córa game project


Hello you lovely lovely peeps! I apologize to you guys for not updating much recently. This year’s quarter is the most rigorous yet; I’m juggling animation class and a game-aesthetic class and between the two of them, sleep and time to myself is becoming hard to come by. I finally took a nap today after staying up for a day and a half to finish a project, and I expect to pull something similar again this weekend ‘cause I have two animations due. It’s a good thing I’m enjoying the work. :/

Anyway, this is one of the projects I recently finished for my Game-Aesthetic class. The assignment had us choose a time period randomly from a hat and make a game based off of that concept (it didn’t have to be historically accurate 100%). I got Ancient Egypt, and the idea for my game goes a bit like this:

Amun-Ra, the God-King of the sun (at least he is in my game) has been defeated by his nemesis, Apep the God of Chaos. Apep, after besting the god king in an ambush, “dismantles” Amun-Ra and spreads his pieces across Egypt so he won’t be able to resurrect himself. The absence of the God-King results in the sun becoming absent, and without his constant warmth and the god of Chaos taking over, Egypt experiences what’s essentially an eternal winter. Alongside that, people are turned to stone, gods and goddesses against Apep are being sealed away one by one, and it’s overall just a huge mess.

You play as the cat Batal, who has been chosen and given the blessing of the Cat Goddess Bastet and the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet to collect the pieces of Amun-Ra, unseal the gods that have been imprisoned, and in result defeat Apep once and for all. The game is an open-world environment (similar to Okami and Shadow of the Colossus) and you traverse the chaotic Egypt to fight and bring it back to it’s natural glory, and put Amun-Ra back in place as the rightful King of the Gods.

My overall goal with the game was to take something as iconic as the warm Egypt and make it something completely different. Similar to Journey, I wanted to use colors other than just warm golds and tans for the desert, so as you go through the game you will encounter a huge range of environments (ex: underwater temples, oasis, snow-covered deserts and pyramids, so on) and color palettes.

I had so much fun with the project that I’ll probably continue developing it throughout the class, but we’ll see. Maybe it’ll get refined enough to become a game I can make in the future? Who knows. I hope you guys like it so far. ^.^