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What about pre-shance where the two found other versions of Lance from other realities and they figure out that out of every Lance in the same room, only (canon)Lance is not in a relationship with Shiro?

Lance (A) is carrying a little girl in his arms who is later introduced to them to be his three-year-old daughter with his husband, Shiro (A), who is working as a police officer in their reality(Shance (A) can be a little older??)

Lance (B) is in his garrison uniform, which means he is already going out with Shiro (B) back at the Galaxy Garrison, but in secret, as Shiro (B) was just recently promoted to be a senior officer there.

Lance © is not only an Altean, but also Allura’s younger brother which makes him a royal prince, while Shiro © is a Galran/Human prince who’s betrothed to Allura © but is in love with the younger brother instead (discussed some bits of this AU with @bijellyfishy and I had a really great time~<B)

Lance (D) is…, I’m not sure how to explain this but his Shiro died???(Okay, originally this was supposed to be Shiro (D) with his Lance being dead while he explains that the team (D) especially he and the blue lion have been mourning over him. Idk how to sort this one out but I just love the angst it brings)

I’m not sure what other Lance(s) I’d wanna add to this but yeah, that’s the idea :) and also, I kinda thought of having the Shiro(s) from the Lance(s)’ separate realities to join them.


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Do you think when bakugo and ochako get together they would keep it a secret or would tell people or let them find out on their own?

well i can’t see them actually getting together until they’re adults, so i don’t really see why they’d keep it a secret. maybe from the media or something, but i don’t really see why they’d hide it from their friends

in a completely self indulgent scenario where they date at UA, well…. i imagine that they wouldn’t like. hide it exactly? like i don’t think Bakugou would wanna make it public or obvious b/c he’s still kinda rocky with emotions and he doesn’t want people butting in on his personal business, so he kinda just yells at anyone who asks (”HAAAH? WHAT’S IT TO YA?”)

but i don’t think Ochako would mind all that much? maybe she’d be a little shy when it comes up, or try to steer the convo away b/c she gets all red and embarrassed. but she’d be happy about it and casually mention stuff here and there 

but like…. i don’t think they’d try to actively hide it? like they’d hold hands or share an umbrella or she’d hold his arm in pubic or they’d eat lunch together, etc. casual little things like that. they just wouldn’t want anyone bugging them about it 

(i imagine the boys constantly rag on Bakugou and joke about how on earth he managed to start dating such a sweet, nice girl like Uraraka when he’s such a dick, but it’s all in good fun. Bakugou screams death threats at them every other day. one day someone makes the mistake of suggesting that she’s weak, and he snaps back with a, “She’s fuckin’ stronger than you, asshole.”

Mina and Tooru often ask Ochako what she sees in Bakugou when he’s so……. himself, and Ohcako probably blushes and replies with stumbling words, “Ohh, well, you know, he’s actually kinda nice underneath it all, ya know? Like, okay maybe not nice nice, but he’s nice in his own way, it’s just hard to see sometimes!!” 

“………. Really?” Mina stares in utter disbelief.

“Ahahaha…” Ochako laughs, trying to brush off the awkwardness of the situation aside, “Ya gotta believe me on this! I swear it’s true!! He’s nice in his angry weird yell-y way!! A-and he’s really funny, and a good cook!! And he believes in me!! He helps push me to do my best!!” She said, raising up a fist up for emphasis, a fire burning in her eyes. 

She paused a moment before scratches the back of her neck, laughing weakly, “Ya just gotta trust me on this guys, haha…”

“We’re not doubting you, Ocha-chan,” Tsuyu pipes up, tongue sticking out slightly as she addresses Ochako, “It’s just hard to see Baku-chan be nice is all. Tho I’m sure our lil Baku has his good points too. He’s friends with Kirishima, and he’s dating you. That must mean something.” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right…” Mina mutters. She quickly perked up however, and leaned over to ask Ochako with a grin, “So… is he a good kisser?”

“U-u-uuhhhhhh…” Uraraka stutters, eyes wide and cheeks burning. Tsuyu gives Mina a disapproving look. “Don’t pressure her into talking.” she croaked.

Mina glances at her disappointingly, but sighs. “Fine, fine. You don’t have to answer.”

silence reigns between them, until Ochako mutters something under her breath, curling over the drink in her hand to hide her red face. Both girls blink, and lean closer curiously. “What was that, Ocha-chan?” Tsuyu asks.

“I-I said… I h-have to… k-k-kiss him. He-he gets too embarrassed to kiss me…” Ochako’s says quietly, voice trembling and looking at them bashfully from under her eyelashes. she glances away and fidgets in her seat.

“O-hoho~” Mina grins widely, like the cat who ate the canary. “Bakugou gets too embarrassed to kiss you? And here I thought he’d be all fierce with romance like he is with fighting!” 

Tsuyu hums. “That is rather surprising. Who knew there was something Baku-chan was nervous about?”

“P-please don’t tell anyone I said that!” Ochako asks, eyes wide and flustered. “He’ll kill me if he knew I told anyone!” 

Well--” Mina protests, before Tsuyu’s tongue lightly smacks her cheek. “No problem, Ocha-chan. We’ll be sure to keep it a secret.”

Mina pouts at Tsuyu, rubbing her cheek slightly, before dramatically sighing, flopping back against the couch. “Fine, fine, I won’t tell anyone. Only for you, Ochako.” She sighed again, “Such good gossip, wasted…”)

fam jam!astro au

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this is just a mess of things you and astro would do 10/10

  • honestly, you don’t even remember how you got to meet all these nerds; they just always seemed to be in your memories every time you looked back to your younger days and they probably don’t remember either LOL.
  • but!! that’s okay bc all of you guys are connected to the hip in some shape or form and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. you love them so much but most of the time you express this feeling of family love™ by saying “omG i haTE yOu. you’re so s t u p i d.”
  • regardless of your rough words, they would always manage to make you smile and feel well loved and included!!
  • example: you were feeling like crap one day due to all the homework and stressful people in your life and you know what astro did?? you know what happened when you texted into the group chat that you weren’t in a mood to talk to them?? they took an impromptu trip to the nearest convenience store, got all the good snacks and treats you loved, and knocked on your door one (1) hour later.
  • ofc you didn’t get the door at first bc you hate talking to salesmen who manipulate the social norms to sell you a product that you don’t care about.
  • but then it rang to the tune of party in the usa by miley cyrus and you bolted out of your seat, nearly knocking out your textbooks, to open the door.

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ASTROAD to Seoul day one reflection
  • Fantagio: what went well what went wrong, any changes that need to be made for tomorrow?
  • Jinjin: I liked being half naked and throwing my sweaty shirt to the crowd I'm doing it again.
  • Fantagio: ok
  • Moonbin: I liked showing off my bare back but I was envious of jinjin I am also going to get half naked.
  • Fantagio: ....ok
  • Eunwoo: I missed out on being half naked yesterday I am also going to get half naked.
  • Fantagio: ........
  • Fantagio: ok
  • Rocky: If all three of them are getting half naked I should get to too my muscles are better.
  • Fantagio: N o
  • Rocky: but mOM wHy N Ot
  • Fantagio: you were underage yesterday and you're underage today
  • Fantagio: if you don't stop arguing right now you don't even get to wear a muscle tank you'll have to wear a /t-shirt/
  • Rocky:
  • Rocky:
  • Rocky:
  • Fantagio: that's what I thought
  • Rocky: :(
  • Rocky: :'(
  • Rocky: :'C
  • Fantagio: come here son you look like u need a hug
  • Fantagio: but no amount of tears will make us change our mind it's for your own protection okay
  • Fantagio: we are doing it because we love you
  • Fantagio: do you understand
  • Rocky: yes mom love you too Mom
If You Like Tim Curry Lots
Tim Curry Fandom
If You Like Tim Curry Lots

If you like Tim Curry lots and you search for all he’s got, If you like Tim Curry lots sing with me…

If you like screen caps of gif sets - ins-ta-gram. If you like false information - ins-ta-gram. If you like seeing people steal ideas and wade through treacle - it’s like Tumblr the shit sequel  -INS-TA-GRAM.

If you like pointless lists - pint-er-rest. If you like reposting photos - pint-er-rest. If you like to do a google find a picture or a doodle - try to click it and not find it - PIN-TER-EST.

If you like reading nonsense - Face-book. If you like heart eye emojis  - Face-book. If you like to tag your friends or be driven ‘round the bend - or you just have no brains - FACE-BOOOOK.

If you like being nice - Tum-blr. If you like reblogging posts - Tum-blr. If you just want to post stuff that you’ve saved on your desktop - well don’t be that arsehole - TUM-BLR

If you like being a loner - Twit-ter. If you don’t get social media - Twit-ter. If you want to be the senpai but you sit alone and just cry - if you’re kinda weird and desperate - TWIT-TER

If you oddly like your face - You-Tube. If you like editing software - You-Tube. If you like to film your TV or you just like being creepy - if you fucking love a montage - YOU-TUBE…….!!

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  • “Guys, we need to tell you something.“ 
  • Jinjin’s sitting opposite Bin and Rocky in one of their favourite cafes, hand tightly clutching MJ’s under the table 
  • Bin looks at Rocky 
  • Rocky looks at Bin
  • Oh my god
  • It can’t be 
  • ??????? 
  • Bin, cautiously: "You’re pregnant?" 
  • Rocky, nodding fervently: ????? 
  • Bin: "listen we told you to have safe se-" 
  • Jinjin reaches across with his free hand & knocks Bin’s head into Rocky’s
  • They might be best friends but 
  • Truly his best friends are idiots 
  • "He said yes!!!!" 
  • And before they know it Rocky sees Jinjin swing his & MJ’s hands above the table, silver bands glinting in the light
  • And it’s suddenly all celebration and laughter and MJ squealing and Bin choking in glee and Jinjin beaming proudly and Rocky has never, never felt this proud of Jinjin in his life 
  • His hyung might be an idiot but !!!!! Now he’s officially MJ’s idiot and Rocko couldn’t be prouder 
  • !!!!!!!!!!! 
  • @ myungjin: "ur going to have sunshine babies!!!!!! With sunshine beams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & ur going to power five villages for years!!!!!" 
  • And so toasts are made and months go by and more plans are made and 
  • Bin: "Oh my god rocky" 
  • Rocky: "What" 
  • Bin: "We’re the best men”
  • Rocky: “Well I know we’re the best men, Jinjin and MJ asked us like three months ago" 
  • Bin: "No but we’re the BEST MEN" 
  • Bin: "We gotta get TUXES”
  • Rocky: “Oh”
  • Rocky: “Oh shit" 
  • Rocky: "oh S h I t" 
  • Bc wow truly have you seen the boys in tuxes for that AAF photo shoot truly A+ the A in Astro stands for Amazing-visuals 
  • But the S in Astro also stands for Styled-by-professionals 
  • Rocky and Bin
  • Are not professionals 
  • Fast forward to two weeks before the wedding: Rocky and Bin finding themselves in a tux store, frantically begging the tuxedo gods (ie, the store managers) for suggestions 
  • And so the magic workers toss them a couple of different cuts to try out to see what fit them the most 
  • And naturally Rocko picks the first one he gets because 1) he really cannot be bothered to try more than one he would totally go to Jinjin’s wedding in a hoodie and jeans if he had the choice 2) they all honestly look the same to him 3) I mean he’s rocky he looks amazing in everything 
  • So he lets the tailor take his measurements and flops over on the fitting area sofa to wait for Bin 
  • Who has gone through at least three different cuts of pants and four different blazer designs 
  • He’s honestly crying why doesn’t he look good in any of them
  • He looks good in all of them, Rocky doesn’t understand what he’s saying 
  • (Flings open the fitting room curtain to pose in front of the mirror for Rocky) 
  • "This one makes my butt look flat" 
  • "Bin your ass looks flat in everything" 
  • Rocky cackling and throwing another pair of pants at Bin 
  • On Bin’s fifth pair of pants and eighth blazer though, Rocky gets bored 
  • And he smells 
  • ? Food?? 
  • He leans as far back as he can on the sofa and cranes his neck to peer out the fitting area door 
  • Food????? :–) 
  • Yes that’s more Rocky’s style 
  • He peers back at Bin’s closed fitting room curtain and silently gets up from the sofa 
  • He’ll be back real quick, he promises Bin in his head 
  • And nips off outside to see whatever it is that smells so amazing right outside the store 
  • Oh my god
  • It’s a pretzel food cart bless uP
  • Walks past two arguing brothers (?) 
  • "Hyung, I sat through that damn minion movie the least you could do is sit through this one fitting with me" 
  • "But you’re so,,,, oddly shAped they’ll take forever to take your measurements and I’m hUngry" 
  • "MINIONS" 
  • Eunwoo grumbling and shoving Sanha’s shoulder 
  • Damn Sanha for getting into the final round of that competition 
  • I mean, Eunwoo’s proud of him but 
  • Who even wears a blazer to a guitar competition anyway 
  • That’s dumb, Eunwoo decides, plopping his butt down on the fitting area sofa while Sanha goes off with the store managers
  • Wait
  • There’s someone mumbling from a fitting room
  • Huh talking to himself, Eunwoo guesses and goes back to tapping aimlessly on his phone 
  • Bin: "Rocky oh my god i think this is it" 
  • Bin: "My ass actually looks good??" 
  • Ass? 
  • Eunwoo looks up 
  • Bin: "And this blazer fits my shoulders so well?????" 
  • Bin: "wow Pacific Ocean coming through wew nice shoulders Binnie”
  • Bin:
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: "Rocky?" 
  • Bin, ripping open the fitting room curtain: "Yo dude how do I look" 
  • Eunwoo, sort of stunned because wow this guy’s right his ass does look good in those pants 
  • Huh nice shoulders too
  • :–)
  • Well, he doesn’t know who this Rocky guy is but 
  • “You look like you could win a pageant,” he offers cautiously 
  • Bin whips around
  • That in no way resembles Rocky’s voice
  • Rocky’s voice is a little like snow, powdery and soft and rough all at the same time 
  • But this man 
  • His voice (pardon the lack of poetics) sounds like someone gently hit icicles with other icicles and the result was a light, tinkly icy echo 
  • “And the thing about your ass?” the man continues, “Very true.”
  • Bin flushing because 
  • what 
  • the 
  • ding diggi ding diggi ding ding dong
  • is this man saying !!!
  • also wow 
  • if Bin thought Eunwoo’s voice was beautiful
  • he truly set himself up for a surprise 
  • the man himself 
  • literally the most ethereal being he’ll ever have the fortune to meet
  • excepting the fact that Eunwoo walked into a tuxedo shop in a minion t-shirt 
  • Bin isn’t sure at this point if Eunwoo’s aware he’s staring very hard at Eunwoo’s beautiful face
  • Eunwoo truly enjoyed the ass and shoulders but wow the minute Bin whipped around
  • startled cat eyes and slightly worried pout and mussed up hair from changing 
  • wow 
  • truly 
  • wow 
  • Rocky: “Hey Bin, I’m bac-”
  • Sanha: “Eunwoo, what do you think abo-”
  • Rocky blinking in confusion because wow Bin isn’t angry that Rocky went missing??
  • Sanha blinking in confusion because Eunwoo isn’t whining about waiting??????
  • wait 
  • Rocky and Sanha squint at their friends 
  • who are staring at each other 
  • because wow truly Bin has never seen someone with a face that small or with eyes that bright or a smile so amused 
  • Eunwoo finally breaking the eye contact and coughing slightly and going, “well i really think you should get that pair of pants”
  • “uh rigHT YES PANTS”
  • “i mean if you ever want a second opinion on clothes or whatever you should uhhh definitely uh call me ??”
  • Bin:
  • Bin:
  • Bin: :–)
  • Sanha, squawking slightly because wow Eunwoo complains so much about shopping with him but would willingly go on shopping trips with a stranger he just met??????? would give second opinions on clothes????? would hand him his phone so that he can input his phone number into Eunwoo’s contact list????????
  • Rocky sighing in relief because holy heck Eunwoo can suffer shopping with Bin then 
  • ie, Bin looking at two hoodies in different shades of black and humming over them for half an hour before deciding on a white one
  • i’m highkey bin


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Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you (okay I managed to narrow it down to one finally)

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Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you.

Frankly, Sadik found the idea that they were even considering an alliance in Europe laughable. Why bother—it was all to belong to them someday anyway. Nevertheless, the idea had piqued the sultan’s interest, and several of the pashas agreed, so Sadik was sent to scope out the most powerful Europeans and see who might make a decent, or at least useful, ally.

Which meant he sat through a lot of fucking masses.

He didn’t know if it was just customary to share church services with a potential ally, or if they were carrying it out for his sake, but it grew old very quickly. Which is why he now sat in Notre Dame, trying not to look openly bored, as the bishop carried out services in Latin, a language Sadik barely understood.

He had been fighting the urge to look around the room for a while, as he had been seated in the first pew, so everyone would see, and know that he wasn’t paying attention. Eventually, he decided on just a quick peek to the side, that could possibly be construed as him stretching his neck a little. That was when he noticed France wasn’t paying attention either.

He had always seemed the devout little Catholic, but he wasn’t watching the bishop, at least not in this moment—he was looking at Sadik. When their eyes met, he hastily turned his attention front again, and Sadik squinted, trying to tell if his face looked pinker than usual.

That was better—now he had a game to play.

“Rasheed,” he murmured to the man beside him, without turning. “Tell me if the little Frank is looking at us.” It was a few moments before he had a response.

“He is looking, Your Excellency.” A smile quirked the corner of Sadik’s mouth.

“How is he looking?” A long pause as Rasheed tried to work out a good answer.

“He looks…intent.”

“Mm intent on what, I wonder?” There was a pointed cough from the pew behind them, and Sadik stopped talking. He nudged Rasheed with his shoulder, and received a return for each time he noticed Francis looking at them.

At the end of the service, Sadik stood and stretched, and sought out his potential ally as the nobility of Paris began to clear out.

“You know, I was under the impression your services were to cleanse and purify the mind,” he observed to Francis with a smug look. The younger Nation lifted his chin and gave Sadik an imperious huff.

“They are,” he said. “But I imagine they hold somewhat less interest for you.”

“How do you expect your mind to be purified for the coming week, if you spend the whole service undressing me with your eyes?” Blue eyes flew open wide and France was definitely redder than he had been a moment ago.

Sadik had dressed ornately for the occasion, both as a sign of respect for the religious service and to show off his grand wealth to his potential allies. He had a lot of things to take off—enough to occupy France for a three-hour mass.

“You are mist—”

“Save your protestations,” Sadik said, lifting his palm up. “I’ll take it as a compliment.” Francis grasped for words, and Sadik’s smile grew a fraction. “Don’t feel bad,” he said smoothly. “I understand the allure of the exotic. After all, what tastes better than the forbidden fruit?”