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Miranda, my angel, it's that time again: i need a new phone background and only Michael will do. SHARE DAT GOOD SHIT. i know your Michaelpics folder has to be ridic by now 😏

you didn’t specify how many… so… here’s my top three and some extras are under the cut!!!

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Teyana & Niall: a moodboard

read the ‘sangria’ series ➳ here


Zoroark Breeder Vinegar is open for business!
Sellin Zoroark/Zoura, and female Zoroark/Zouras for a higher price! If thats too pricey for ya, he can sell eggs if you wanna gamble on it. No refund on eggs though you’re stuck with whatever Zoura you get from the egg even if it has shit stats
Doppio is just a simple man that wants to live on his small farm and raise Zouras
Would rather avoid pokemon battles but if you insist, he’ll humor you. Wont put too much effort into battle, and uses only one Zoroark. easy win for you


Doppios Breeder title is just a front for his illegal stat boasting items that he sells at night
likes to tamper with the ingredients and mix them together to create some really insane boasting combos. need a little somethin somethin to give your poke a kick before a title match? we got you covered
are they safe for your pokemon? who knows!
are they safe for humans? try and find out!
or if you’re really in the mood to try something new, hell be more than happy to let you try some of his original recipes. heard he might have something that really increases your pokemons strength at the cost of its emotional well being for a while. try not to let it near other trainers
if your pokemon dies from any of the things you have bought here, thats your own fault for giving your pokemon drugs
rumored that his supplier is one of the gangs around the region, but hes not one to talk about his personal life
just buy and get out

a very descriptive and detailed profile of your muse. REPOST WITH THE INFORMATION OF YOUR MUSE, INCLUDING HEADCANONS, ETC. if you fail to achieve some of the facts, add some other of your own!  when you’re done, tag 15 other people to do the same!


NAME.  Harold, surname unknown. Currently using   Finch .
AGE.   52 ( albeit, depends on timeline ).
SPECIES.   Human.
GENDER.   Cismale.
ORIENTATION.   Greyasexual Greyromantic.
PROFESSION.   Software engineer, entrepreneur, vigilante



BODY TYPE. He appears relatively thin with a slight tummy bulge. Somewhat on the short side.
EYES.   Blue.
HAIR.  Dark brown & greying at the sides with slight scattered grey near the top of his head. It takes on thefringe upstyle & is somewhat gelled.
SKIN.  Caucasian, pretty pale tbh. 
HEIGHT.   5′8″.
WEIGHT.   149 lbs.



SPOUSE.  Grace Hendricks, ex-fiancee. In the main verse, he & John Reese ( @anurbanlcgend​ ) enter a relationship. 
CHILD(REN). No biological children, but otherwise ;   The Machine ( @deu5exmach1na), Root ( @digimmortality ), Arya ( @zokliitsos ), Muninn ( @stvrvcined ) … there will likely be more bc Finch won’t stop adopting people.
PARENTS.  Thomas ( deceased ), Mother unknown ( I named her Lisa tho. Deceased. )
ANY PETS ?   A German Shepard with big brown eyes, Bear.



PHYSICAL PROWESS.  Finch’s overall physical strength is likely bellow average due to two separate spinal injuries that leave him disabled.
SPEED.   Finch Is Not Fast, but he tries his best.
INTELLIGENCE.  Genius-level intellect, arguably one of the most intelligent people within his universe.



COLOURS.   Blue ( any kind tbh ), dark purple, grey ( all kinds ), orange, dark brown, yellow ( light yellow as well as mustard yellow ), black ( obvsly ).
SMELLS.  Fresh dry cleaning, rain, sencha green tea ( or regular green tea ), freshly bought expensive fabric / clothing, books in general.
FOOD.   Vanilla & sea salt caramel ice cream, donuts occasionally, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese … he’s overall a healthy eater tbh.
DRINKS.  Water, various types of tea ( albeit sencha green is his favorite ), I suspect that he doesn’t mind the taste of coffee but he avoids it bc of the caffeine ( also I lowkey just realized it also might be bc it reminds him of Grace lmao i made myself sad ).



DRUGS ?  Opiod pain relievers ( he fights against being dependent on them ) & marijuana likely a few times. 
EVER BEEN ARRESTED ? Surprisingly, no ( until the very end of s5 )


TAGGED BY: @digimmortality
TAGGING: @redalloy , @hclywcrs ( for whichever muse(s) you’d like c: , @fromshore , @survivalcfthefittest ( also for whichever muse(s) you’d like , @hazedreamt , @morterosa , @zokliitsos , @criimeconcierge & if anyone else wants to do the thing, feel free to snag this from me !!

he doesn’t understand my disorders so whenever i’m like i can’t do this because my phobia will make me have a panic attack and i’ll go nonverbal and i will not be good company and in general i also don’t really /want/ to be around people while i’m feeling like this

he takes it as… you’re making excuses you just don’t want to see me…





Congrats on 4 million subscribers, Game Grumps!

Y’KNOW WHAT REALLY GETS ME?? Keith views himself as serious. He thinks his friends would describe him as serious. 

And mostly that’s true. He rarely jokes around. But then around Lance he’s like-

“what was that? you’re- you’re cutting out I can’t hear you!”

“heh, like that?”

“look, I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance-”

“wow, it must really be bothering you if you’re coming to talk to me” / “solid math”