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Lawson sat down on a bench in the middle of the square and put his head in his hands. He was exhausted. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a good nights sleep. He’d been taking every available shift and when they sent him home he still patrolled the city. If what that girl said was true then this city wasn’t safe anymore. This world wasn’t safe. He wasn’t going to let this happen. He needed to find a way to stop this. To stop them.




Not So Hidden Feelings (Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader)

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Request: Wanda x Fem!Reader request: Wanda has a huge crush on the reader, but is too shy to tell her how she feels. The reader, unaware of Wanda’s feelings, doesn’t find out until Pietro (being the oblivious tease he is) unintentionally makes Wanda blurt it out loud in front of the whole team. Maybe Wanda and the reader can have a cute little moment at the end? Thanks. :)

Warnings: A little self-deprecation from Wanda, but I think that’s it???

A/N: I twisted the imagine a little bit, but I hope you still like it :)

(Y/N)=your name, (e/c)=eye color


Wanda’s POV

“Might be easier to just take a picture.”

Pietro’s voice behind her startled Wanda into a jump and her hands flickered red for the slightest moment before she registered who was speaking to her.

“Shut up,” and she insisted to herself that her cheeks were not blushing at the fact that her twin caught her staring at you. To her defense, it was more admiring than staring.

“Wanda, sister, you could just tell her how you feel,” Pietro said.

Wanda stood and left the room after stealing one last glance at you training with Natasha, and Pietro followed closely behind her.

“We’ve had this conversation many times before, brother. It’s not happening.”

“And why is that?”

“Because she doesn’t feel the same way. Now, please just leave me alone, okay?” She said and turned around suddenly to face her brother, but—of course—he didn’t even seem fazed at the quick change.

“But you don’t know that she doesn’t feel the same! You could just look into her mind and-”

“No,” Wanda replied, voice sharp. “I will never do that to one of my friends again, understood? How could you even think that of me?” A trickle of hurt leaked into her words and her eyebrows furrowed softly. At that, she turned back away from her brother and started to walk aimlessly through Avengers Tower.

She thought of you, then. She pictured your perfect smile that she knew could brighten up anyone’s day, including hers. She thought of your laugh, that was almost even better. She loved everything about you. She couldn’t seem to pick just one thing that she loved the most.

From the day that she met you, she knew she was a goner for you. The first moment you looked at her with shining (e/c) eyes sent her reeling, and her heart felt like it skipped a beat when you spoke slowly, hesitantly, in a greeting.

“Hi,” you had said softly, eyes darting to look at everything around you. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Wanda. Nice to meet you,” she smiled and held a hand out, hoping not to spook you.

You took her hand and shook it, trying to will some confidence into yourself with a beautiful girl standing in front of you, but you only managed a weak smile.

“You too.”

Wanda had proceeded to take the job of showing you around the Tower, and you opened up to her more and more as that day went on. She learned that you were not, in fact, as shy as everyone presumed, but funny and sarcastic. Thinking back on it now, she realized that she had started to fall in love with you from the second she first saw you. She wondered if you had felt the same way.

No, that’s ridiculous, she told herself. You could never love someone like her. She was a monster, a weapon of mass destruction. She was a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow. And Wanda promised herself that she would be nowhere near you when that happened.

Wanda walked to her and Pietro’s floor in the Tower, deciding to spend the rest of the day until dinner in her room.


The Avengers and guests chatted animatedly around Wanda as they sat at the dinner table. Thor’s arrival to the Tower resulted in a proper dinner—that Tony insisted upon—instead of the pizza that Wanda preferred. She sat quietly between you and Pietro, and she knew this couldn’t end well. Her brother was a menace.

“Hey,” her heart sped up without even looking at you. Your voice alone made her fight a grin. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” she looked up at you and gave you a smile. “Just thinking.”


“You.” Pietro’s voice came from over her shoulder, and Wanda’s eyes widened as you and her still stared at each other.

“Pietro?” You asked, confusion filling your voice.

“Pietro,” Wanda said with a stern voice.

“What do you mean?” You frowned and looked between the twins.

“Yeah, what do you mean, Wanda?” He turned his attention to his sister, and he could see red shining in her eyes.

“Fine, fine, you want me to say it?” She said loudly, grabbing the attention of and silencing the others.

And Wanda thought, to hell with it. What’s the worst that could happen?

Ignoring the terrible possibilities and consequences of this in her head, she finally turned towards you, looked you in the eyes, and blurted the words out.

“I love you. I’m in love with you, (Y/N).”

The silence in the room sat for a few moments while Wanda waited anxiously for your reply.

You finally broke into a smile and said, “Well it’s about damn time.”

And you pulled her into a kiss.

The cheers of the Avengers didn’t even register in Wanda’s mind as your soft lips pressed to hers, because all that mattered in that moment, was you.

She could deal with the consequences later.


This is my first imagine on this blog, and my first Marvel one, so I hope you like it :) Marvel requests are open so if you have an imagine you’d like, just message me. I especially like Wanda and Peter Parker, so send me a bunch for them! Feel free to let me know what you think of this xx.


Welcome To The Circus:  Joker x Reader (Jared Leto vers)

(Y/N) sat beside the old, abandoned railway tracks and hung her head low; the life she’d left behind wasn’t an easy one. She’d made some very naïve mistakes which she wasn’t proud of, some of which impossible to move, no matter how much the wind blew. But those mistakes had been paid for, so why now was she feeling the brunt?

As you reached into your jacket pocket, you slowly pulled out a crumpled letter with ‘Reminder’ boldly scrawled over the top. You held in your hands a not so polite notice from your landlord expressing his discontent for your overdue rent.
You felt the annoyance festering deep below your skin, you remembered how he’d bellowed it out at you earlier in the week.
“Aww look, the courteous bastard’s even taken the time to type it in red.” You scorned and rolled your eyes, the rent you owed wasn’t far behind, and he never seemed to treat the other tenants in such a manner. You were almost certain he was using you for the Gotham City rehabilitation grant set up by the Mayor. He never was too keen on housing you with your prison history. By law, he couldn’t kick you out because of it, but he sure could make your life hell until you decided to move.

“What’s a girl to do? Please, someone send me a sign.” You said through gritted teeth and clenched fists. Almost immediately, heavy raindrops fell unforgivingly from the sky like a monsoon. “Oh real funny, great joke! Is anyone else laughing?”

“Well, I could, but I wouldn’t want to peak too early.” An unfamiliar voice spoke from behind. As you jumped to your feet, the colour in your face dropped faster than a tonne of bricks. Was that, the…Joker? He looked just like his sketches from the news reports; he was pale, his florescent green hair was tightly gelled back, a smart, silver, metallic jacket covered his shoulders and he tightly clutched a dark red umbrella with the words ‘HAHAHA’ repetitively scribbled over it. Of course, he’d escaped from prison. Or that’s what the so called reports claimed. I wonder if I could rob him? You thought as your (E/C) eyes reeled over the glistening gold jewellery wrapped snuggly around his wrists and fingers.
Never mind paying the rent, I could move and buy. Your mind continued to excitedly shout as rain dripped from your saturated clothing. Right now you didn’t care, you were already devising a scheme to make off with the Joker’s gold and rid yourself of old red nose and his poxy flat. However, what the Joker said next crashed your train of thought and shook you to the very core,
“if you’re planning to steal from somebody, (Y/N) ya better not hang about.” He said with a shining display of silver coated teeth. You stood frozen in place; you’d never met him before and yet he knew you, and what you were thinking!
“I..I…I’m not planning on s…stealing,” you buckled. You mentally slapped yourself, how on Earth were you expecting to successfully steal from Gotham’s most notorious criminal? And now you were lying, badly! You knew he could see through you clearer than a living room window. “Okay fine, yes I was thinking about it. If you’re gonna kill me, then at least do it tonight so I won’t have to face the landlord.”
The Joker just smiled and took a step towards you, the silver grin making yet another dazzling appearance.
“Oh, I’m not gonna kill ya…..I wanna hire ya,” he smirked. His big, blue eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. Your jaw dropped and your heart pounded as fast as a double bass pedal, what did he just say? You tried your very best to speak, but nothing came out.
“I found your file in Gotham City Hall, an interesting read may I just say.” He started circling your sodden figure, “a cat burglar? Escaped with $120,000 after hacking into local government systems.” He continued, coming to a stop in front of you again. “I also heard you were unruly in the cells. Haha! Oh, we like that.”
“So, why do you want to hire me?” You questioned, trying to hold eye contact with the famous clown and attempting to hide a blush. “Well sweetcheeks,” he said while gently pinching your reddened face. “Since Harley left I’m without an accomplice, and I could use your…talents. So, whadd'ya say?” He reached a tattooed hand out towards you in hope. You stood silently for a couple of seconds, still trying to comprehend the whole ordeal and amazed as to why you were still alive.
Admittedly, you were sick of the life you currently lead; the harassment, the judgement and you just wanted to feel like you belonged somewhere, with people or someone who understood. “I asked for a sign, then you appeared. If you’re the answer, then so be it.” You remarked, and took the Joker’s hand, gently shaking it in agreement. His grip suddenly tightened and pulled you under the dripping umbrella.
“You made a wise decision, welcome to the circus.” Joker smiled, placing an arm around you as you both walked away. “So, tell me more about this landlord.”

This is more of an introduction as you can see, but let me know if you’d like a part 2!

All I’m asking for is in the S9 gag reel to have 5 min of only Tahmoh being a dork on that playground w/ Misha while in costume or laughing during takes and have it very seriously titled “the Gad Reel”