c r y i n g


A very BIG Announcment!…Another two additions…!

I found out about 4 weeks ago…I was pregnant! Fast-forward six weeks.

I am 10 weeks pregnant today :)

This morning though I was having very strong and sharp pains, So I decided to head to the OBGYN. A close friend of mine, Hollis ( @littlebluebeans ). Offered to come with me which was amazing support!

I found out it was not one..But two! I know two. Its crazy!

I will start pregnancy tags at around 12 weeks, Due to there not being much of a difference in the first trimester!

star trek is great because the characters are relatable.

they all ended up in starfleet for some reason. jim is there because he was tired of living in his father’s shadow. spock was always an outcast, and going to the fleet was a big ‘frick you’ to the people who condescended him. bones was driven away by his ex wife.

and they ran to the stars. and saved the world. because they grew and matured, and found new family among the stars.