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ELF JAPAN & smtown_insta Update with Hyukjae & Siwon

Hyukjae : How are you? This time is Siwon came to see me ! Envy? I am also very happy! We are all doing well! So we will meet next time!! 

* Siwon liked smtown_insta’s photo ^^ (c) (c)

“The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.”
- C. JoyBell C

- Photo: “Into the blue"by lt arts


Leeteuk was called  “NATION’S MC”  by Netizens for being talented, caring and for his ability to handle situations during Gaon Chart Kpop Awards


Talented, Caring… Leeteuk displays the possibility of him being he “Nation’s MC.” 

Super Junior’s Leeteuk was MC for the 5th Gaon Chart Awards which has held on the 17th. Since 1st year, he was the MC for two consecutive years. 

Leeteuk who was the MC together with Girls’ Day’s Hyeri last year, MC-ied together with Yura this year, who is from the same group. 

The award ceremony started at 7 pm. Prior to that, Leeteuk & Yura had MC rehearsals from 3.30 pm. Because this ceremony is Yura’s 1st MC stage, it’s for sure that there will be situations where by she’s nervous, but there is Leeteuk by her side. 

Starting from the rehearsel at 3.30 pm until the ceremony ended at 10.30 pm, reporters kept close and observed Leeteuk & Yura closely. 

Leeteuk showcased his talent & capability since the rehearsal. Even though MC rehearsal are usually only to ensure that the event runs smoothly and are runned through quickly, Leeteuk still analysed each segment one by one dilligently. They had more than 4 runs for just the opening segment alone. If he is not satisfied with his own MC-ing, he will request to the production team, “let me try again.” During the rehearsal for the presentation of awards, Leeteuk once again showcased his wittiness. To that one staff who played the role as the award recevier during rehearsal, he said, “You look slimmer today”, “You really received a lot of awards today, congratulations” With a ment like that, he created a lot of laughter, making Yura who was at her first try of being an MC laugh too.

During the actual ceremony, everytime the MC segment ends, Leeteuk who will be sitting at the waiting area kept flipping through the script. Whenever Yura asks questions, Leeteuk will answer her kindly; When Yura accidentally makes  mistake, he will react quickly and guide her, allowing the MC-ing to go on without any mistakes. Besides that, we also saw how Leeteuk felt how nervous Yura was, and hence let her smell the perfume he sprayed on his wrist, allowing her to put her attention on something else and not appear too nervous. Yura who had her nervousness removed because of Leeteuk, was able to whole heartedly cheer during Big Bang’s performance, enjoying her challenge of being an MC for the first time. 

After the closing speech by the MCs, although the broadcast was over MC Leeteuk didn’t end there. Leeteuk first thanked audience with a 90 degree bow. And after that he ran over to shake hands with the fans near the stage, making poses so they could take photos, and expressed his gratitude to each and everyone of them. 

Leeteuk who is like that can’t help but make people think of the “Nation’s MC” Yoo Jaesuk or Kang Hodong. It doesn’t matter whether the camera is rolling or not, he will always be taking care of the situation, showing care & concern towards the guests so thet they won’t be nervous and be able to showcase their talent. 

As the MC of multiple shows, Leeteuk has already proven his real capabilities, holding his place as “MC Leeteuk” with his professionalism. Talented, caring and his ability to handle situations during an event; through this year’s Gaon Chart Kpop Awards, we have witnessed again how Leeteuk has what it takes to be the “Nation’s MC.” 


⇨ What are the broadcasting stations doing, quickly grab onto Leeteuk ㅋㅋㅋ quickly grab onto him, there will be a lot of benefits. 

⇨ Has the capability, and gives a sense of security. Definitely has what it takes to be an MC. 

⇨ GAON’s sound system and camera work was a mess, only Leeteuk MC alone was worth watching. It was really because of Leeteuk that I didn’t change channel ㅋㅋㅋ 

⇨ Leeteuk is really good at MC-ing, he has reached the stage where the audience will feel at ase watching him MC. 

⇨ He really has the capability & personality to be called the Nation’s MC. It feels like if he chances upon a great show, Leeteuk will soar as an MC. Leeteuk fighting! 

⇨ To be honest, he really MC-ed well. I acknowledge.

* Leeteuk thanked the reporter who wrote the article on his instagram by sharing the article. (c) (c)

trans by jungsoostan_  |  photo by TeukBar

160212 - Hyukjae came to watch Wook's pre-recording on Music bank~

* Hyuk said he’s on holiday, so he came to support Wook! Wook introduced Hyuk as his new manager~ Wook said that the manager should sing. Hyukjae sang one line from the The Little Prince.

* Hyukjae was wearing a hoodie and a black mask. Maybe because it’s been a long time that’s why he looked like he was trembling. He was covering his face with the mask and took it off and showed us his face when he did his greetings.

* Before Hyuk Oppa went down the stage, he saluted and Wook Oppa who was beside him also saluted.

* He was continuously saying thanks for supporting Ryeowook Oppa!
Hyukjae saluted 3 or 4 times? Anyway, he did it a lot ㅠㅠ 

* There were students on uniform on a school tour at Music Bank. Hyukjae asked them what year are they in. They answered 3rd year. He looked at the boy students and said that they should enter the military soon.

* Hyuk: I’m protecting everyone from nuclear missile from North Korea!

* Hyuk: Salute! i am Private first class Lee HyukJae! Everyone at MuBank, next year I will greet you all with album. Thank you for giving Ryeowook a lot of support, I really wanted to see ELF. Have you been well?


Hyuk: Did you eat???

Fans: No!!

Hyuk: But your face looks like you’ve eaten already?

* Hyuk: I’m listening to Ryeowook’s songs in the army. In fact, we listen a lot to girl groups’ songs ㅎㅎ  But I listen a lot to Ryeowookie’s songs too.

* Hyuk: I receive strength listening to Ryeowook’s song in army .

Wook: You’re lying! 

Hyuk: Yes, the true is i’m gaining strength by listening to girl group songs ㅋㅋ

* All the fans who saw Hyuk today are saying that he’s really thin now, like a girl group member :(  “…Hyukjae is a lot thinner in person than in the photos. He actually looks ok in photos…” (c)(c)(c)