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aight so in my infinite resources of stupidity, i deleted my entire account in a second of thinking it was just a hoarded url instead. so i’m starting back 4 or 5 years from scratch p. much. anyways, please p l e a s e reblog if you’re hbo war or military history, because i can only think of so many people off the top of my head. thank you!!

   So, probably by next month I’m going to move this blog to somewhere fresh and clean! Relationships, threads, and the works will still be in order. I will continue drafts here then move them onto my new blog. I think Ally just needs a fresh start where it doesn’t feel so cluttered. It’ll take a little time but, I will have it set up and slowly following back people once it is done. Until then, like I said, I will be doing drafts and answering things via ask! I just got to dye my hair and I will be on today.


Thorin + being majestic requested by bilbokingoferebor

and of course we musn’t forget Thorin at his most majestic