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East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon.
Sir George Webbe Dasent.(1817-1896).
A collection of stories translated from Peter Christen Asbjørnsen (1812-1885) and Jørgen Engebretsen Moe (1813-1882).
David McKay, Publisher
604-608 S.Washington Square, Philadelphia.
Published : c.1921.

“Twelve Wild Ducks”

But now it happened once, when she was out on the moor to pick thistle-down, - and if I don’t mistake, it was the very last time she was to go thither, - it happened that the young King who ruled that land was out hunting, and came riding across the moor and saw her. So he stopped there…

And Now I’m Flying Away || (Peg & Susan)


So Peg had a deal with Susan. And the deal required Peg getting something in return for their service. And for a little while they didn’t exactly know what it was that they wanted. 

That is, until they very clearly did. 

Back during the masquerade, they had promised Susan a flight- but being too smashed to follow through, they had gone the night without even leaving the ground. This sucked. But it did also present itself to be the best opportunity to even things out that they had ever bloody heard. It was perfect. 

So, they rang her up after work- ready to argue for the brilliance of their plan. “Susan- hey! I’ve figured out what I want.” 

What Happened Last Night || (Peg & Susan)


Peg woke up feeling awful. 

Which was weird- but not exactly unheard of. Wicked hangovers had become something of a staple at Casa Pegasus, you know, with great parties came great consequences and all that jazz. But this was different.

It wasn’t one of those wake up- roll out of bed- throw up in the garbage can- drink a green juice and get on with your day kind of feelings. It felt like, deeper? They ached all the way down to their bones and even just rolling over in bed was a laborious task. Whatever it was that they had drank last night, they needed to just not do that ever again. Cool? Cool. 

Actually speaking of bed- with a mighty heave they hoisted themselves up onto their elbows and looked around. They dragged a hand across their face to rub at their eyes, blinking once, twice, until the person they had been looking for came into view. 

“Hey- Susan, good morning.” They mumbled, their voice surprisingly hoarse. That would teach them to not drink water after partying it up. 

TASM2 Headcanon

Gwen surviving the fall, but sustaining a high-level spinal cord injury in the process.

Gwen allowing herself some brief time to freak out and cry when she finds out she’s paralyzed, then calmly calling up Oxford to ask them if she can defer a year.

Gwen taking that year to adjust to a wheelchair and assistive technology such as a voice-activated computer, while researching disability law and keeping in touch with her professors at Oxford to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Gwen taking her knowledge of genetics and bioscience from her internship at Oscorp and translating that into a major in neuroscience, specifically in spinal cord regeneration research.

Gwen talking to other disabled students at Oxford and becoming a regular presence in the Dean’s office whenever she notices an accessibility problem for anyone.

Gwen vlogging regularly about how she lives with paralysis and becoming a bit of a viral sensation.

Gwen using her research to help Peter solve problems, neutralize enemies, design new tech, and in general become a better, stronger Spider-man.

Gwen eventually becoming so well-known in the disability activism community that she’s invited to testify in Congress. She pushes increased funding for stem cell research and greater oversight for the ADA.

Gwen Stacy scoring the ultimate victory over the Green Goblin and conquering the world from her wheelchair.