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A passageway in the Canal Street Station on the 8th Avenue Line.


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C&O Canal by Colton Brown
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Washington, DC

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I’m an idiot!! 

The first four miles I ran with 2 other people.  At the 13th hour last night I found a running group, conveniently starting at Teddy Roosevelt Island but only running 8 miles. So we’ll count those first two miles as ‘warm up’ miles and super conversational pace. 

After they left I fell into my usual long run pace.  But I stayed on the gravelly C&O canal path instead of the paved Capitol Crescent Trail. Harumph.

Looking at the maps last night I could have sworn that the trail eventually meets up with a road, and you have to cross it to go to Rock Creek Park. BUT I COULDN’T REMEMBER WHAT MILE.  See that green patch above Washington? Thats where I was supposed to go.

Then at mile 12, there was a parking lot, bathrooms and the first map in 10 MILES. Lots of Lock Houses, a couple porta potties, no trash cans, and no running water fountains…

Then I realized that I was way far away from where I intended to go.  I was a little annoyed, but since its not hot out, I had a bunch of water left and an extra gel. 

Oh yeah, since there were no trash cans, I put the accel gel packets in my hydration pack pocket. It made a huuuuuge stain on my shirt and the pack is so sticky now!!!! Good thing it needs to be washed anyway.

This was probably a blessing in disguise type thing, because this is the surface both my races will be on and both out & back courses.

When I got to the parking lot my mileage was about 24.6, and like any normal person, I had to run a little longer to get a nice round number. I considered doing 26.2 but when you run that long, longer than you intended, THEN run past your car, you just really want to go home. Now is not a good time to have butt muscles.

I’m all showered and feeling fresh! 

Taking Teddy to the dog park again so he gets his exercise in.