Hi everyone! In the video above is my best friend Grace. Grace was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (the same cancer as Augustus  Waters from TFIOS) when she was going into seventh grade. Fortunately, Grace fought and won. But not without casualties (as you can see in the video).

Anyway, it’s her sweet 16 this summer and she LOVVVES Taylor Swift, so we thought that it would be cool if Taylor sent Grace a birthday message (or maybe even CAME to her sweet sixteen)

I have never seen so much strength and perseverance in someone and Grace deserves this so much after all the bullshit chemo treatments and terrible surgeries


im not a particularly violent person but theres just something sexy and dangerous about smirking boys with split lips and knuckles and bruises on their jaws and hooked fingers beckoning ‘come at me’

seriously i need some talented artist to draw my kuramiyusawa boys like this ;a; because i hc that miyuki is useless in a fight but he can take a punch, and kuramochi has a lot of experience but he wont fight dirty, but eijuns the one you really wanna watch out for. he is sweet and sunny but dont fuck with the people he loves bc he is also scrappy and dirty, quick get-it-done elbows in your face and knees in your kidneys, smiling with bloody teeth and burning eyes

Okay, I’m convinced: the baby is Louis’. Louis has got a baby. Louis is very straight and got a straight girl pregnant.
Can we now skip to the phase where TMZ denies all those things, Louis is reported to be heartbroken and I pretend to be shocked?