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I’ve just realised that, upon seeing the tower (just before Rapunzel gasps and stumbles backwards), Eugene lifts his arm up like this. At first, I thought he was reaching for the place where he was stabbed, as if remembering it, but then I recalled that he was stabbed on the right side. Doesn’t it sort of looks like he’s shielding the area with his arm? I think so. He must be horrified to be back there. It can’t be easy returning to the place where you were straight up murdered. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got phantom pain, too.

  • Person B: *Celebrating their birthday* Well, you know the say with age comes maturity..
  • Person A: *Deadpan* You argued with a 10 year old about which Disney princess was the best...
  • Person B: They didn't know what they were talking about! *muttering under their breathe* Obviously it's Rapunzel
  • Person C: I have never been more entertained in my life

spritepipis  asked:

can you draw kurapika with RIDICULOUSLY long hair a la Rapunzel or possibly in über tacky 90's clothes?? thank you!


BTW I know nothing about fashion lol but I asked Google about the 90′s clothes stuff (yes, I didn’t even know about it) and try to make an outfit for him ~ Not sure if it’s what you want, actually I’d like to wear this style quite much lmao


♔ Happy International Women’s Day! (March 8th) ♔

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Sirius after running away from home
  • Sirius: [excited] I can't believe I did this!
  • Sirius: ...I can't believe I did this.
  • Sirius: [worried] ... Mother would be so furious. Well, that's okay! I mean, what she doesn't know won't kill her, right?
  • Sirius: [rocking around on James's floor] Oh, my gosh... This would kill her! ... I am a horrible son. I'm going back.
  • Sirius: [cartwheeling] I am NEVER going back!
  • Sirius: [facedown on a bed] I am a despicable human being.
  • Sirius: [flying around James's backyard, shooting random spells in the air] WOO-HOOO! BEST. DAY. EVER!

DISNEY RAINBOW MEME: Seventh and Final Colour » Violet

Violet stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. It relates to the fantasy world, and a need to escape from the practicalities of life. It is the daydreamer escaping from reality. The colour violet inspires unconditional and selfless love, devoid of ego, encouraging sensitivity and compassion. It likes to be unique, individual and independent, not one of the crowd.”