c study notes

For anyone taking any AP Physics exam, I HIGHLY recommend looking up and watching Flipping Physics on YouTube. This guy SERIOUSLY knows what he’s talking about and explains everything really really well.
He tells you what types of problems show up on the exam, what formulas you need to know, and how to apply them and when. Honestly a lifesaver.

Some of my notes for coding (c++) that I’m self learning since last year my professor didn’t explain a thing (but since I’m re-starting uni from the beginng, I wanna have a little advantage)
By the way I’m using an app called SoloLearn (once called “Swifty”) where you can learn how to code with different programs (like java, c#, HTML and so on…) and it’s GREAT.

Module C time!

I try to organise my paragraph themes by colours, so that when I need to search for theme specific quotes, the tabs make it much easier.

Also these highlighters from faber castell come in such gorgeous pastel colours!! 😍

(Throwback to a few days ago) just did the essay and I’m so exhausted :( remember to drink water everyone! 💦


twenty fifth july

second week of semester two! learning about voltage, resistance and current this morning and finishing off class labs for my java class tonight! i feel like this semester is going to be awesome! i just gotta start by understanding those notes… but my java class is awesome, i did the hard yards last year in understanding OO programming and classes and constructors and literally everything to be able to write a basic OO c# program so now it’s pretty easy using it in java and i’m really enjoying it! i can’t wait til we start on designing usable programs!