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Please appreciate the animation the Chipmunk movie (fun fact Glen Keane animated on it before moving on to Disney)

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This movie’s plot, story and characters are a hot mess, but damn if it isn’t gorgeous to look at. Also even when not moving it’s just… drawn… really nicely.

Ugh. If only it was a good movie too.

Everyone likes this scene tho: https://youtu.be/zAQ7bxeNtxA?t=35s

Although I kinda prefer the original maybe? https://youtu.be/lndcUSfL8AE

I wish we could somehow smoosh the two versions together? Get the production quality of the Chipmuk version but the vocals of the original? I like the Chipmuk version in every way except the vocals.

jungkook sleeping is seriously the most peaceful thing i’ve ever seen in my life, and i pray that he sleeps well every night with the sweetest dreams. omg he deserves the world and i hope he knows it :((((( precious baby bun :(((((( i was so triggered when i saw it i almost shed tears. :((((((

@ffxplayer Yup! :D H’s responsible for almost all of Ghibli’s backgrounds, including touching up cels in Totoro of inanimate objects in the foreground (like Mei’s bucket she looks through) As wll as being the art director for a lot of them.

He actually has art books that are just of his own work, but I’ve been struggling to find them at an affordable price.

the dude’s a fucking wizard and my ultimate art hero.

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Your posts about the changes in the anime artstyle are kinda intriguing because I haven't been keeping up with anime for a while and am just coming back to it because of the incoming release of The Ancient Magus Bride/Mahou Tsukai No Yome and that led me to start looking at the trailer for it and trying to notice some of the stuff you've been commenting on =P

I actually need to watch that! I’m so into the idea of it! ;w; I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

But yes. the colours are a problem there as well. The art style is also not the best when comparing the lead female character to female characters of the 80s and 90s (which I’m trying hard to keep the focus on.) She also has the awkward stiff body proportions and animation. And the colours are garish and the shading and highlighting is too harsh and the skin tones are near-white.

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Megazone 23 (I tried to find a gif of an older anime that only has flowing hair and this is the best I could find)

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…but I do really want to see it. Because the concept alone has me super excited and I love everything about the idea. I’m just hoping it doesn’t become like Twilight ;____;

also it has a monster with a skull in it who is the main good guy.

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I love him. Look at him. What a good.

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I really want this show to be good.

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I guess we're just surprised by the trend. It seems like a lot of really famous UT artists are female. You, WalkingMelonsAAA, Camila, Mileikalvana, AssortedJellies, C-Puff, Lilli-Villa, etc. Plus, by contrast, a lot of the most famous professional artists and animators people know about are male. (Dali, Van Gogh, Nakamura, etc.)

most animation students in my class are male