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hello hello guys :’) it’s sav, aka hoseokxx aka hixtapexx and right now…… YCCNSEOK! (woooo say hello to my new url - i just Needed yoongi to be somewhere inside my url too :c)
i’ve recently hit a personal goal not too long ago and decided that a follower forever had to be done (this has been follow forever #468536 and counting) (jk) to show my appreciation to both my following, for their beautiful!!!!!!!!!! content and reblogs i get to see each and everyday i come onto tumblr! and followers, for their constant support to my blog and their asks that really brighten up my days ;u; THANK YOU all so so sooo much!! ♡

and because i won’t be around here much till early october due to exams (17/09 i’ll poof away from tumblr), this will also be my hiatus announcement sobs (i’ll be back for their comeback though!! and to queue more things from time to time <3)

now on to the proper follow forever:

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Hi guys! I’m so happy to announce that I have reached 5000 followers! Yet another incredible milestone ;u; Ahh, it’s seriously so unbelievable and asdfghjkl, I have no words for how thankful I am to each and every one of you!  

Thank you so much to all my followers (also the cutest & kindest mutuals ever) for taking the time to click that follow button, for sending me cute messages and in general for supporting my blog by liking/reblogging the works of others as well as my own work;; love you all lots! ♥ ( ˆ ⌣ ˆ ԅ ) 

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(this is literally my first fic ever in all of history i hope you like it )

Kravitz has tried over and over again to call Lup or Barry, and he’s gotten nothing. Three beeps and a cheerful “Gone necromancer hunting! Leave a message!” He clicks off and sighs in frustration.
From the other room he hears a small moan, and walks back in to where Taako’s laying on their bed, mumbling about it being too warm and too cold. Kravitz presses a hand to Taako’s forehead, and tells him “You’re running a fever. Just try and sleep, alright?” He walks back into the kitchen and grabs a cold rag from a bowl in the sink. After wringing it out, he walks back into the bedroom and places it on Taako’s forehead.
He doesn’t know how to fix being sick. He hasn’t been mortal in so long that he’s forgotten how to generate his own body heat, why would he remember? How do you take care of that?
Kravitz spends the better part of the evening tending to Taako. Pacing in between the kitchen and the bedroom, murmuring reassurances, changing out rags when they get warm, and so on. It’s on one of these trips into the kitchen that he gets the idea to call Magnus. He calls quickly, worrying more and more with each beep.
“Hello?” Magnus picks up on the fourth beep.
“Magnus,” Kravitz says. “Taako’s sick and I don’t know what to do. Could you come over here please?”
“Uh. Yeah, okay. I’ll be there in a bit.”
“Thank you,” he sighed.
“No problem.” Magnus clicks off.
Pacing, pacing, pacing, and the doorbell rings. Kravitz practically runs to it, and swiftly opens the door to a very overburdened-looking Magnus.
“Thank you for coming so quickly, Magnus. What’s all this?” He takes a few of the boxes.
Magnus grunts as he heaves the rest onto the kitchen table. “Soup stock, Fantasy Vicks, a few hot water bottles, there’s a roast chicken in there somewhere,” he pauses to catch a small wooden box and holds it up. “A few bottles of mint extract, and some hot chocolate mix with marshmallows and peppermint sticks.”
Kravitz looks over the supplies on the table. “Is all of it necessary?” He glances up at Magnus.
“No, not really,” Magnus looks sheepish. “But it’s not like Taako wouldn’t have demanded the best possible care.”
One bubbling soup and a fight to smear Fantasy Vicks on a very confused elf later, they’d coaxed Taako into drinking a few sips of hot chocolate and having a small bowl of soup.
“Y'know, Krav,” Taako started.
“Shush, lovely.” Kravitz took the opportunity to give Taako another spoonful of soup.
“Mmmrph,” mumbled Taako.
Magnus sat on the foot of the bed, diluting some mint extract with water. “Glad to see you’re feeling better.”
“Pffft, I was fine.” Taako insisted. “I dont know why you bothered with the soup, Krav. It’s all lime gogurt to me anyway.”

hey this is really cute and sweet! 

“theres a roast chicken in there somewhere” of course mags would go over the top to help his friend

We’re very proud to announce that the Captive Prince Secret Santa is back for a second edition this year!

Tell me what’s a Secret Santa! It’s a really fun event in which you get assigned a person to create a gift for, and someone makes a gift for you too. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still spread love! Feel free to browse the 2016 entries to see how cheerful the event was last year.

Tell me who can participate! All CaPri fanartists and fanfiction writers aged 18 and above. Only 50 regular participants and 10 backup gifters will be accepted, so get in while you can! There is no cap on the amount of beta readers we will accept.

Tell me where I can read more detailed info about the event! There are more specific explanations in the Rules and FAQ pages, which you’re required to read before signing up to the event. (Here are the mobile Rules and FAQ.)

I really want to participate. Tell me what the schedule looks like!

  • Sept. 20 - Oct. 5: Applications open
  • Oct. 14-15: Assignments sent
  • Nov. 10-12: Mandatory check-in
  • Nov. 25: Deadline to drop out
  • Dec. 15-20: Gifts posted
  • Dec. 25: Reveal of names 

Ok, I’ve read everything you needed me to. Tell me how I can sign up! There are 3 different ways to sign up. A. as a regular participant; B. as a backup gifter; or C. as a beta reader. You can find the links to the different applications in this page. (Mobile access here.)

Tell me how I can contact you if I have questions! You are more than welcome to send us an ask or a DM anytime! 

We’re very excited to work with everyone! Spread the word, and share the love 💜