hoseok in bon voyage

actually shows he’s a very dependable and lovable sunshine

what he did :-
1. worries about jimin when he gotta retrieve his lost bag all by himself
2. makes yoongi laugh, accompanies yoongi
3. indulges jungkook in handholding
4. when tae was climbing, he had his hands ready to prevent tae from falling (sauna epi where jimin peeked at tae’s undies color yeah)
5. joins in the fun hyping and dorking with jungkook
6. also does the same with jin
7. very friendly to the foreigner that found his ticket
8. helps jungkook and jimin to carry his heavy luggage
9. tidies up the camping car and asks the staff to be careful with his head
10. indulges jin when jin is playing, also reminds him to be careful
11. massages jimin when jimin is tired
12. switches seat with jimin in camping car when jimin got carsick

please love this precious man jung hoseok aka actual sunshine

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