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Hey! I just saw your newest writing piece and oh how I’ve missed you! Would you be able to do prompt 24 for evak please?

Hi! Missed you all too! <3

“You okay? You seem a little off today,” Handsome Barista asks as he hands Isak his coffee. Isak’s eyes jerk up to Handsome Barista’s face and the slight blush that is forming on his fair skin. “I don’t mean to pry, it’s just…,” he trails off, Isak’s coffee still in one hand.

It’s quiet for a beat too long as Isak tries to figure out what to say to that. For some reason, he doesn’t want to lie to Handsome Barista. On the other hand, how appropriate is it to tell someone whose name you don’t even know and who you’ve been calling Handsome Barista in your head for months now that you haven’t slept in two days because this paper is kicking your butt and the only good thing about your life right now is his face and his coffee.

“I’m okay,” he settles on saying, fascinated by the soft smile appearing on Handsome Barista’s face.

Isak distractedly takes the coffee cup, gently cradling it between his hands to soak up its warmth. The looming deadline already feels less stressful just from smelling the coffee. And maybe also from the way Handsome Barista holds his eyes as he keeps smiling.

“Good! That’s… yeah, that’s good!” Handsome Barista says, nodding along to his own words, “I’ll let you get back to your work.”

Isak nods, smiling himself and makes his way over to, what has began to feel like, his table. It’s close to the window with enough daylight to stay awake but without a glare from to sun on the screen of his laptop. It also has a direct view on Handsome Barista as he’s working, but that’s neither here nor there.

He manages to make great strides at writing his paper and is halfway the first draft of his conclusion when a hand appears in his peripheral vision and the smell of fresh coffee hits him. When he raises his head, Handsome Barista is standing besides his table.

“You looked like you could use a refill,” he says, jerking his chin towards the fresh cup of coffee. “I hope you like cinnamon, I added a bit.”

Isak nods, “Yeah, I like cinnamon.” He reaches over for his wallet when Handsome Barista stops him.

“It’s on me.”

Isak frowns and opens his mouth to reply, but before he can, his friends enter the coffeeshop. Magnus flings himself down besides Isak, bumping against the table and almost upping Isak’s coffee over his notes.

Isak’s cry of outrage goes unnoticed as Magnus immediately starts talking, “So, Isak, where is this Handsome Barista of yours?”

“Handsome Barista?” the man in question asks, eyes crinkling in a smile, even as Isak hits Magnus over the head. “Most people call me Even.”

“Oh my god,” Isak moans, wishing the earth would swallow him whole, refusing to meet Hands- Even’s eyes.

“Would it help to know I’ve been calling you Cute Customer in my head all this time?” Even asks, bending over so he’s at face level with Isak.

Isak looks up, a thrill shooting over his spine when green locks with blue. “That does help, thanks.”

Even smiles, his fingers drumming a nervous pattern on the tabletop. They share a loaded moment as they just look at each other.

“Ask him out,” Magnus stage-whispers and Isak groans. Jonas spares Isak from having to smack Magnus over the head again when he does it for him.

“What time do you get of?” Isak asks, ignoring the scuffle arising besides him.

“Six,” Even replies, his fingers stilling.

“Let me take you out for something to eat,” Isak asks, sounding braver than he feels.

“I’d love that,” Even smiles.

Isak decides he loves cinnamon coffee.

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Isak glares down at his coffee when Even’s voice reaches him.

Who the fuck decided it was ok to give uni students classes that startet at 8?

He thought uni was supposed to be this chill time in his life where he’d never have to leave their flat and then for certain periods of time would only consist of stress because of exams.

“Hm?” his voice sounds hoarse, like it always does when he’s tired. The frown deepens.

Then there are two arms circling around him. Warm. Cosy. He feels his eyes droop a bit as he leans back into Even.

“I asked if you want to meet up for lunch later?”

The thing that Isak’s equally happy about and feels like it’s a tiny bit unfair at times is that Even has almost no required class attendence.

It’s obviously great and Isak’s glad for him - also since Even wakes up with him anyway he goes most of the time even though he doesn’t have to - and when Isak’s brain isn’t clouded by tiredness he can go on and on about how incredibly cute Even is when he nerds out about all this filmstuff from class.

It just feels brutal sometimes when he walks outside into the biting cold and knows if Even wanted to he could just crawl back into their perfect bed. Laying there all sleepy and sexy while Isak had to sit through a morning of lectures and couldn’t cuddle into him.

Right now Even chuckles into his ear, then he’s pressing three noisy kisses onto Isak’s cheek.

“Especially slow this morning, hm? Isak? Lunch? Meeting up?”

Isak bends his head to send Even a glare, but at the same time pushes his lips forward into a pout, tilts his head back and asks for a kiss.

After he received several soft pecks and gentle nose bumps he nods once.

“Yes, to lunch.”

The arms around him squeeze him tighter for a second as Even smiles.

“Good! Now come on, let’s go shower.” Even dramatically wiggles his brows “I’ll wake you up.”