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*hides face* I’m sorry, I wrote a thing that wasn’t prompted, I couldn’t help myself!

Hope someone enjoys it, promise I’m getting through allll the prompts, no matter how long it takes me!

It’s just something I wrote because the whole, “Pliskin survived the explosion with help from a friend” thing was beckoning me to write something sappy. And I did. So here’s Otacon patching up Snake after he gets his ass knocked out. I like to imagine Snake is a big grouchy kitten about getting patched up. Set directly after Shell 2 blows up in MGS2.

*burrows back into trashcan*

Knocked Around

Otasune, PG-13

(Warnings for: Mild Violence, Blood, Bleeding, Injury, Etc.)


Snake hadn’t exactly told him to head towards the blast site. In fact, it would be reasonable to assume that, given an appropriate amount of time, he probably would have done that thing where he yelled at Otacon to stay put under any circumstances.

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