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i wanted to do a full pack thing, WHICH I HAVE SOME REGRETS ABOUT bc oh god, but it was both terrible and fun. c: easily my favourite pack, i love them all so much (what do u mean allison’s dead, i can’t hear you over the sound of her being right there. POINTS, SEE? RIGHT THERE)

Dear Elena, 

I’m writing to you on behalf of my English class dictator teacher who insists that socializing with a stranger via the outdated means of letter writing will not only be good for our educational development, but our emotional development as well. Hey, we all need a friend, right? I’m sure you’re thrilled too. Sorry to waste your time with the useless drivel resulting from my complete and utter disinterest, but on account of needing a passing grade, I’ve all but been forced, and as such I’m trying to hit a redundant word count. This looks long enough, right? I bet she won’t even read it. 

Your incredibly enthusiastic penpal, 




“C'mon, Tate! Just come dance with me!” You shouted as you twirled about the room. Tate rolled his eyes before answering your question with another.

 "Why do you like dancing so much, anyway?“ You stopped and remained quiet before sitting. It looked like you were deep in thought before you started.

 "My friends and I…w-we would dance all the time, all day and all night.” You looked at Tate, smiling by just thinking of being alive.

“We would always dance and laugh and have the-the time of our lives…” You looked down, fidgeting with your fingers solemnly.

“You don’t have to dance with me. It’s dumb anyway…” You said, sniffling.

“Hey,” Tate stood and walked over to you, “Come dance with me…” He said, smiling, sticking a hand out to you. You looked up and took his hand gently. You stood and he spun you slowly before starting to sway back and forth. You closed your eyes and rested your head on Tate’s chest as tears started to spill down your face.

 "Thank you… No one has danced with me since-“ Tate cut you off, "This was supposed to make you happy. Just be happy.” He said smiling down at you. You both started to get into to it and ended up spinning across the floor laughing and smiling together.

“ I prepare for the noble war. I’m calm, I know the secret. I know whats coming and I know no one can stop me, not even myself. ”

accidental bae ;

Valentina had finally dragged herself out of her bed and properly dressed for the day. She hadn’t checked her own agenda yet, but she knew breakfast was always first. Being that her bedroom was fairly close to The Oval, she always dropped in on her father to walk with him to the dining room. It was her routine. And more importantly, she knew if she didn’t do it, her father would work himself into the ground, skip his meals altogether.

“Daddy,” she chirped as she pushed the door open, poking her head in, only to stop in her tracks. Valentina couldn’t help the strange sense of deja vu when she pushed the door further spotting Tate by her father’s desk, leaned over some papers on the hardwood desk. This was exactly how they’d met, after all. “What are you two doing?” Her arms instantly came up to cross over her chest, narrowing her eyes suspiciously, especially the moment her father met her gaze, a grin on his lips. “And why are you so happy?”

“Come see,” her father beckoned her over with a hand then. 

Los signos como personajes de Teen Wolf

Le diste pena a mi amiga ♏ anon.

Aries: Deucalion

Tauro: Alan Deaton

Géminis: Peter Hale

Cáncer: Styles Stilinski

Leo: Theo Raeken

Virgo: Ethan (No recuerdo su apellido :c)

Libra: Malia Tate

Escorpio: Lydia Martin

Sagi: Jordan Parrish

Capri: Braeden

Acuario: Kira Yokimura

Piscis: Liam Dumbar

Ofiuco: Isaac Lahey (Porque lo amo y no sé cómo es ofiuco :v)

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