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Jamie Reyes x Reader This actually got way longer then I meant for it to, I hope that you all like it, requests are open. 

Jaime pulled at his collar nervously looking outside of restaurant, it felt like with every minute longer that he waited the more the flowers went from proud, to embarrassed, and his shoulders started to slump. There was only so many times that he could text you, where things awkward between you two and he hadn’t even noticed?

“The girl does not want to be your companion it seems she lied Jaime.” The scarab reminded him as he looked at his phone, you were an hour late, and he’d already texted you twice.  Jaime took a deep breath and stood up bolting towards the door. At least he hadn’t order any appetizers, or a soda, then he would’ve had to pay and talk to the waitress, which would’ve made things even more awkward.

“I…I don’t see what I did wrong? Y/N said she wanted to go to the next step, she said she wanted to-“Jaime spoke to himself outside of the restaurant, and caught a family watching. He growled frustrated and threw away the flowers going off alone to fly off.

You and Jaime had always been the best of friends, and sometimes when you two flirted with each other it felt like the line was disconnected. Almost as though the other person was oblivious, when in actuality, you both were so caught up in impressing one another, neither of you were paying attention to what was in both of your faces. It was really Bart who got you two to tell each other, during a late night game of spin the bottle that no one, especially speedy and robin are allowed to talk about, but after the kiss you and Jamie shared, he was finally able to ask you on a date, where you should be, and you were nowhere to be found.

“Your levels of anger on rising Jaime Reyes.”

He shook his head and called Bart as he flew over the city the cool air helping him calm his nerves. “Hermano! Where are you?!”

“What did I tell you about calling me…” Jaime just sighed; the last thing he wanted to worry about was Bart’s stupid nickname. “I’m leaving the date I was supposed to be at with Y/N, and I just wanted to know if you knew where she was, because if she was uncomfortable about this entire situation she could’ve just told me, and I would’ve left it alone. No soy una ano!”

“Hermano! She got in an accident earlier today, I thought you were just upset, I texted you but-oh…I never pressed send…ha…um actually we’re all at the hospital, she got into an accident, but nothing bad! Well…Y/N did break her leg, but like you know not bad, bad.” Bart attempted to explain as Jaime took off towards the hospital.

“And you forgot to text me?!”

“In my defense, I struggle to even sit still long enough to type out a message, I don’t really text hermano.”

Jaime shook his head. “I’m on my way.”

Jaime walked into your room with fresh flowers the color leaving his face and being replaced with a deep blush as he looked at Black Canary and The Flash. It’s one thing for you guys friends to see you, but the adults, they’d never let it go. He cleared his throat and came over sitting next to your bed.

“I was really worried about you Y/N when you didn’t…” Jaime looked at Bart who was just grinning in his direction trying to pretend he was busy tying his shoes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call, I just wasn’t even really thinking about anything, I think I was a bit shocked.”

“No, no you’re fine…you’re okay I mean, I don’t mean you aren’t fine, but that would be really not okay to say.” Jaime looked away as Flash and Canary gave him a sympathetic face over whatever just came out of his mouth, Jaime could swear he could even feel the scarab judging him.

“Um, this is for you.”

Y/N smiled and took the flowers laughing. “Rain check on our date, if you still want to even go with me?”

“Duh, of course, yes.” Jaime smiled playing with his fingertips nervously.


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