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aight so in my infinite resources of stupidity, i deleted my entire account in a second of thinking it was just a hoarded url instead. so i’m starting back 4 or 5 years from scratch p. much. anyways, please p l e a s e reblog if you’re hbo war or military history, because i can only think of so many people off the top of my head. thank you!!

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did sexuallyambiguousnerd delete their fics? im looking for the height difference one called zenith and nadir (i think) but i cant find it c it says the url isnt found

they changed urls!

Zenith And Nadir - Cute short 5'3 Dan doesn’t wear anything but a big knee length t shirt to bed. His uni roommate Phil is 6'3 and Dan thinks he is a jerk because he refuses to help him get stuff off their high shelves, little does he know it’s because Phil knows the higher he reaches up the more his shirt raises at the back which means the more of his cute bare butt he gets to see…

- Tori


Thorin + being majestic requested by bilbokingoferebor

and of course we musn’t forget Thorin at his most majestic

hello! my name is althea, and i’m about a day late with my introduction. sorry, friends! ;v; this weekend was super stressful for me, so i couldn’t focus on roleplaying as much as i wanted to. but i’m here now and ready to get started! thank you so much to everyone who has sent me a welcome message, i’ll get to you as soon as possible. if anyone would like to plot, you can either message me here or find me on twitter @deamilitis. i also have kkt, discord, and skype, which i’m willing to give out privately, for anyone that wants them. 

anyway, there is some information under the cut and i’ll have his pages up later today! i’m really excited to be here, and i hope to plot and write with you all soon. <3

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hinata and kageyama living together and hinata always hiding cute notes around their apartment for kags to find. the notes have doodles of crows and volleyballs to messages like, ‘i really like the way you hug me’ to ‘i wouldn’t mind some bondage tonight’. they all make kageyama’s chest feel tight and his face bright red.

She was lost. But the young wayfinder didn’t want to admit this as she wandered a part of town she’d never been before. “Tatou o tagata folau e vala’auina. E le atua o le sami tele e o mai. Ia ava’e le lu’itau e lelei. Tapenapena.” She sang quietly to herself. “Aue, aue. Nuku i mua. Te manulele e tataki e. Aue, aue. Te fenua, te mālie. Nae ko hakilia mo kaiga e..” She sang the song of her ancestors, not realizing she wasn’t alone. In her position, it was almost ironic to sing this song - it sang of knowing the way and she in fact was entirely lost. 

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