idc how up her ass y'all are but white ppl can’t write characters of colour without giving into stereotypes i can’t believe i actually expected any better 😷😷😷😷 literally mutta never even speaks and the one time he does he’s portrayed as misogynistic and his entire character is ruined, real cool man

and then a whole ramadan is reduced to 72 virgins? what the hell is that about?? what’s with 4 muslims boys being reduced to insensitive misogynistic violent asses ? yikes

then there’s also the infamous MoC Chooses White Girl over WoC Storyline™ and making it seem like sana is literally crying b/c she’ll never be as good enough as The White Girl …….. which is just really not cool? anyways


So last year, I organized a fandub of the very first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series animated by Toey, famously known as “Season Zero” by fans.  It was a super fun and ambitious project, and everybody totally pulled through.

I figured I’d bring it back just around a year later, just because!  Thanks again to the wonderful cast who helped make this a reality!


Muto Yuugi
Hailey “Squiggly” Lain (@squigglydigg)

Katsuya Jonouchi
Kanono (on Youtube)

Mazaki Anzu
Kirsten Conti @arorea

Hiroto Honda
Patrick Seymour @pmseymourva

Nosaka Miho
“Cee B.” @ceeblathers

Sugoroku Muto
Cole Daigneault @simulpony

Tetsu Ushio
David Zimmerman @citrusstorm

Archaeologist A
David Zimmerman @citrusstorm

Archaeologists (B & C)
Tobennh Dacanay @navnavprime

Boys (A & B)
Tobennh Dacanay @navnavprime

Hall Monitors (A, B, C)
Tobennh Dacanay @navnavprime

Girl A

Girl B
“Duque” @duque-at-her-computer

Girl C
Ali Thar @ali-yu

All copyrights to the animated content in this fan work belong to Toei Animation.  All music used belongs to Toei Animation, Nihon Ad Systems, and Studio Gallop, Wands, and FIELD OF VIEW.  Neither I nor any actors who partook in this fan work claim any ownership of any copyrighted material; the only thing we own are our voices.

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Okay, so I can't stop thinking about Rhett's hands......... And how beautiful and big they are....... I think I have a problem b/c I love them so much more than I should. Help me, Riley!

Don’t feel ashamed, Anon. They are some seriously nice hands.

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Just look at how he uses them to run his fingers through his hair:

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And how he strokes that beard:

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Don’t forget the way he cleans them after eating:

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And would his laugh be complete without a hand on his chest?

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(I could do an entirely separate post about how he uses his hands on Link, but I think this is enough “help” for now. 😉)

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I honestly cannot deal with one of my coworkers anymore. He's constantly yelling randomly, singing extremely loudly out of nowhere, and getting way too close to me when he does that and it makes me jump and gives me serious anxiety. I can't tell him though because he constantly forgets everything we tell him. He also can't even do the job b/c of always forgetting everything, messing up customers orders, burning himself on the oven, etc... it's getting ridiculous.


Carlyle: WHAT THE HECK!! There you guys are!!!!

Rhea: Y-eah!!! I know, I’m sorry D: We got caught up looking at stuff on the computer in the office and lost track of time.

Carlyle: Uhggggg!!! It’s whatever. I took care of it. >:(

Winston: ehe… i um… i think we should probably just close for the day… i’m sorry Carlyle D: D: D: we didn’t know it was so busy!!!

Carlyle: *Sigh* it’s fine.. I’m just tired, so I’m grumpy. You guys just go on ahead home, I’ll close shop and clean up.

Winston: are u shure b/c we can—

Carlyle: Seriously, just go. >:(

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dude,,,, im really interested im the idea of that space camp song now

aaAAA ngl i did write an instrumental for it (literally it was made,,,, around the same time as colorbars holy fuck), i’m gonna go relisten to it b/c i forgot what it sounded like lmao

edit: ok it doesn’t sound that bad like i could easily fix it up tbh

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how do you get over a crush? I have a crush on this girl (I'm a bi girl btw) but she could never like be back b/c she's straight and I don't want this to ruin our friendship

dude its hard to get over a crush i would make a conscious decision ?? i assume shes a school friend so when you get out for the summer not seeing her everyday will really help

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I just read a post that Echo's been confirmed as a s5 regular and in a interview with JR he said there was a possibility even if small that Bell and Echo could be dating by the time they get to Earth (bc it's 6 years) or that they could even have a little child to match Clarke's and i'm freaking out because I really don't like Echo for one and I'm really getting sick of people getting between C/B relationship after we are given hope. so can you please help me see how bellarke can happen in s5?

That’s not what the interview said at all. Echo has been confirmed as a Season 5 regular, but it makes sense that everyone on the Ark right now would be a Season regular (so far the only person on the Ark who isn’t is Emori-I’m hoping for an announcement for her soon!)

As it relates to the possibility of a baby, JRoth seems pretty negative about that:

IGN: Speaking of parents, my mind goes to wondering if someone, maybe multiple someones, might come down from the Ark with a child in tow?

Rothenberg: Yeah, well, you know there’s not much you can do when you’re sitting in space for five years. I do think having a child up there would make surviving infinitely harder. Much like birth rates were closely monitored on the Ark prior to the series starting, that’s not a burden they want to take on. Not that they won’t and I’m not saying one way or another, but producing a show with a bunch of kids is a pain in the butt too [Laughs] so we wouldn’t want to use too many of them.

Also keep in mind that Eric Goldman (the IGN interviewer is very strongly anti-Bellarke and anti-Bellamy Blake), his interviews and reviews almost always avoid Bellamy and Bellarke or speak about him/the relationship in a derogatory manner.