shield meeting anyway. 

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C'mon, Vixen. You can't be serious... what about every other homo species before sapiens. Males also being stronger and with a body structure more prepare for powerful and intense activities. Was this also result of patriarchy?

Ah yes, I did read about some pre-homo sapiens hunter skeleton findings in one of my science magazines just last week. It was real interesting! The hunters skeleton couldn’t tell much about he physical fitness of the day, nothing we have can do that, alas we can only guess.

Did I mention that the skeleton was female?

You know what is the result of patriarchy? Modern day anthropology, paleonthology and archeology. Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty hard to discern male and female skeletons (they don’t actually come with a mammoth imprint on the forehead for males and berries imprint on the forehead for females, as many of you evo-psychs probably believe), and most sex-determination of skeletons has been done by males and the reasons used for judging sex has been simply because they thought it was male/female based on their death/burial. Skeleton got damages caused by claws? Probably male. Skeleton got buried with jewelry? Probably female.

The only reason that particular female hunter skeleton was deemed as female was because it still had intact teeth and was in overall in such a good shape that sex could be judged in actual scientific ways other than male guessings and wishful thinking. If the skeleton had no reliable way of determining sex, it would have been classed as a male skeleton.

More and more discoveries like this is being made as reliable determination methods are being developed. Men have done their best to shape history to fit their wishes and delusions as well as justifications for their oppression of women.

Furthermore, males are also fond of proving their superiority based on solely what they choose to be signs of superiority. Physical strength, violence, aggression, what have you. All traits that men call superior and also all traits that men really favors in themselves. Kinda hard to lose if you make up the rules, don’t you think? This has been used to justify oppression against women, because women tend to lack those traits.

Meanwhile, did you know women can fucking create life??

But that’s according to men, a weakness. Because men can’t. To make up for it, they imagine male gods that create all life instead. That’s the only way life creation is deemed powerful, all-powerful even.

Men are so invested and wrapped up in their own self-delusion of power that they completely disregard the facts that they made up the rules for what constitutes as power and furthermore manipulates the world so that it suits their beliefs. One of the beliefs being their birthright to oppress and rule over anything they deem to be weaker, and again, as they decide is weakness.

- Vixen