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My latest C&R musing (hope you don't mind me dropping these off randomly, lol): Given Burns' position of power and what we find out about him in C&B, do you think he had anything to do with Sidewinder being recalled? (Or is that something we find out on the page? I'm suddenly blanking on if that was actually explained in canon?)

Don’t mind at all.  :)

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“You ever wonder why Sidewinder got sent off right before our time was up?” Kelly asked. “Right after we all survived a brush with the NIA in New Orleans?”

“You think the NIA sent us back to war?” Ty growled.

Kelly nodded, his eyes as gray and hard as steel.


“So they’d have unhindered access to one of us. They pulled Nick for this hit and then sent us home,” Owen answered. “We were sent back over there just so Burns could be taken out of the game.”

“It’s free labor,” Digger said with a shrug. “NIA tugs a string, Corps calls us back. They tug another string, Nick is sent to their door. Tug that last string, Burns is dead. They only lift a tiny finger and don’t put out a cent for the trouble. Not a bad setup, if you’re an evil bastard.”

- Abigail Roux. Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) (Kindle Locations 1815-1822). Riptide Publishing.

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Major Hewlett (TURN), Karl Tanner (Game of Thrones), Hermann Gottlieb (Pacific Rim), Yuri Podorov (The Oxford Murders), Owen Harper (Torchwood)

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wait .. . I had it all wrong .. . sasaki’s hair wasn’t turning white before because kaneki was coming back, it was turning white because kaneki was almost gone. his hair is becoming black now because kaneki is slowing taking back his body and mind… damn ishida. .  i really didn’t see that one coming.  . 

Eu gravei suas iniciais em minha pele pra que fique bem claro a quem pertenço. Ainda sinto o gosto de morango do seu batom e a dor na minha carne com saudades do teu toque. É tortura não possuir você como você me possui, é tortura ir dormir as 5 da manhã por pensar em tudo que perdi e tudo que deixei de ganhar quando você se foi. É tortura ainda te amar dia após dia depois do tanto que você me machucou. Tento em vão encontrar forças no meu coração pra seguir adiante mas sempre acabo percebendo que ele não me pertence mais, eu o entreguei a você. Pelo menos me deixe tê-lo de volta?
—  Johny C. 1996