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Step into the light: Part 9 Jaguar C-X75 Concept, 2010. The X350 series XJ of 2003 was the first series production aluminium Jaguar followed by the second generation XK of 2006. The C-X75 was an aluminium and carbon fibre hybrid electric hypercar. In 2011 Jaguar announced plans for a limited production version of the concept made in collaboration with the Williams F1 team but in December 2012 they cancelled the project

Agent AF7 (Jungkook, You) Scenario

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The world seemed to be in slow motion as Jungkook took deep breaths, surveying his surroundings.

There were eight—no ten (there were two snipers on opposites sides of the second floor mezzanine) armed men currently facing him. He stood still, feeling his lover’s presence behind him, which makes it even harder to make a decision whether to engage, or not.

“Y/N… baby, don’t move.” He whispered when he felt her shallow breathing and the slight tremble from her body. He knew she was scared, she had every right to be, and it kills Jungkook on every aspect. But he couldn’t risk one of those snipers going off at her.

“Sorry.” She whispered, which sounded more like a choked sob and Jungkook wanted to turn around and kiss her; to assure her that it was going to be alright and that she shouldn’t be sorry.

It was his fault she was in this mess, after all.

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Global Unveiling of Jaguar Land Rover Bond Cars

Recently, Jaguar Land Rover celebrated their vehicles appearing in the upcoming Bond adventure, Spectre. Cars, including the Jaguar C-X75, Range Rover Sport SVR and the iconic Land Rover Defender, stole the show as they were unveiled publicly for the first time in Frankfurt.

Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and David Bautista (Hinx) were guests of honor at the glamorous event showcasing special stunt vehicles used in the latest installment of the James Bond series. 

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Jaguar C-X75 2010. Jaguar’s hypercar was first displayed at the Paris Motor Show, the concept is an electric hybrid which uses twin gas-turbine engines to charge the batteries which power it’s 4 electric engines with a combined 778hp. Plans were announced to produce a limited number of cars, using a more conventional supercharged petrol engine, in association with the Williams F1 team. The plan has subsequently been cancelled. The motor show pictures were taken by me


Featured Designer #8 - Matt Beaven

Industrial Design (Transport), Coventry 1994.

Chief Designer, Exteriors (Advanced Design). Notable designs include Jaguar C-X16, F-Type, C-X75.

Matt Beaven has also been working with Jaguar for some time, and it shows in his acute understanding of the brand. His line, form and proportion is bang on in his sketchwork, and should be the focus of students looking to learn and improve!

[note: while I like to space these ‘featured designers’ out, I’m changing jobs, and having to clear my work hard drive - which is where these were stored]


Featured Designer #5 - Yann Jarsalle

Transportation Design, Strate College 2000.

Exterior Designer. Notable designs include Renault DeZir Concept, Renault Alpine A110-50, Renault Clio 2013.

Under the guidance of Laurens Van Der Acker, Yann has been pivotal in the development of Renault’s new exterior form language. The ‘design by volumes’ philosophy evident in the DeZir, which Yann himself compares favourably with the Jaguar C-X75, has successfully shown the world that there is more to automotive design than 'German precision’; emotional design is the key.


These are Jaguar’s official pics of the C-X75 concept taken in advance of the Lord Mayor’s Show, turns out it was being driven by SPECTRE stunt driver Martin Ivanov. It’s photographed here in Smithfield Market which is the largest wholesale meat market in the UK which has been on the site for over 800 years and is the only remaining central London market. The previous James Bond movie, Skyfall, was filmed around and under Smithfield. It was used as the location for M16′s recovery base after their Vauxhall headquarters was bombed in the movie