c'mere you little shit

glowstickfix  asked:

Hi! Feel free to respond privately or ignore this entirely if you've had enough talk of Itachi for one day, but *goshdarn* after reading your recent post do I want to write that Itachi-meets-Kagami scenario I mentioned a while back. (1/5)

Post-massacre would just be a huge wallowing hole of angst and rage, but maybe I could have Sarutobi leaving that council meeting and saying, “Screw it, I need an Uchiha I can trust/talk to.” and, as Tobirama’s successor he *does* (handwaves) have knowledge of how the Edo Tensei works, and as Sandaime, he *does* have access to prisoners of Konoha just sitting around waiting to be sacrificed for the greater good.

Dealing with Obito’s presence would be an issue, but if I had Itachi confront his parents first, and had Kagami show up right at that pivotal (and oft replayed) moment, and then Itachi attempts to defend his actions to this dead guy he might have had some respect for… “But, this was to be for the good of the village - they were attempting a coup, sir.” This sounds more like a shaky whine than Itachi intends.

Kagami’s cracked smile makes Fugaku flinch where the threat of his son’s blade had not. “You’re aware I served *Senju Tobirama*, yes? A single attempted coup against the Hokage? Just the one? That could still possibly be stopped using diplomacy? AHAHAHAHA-c'mere you little shit.”

Kagami proceeds to fix a few things and be a general nuisance to all of his old comrades before going back to sleep. Urgh, but now I want to save Shisui too, and stop everything leading up to that night’s events from happening in the first place… Kat, thank you so much for allowing me (and others) to blabber fannish nonsense at you all the livelong day - you must have an incredible amount of patience. :)

Oh god, this is fucking fantastic, and if you write it I will worship at your altar. Just - yes. Yes please.  💕 💕 💕

Things my mom has said to my cat

“C'mere you little shit, let me rub Neosporin on your cuts.”

“Oh you’re home shit face.”

“He hunts rats and sleeps in my bed why the fuck do we have a cat.”

“Get off the sink, you’re dirty, and smell like sweat.”

“Rat breath.”

“Fuck off I don’t want to cuddle, no. Go away.”


“How long do you live?”