hey there! I’m Jackie aka coexpress! I love my cat and dog, succulents give me life and crushing the patriarchy is what i was put here to do. My blog is a mish-mosh of nature, feminism, and my late night rants about wanting a girlfriend. I’m always down for a chat and my inbox is open 24/7 if you ever need someone to talk to my little honeybee :)

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Open RP [Dark Souls AU]

Drangleic was really messed up now. It used to be a prosperous land, seemed to have happiness oozing out the edges. But now it was dark, desolate, and dangerous.

All thanks to a curse.

In the forest of giants fallen, there was a man, clad in Raime armor, holding a large sword in his left hand over his shoulder, and a greatshield in his right hand. He appeared in bad shape, sitting on the ground near a fire that seemed to use bones for fuel. There was a wooden sword in the middle of the flames, but it was somehow unscathed. The warrior reached into a small pouch at the right side of his waist, and pulled out a glowing yellow drink, in a green glass bottle. He took a small sip, which seemed to immediately heal most of his wounds. He set it next to the strange fire, which seemed to magically refill it, then picked it back up and stuck a cork in the open end of the bottle. He slipped it back into the pouch he pulled it from. He looked around, until his eyes fell upon a strange person standing a fair distance away. “Who.. are you..?” He said questioningly.

I want to remake Les Miserables as a graphic novel set in outer space, starring an alien who is locked away for nineteen years and experimented on, giving her genetically enhanced super strength

and Javert is a robot because duh