c: mac rendell


I had a THEORY y'all!

What if dead Mac-in-the-box is still actually our Mac, from the final episode? It’s just been assumed that the Macsicle is from an alternate timeline, a different Mac. But think about it… we’ve now got the identical looking handheld reader; we know Connor is in the next episode, possibly bringing his ARC jacket with him; Mac is surprisingly suddenly clean shaven in the last episode; AND WE KNOW THERE’S A GODS DAMNED ANOMALY LEADING TO 6 HOURS BEFORE  EVAN’S WIFE GETS CHEWED DOWN ON!

What if it’s all Mac, trying to go back and undo everything to rewrite something pretty fucking horrendous that happens, and inadvertently starts the whole thing rolling.

I think it’s possible, and a pretty big paradox, but I hope it bloody well isn’t, cause that would just break me.

Of Soldiers and Dragons

Mac groaned as he reached the end of yet another corridor to no avail. Seriously? No way should it be this difficult to track down a ten foot lizard in a locked-down government facility. How did the bloody thing even keep getting out of the menagerie? With a defeated sigh, he flipped on his comm to check if the Captain was having any better luck than he was. “It’s here!” came the curt reply, and in the background, Mac could hear an agitated roar and a whole lot of scuffling. “Dammit! Hold still, you bloody…” and then a crash. “Rendell, for god’s sake get down here and give me a hand. North corridor. This thing is out of control.”

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That last episode of Primeval New World was amazing…

I didn’t expect to see Mac there…and Evan changed everything once before. 

Everything that happened in that episode is a testament to all the actors/actresses and just how good they are. Niall Matter was amazing.

The episode was so intense…so now I’m going to go sit in a corner, think about what happened and the repercussions of it all and what everything means, whilst trying not to cry over having to wait till the end of January for the next episode. Analyzing the crap out of it all.

I love this show.